What's up guys it's Rocky from performance pickleball and today I'm going to be shooting my Vlog episode number four I'm already starting this off a little bit better than the last time uh last time I started off in my car I was driving that's not the best way to start a blog but right now I'm at home I got a tripod set up so I'm.

Already feeling way better about this Vlog going to Pro Shop pickleball I'm gonna go uh they just opened up a brand new facility in Egg Harbor Township they got eight new courts and I'm really excited to go and see what's going what's going on they got a nice advanced level play a couple players who are like truly officially rated five though so.

That's always gonna be a lot of fun it's really hard you know it's hard to hang with them I'm not truly a 5-0 like if I went to five other tournaments I wouldn't win them you know so there's a lot of guys out there who are going to be there who've won five though tournaments five those single Side by doubles so let's not mixing with them.

Now ultimately I'm going to learn I'm going to have fun I'm going because I love pickleball and uh real excited for my Vlog today if you guys are enjoying the content Please Subscribe please like please comment I'm always going to engage whatever you guys if you have any questions or any comments or anything I always love to hear the feedback so.

Thank you very much foreign thank you foreign thank you thank you all right well I think he's got us we came back for the victory I think we were up by a couple.

Like three or four they ended up coming back big storm all right so my buddy Gene here we've been praying since the third grade man I've known this guy since literally the third grade and here we are reunited 32 years old playing pickleball what a sport foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign ladies foreign foreign foreign foreign.

That was awesome thanks to everybody who played and it was fun
I go to Proshot pickleball to play 4.0 – 5.0 doubles matches.