At eight this evening the Congress Park pickleball courts went silent music to the ears of neighbors who've complained about the noise pickleball makes and a sad reality for the hundreds of players who flocked to that Court since the pandemic an inspector found the sound violated the city's noise ordinance 9 News photojournalist Brian wendland was.

There this afternoon as people packed the courts to get one last game in today is allegedly the last day we can play here so so the city has posted that this is the last day to play that they will close down the parks tomorrow so it does look like a zoo today because it is a zoo this is our wake you know this is us celebrating a.

Community and um I know 80 of these people on a first name basis I would never have met them if it wasn't for this these people have become my friends but I didn't know any of them not a single person about three years ago it's really not too loud and no one disagrees that you know we don't want to be this close to the house but.

For a few years they've promised on changing the plans about 450 feet the other way which should be more than sufficient and there's also ways to dampen the noise a basketball being dribbled is 115 decibels pickleball is 71 decibels nobody's complaining about the basketball courts that are farther away you can't hear it.

And I think it'd be a huge loss as soon as they close them because we really don't have any other place to go I mean I've just made so many friends to hang out outside of this it's just made my life living here in Congress Park a lot better Denver's deputy director of Parks and Recreation told me last week the city.

Wants to keep pickleball 500 feet away from homes and separate from tennis courts they're looking at building pickleball courts at Burns Park near Colorado and Alameda and the Northfield Athletic Complex near Northfield High School this month Centennial passed a moratorium on new outdoor pickleball courts within 500 feet of homes that'll.

Last for six months
Denver Parks and Recreation is removing pickleball from Congress Park over concerns about the game’s noise.

The move comes after neighbors near the Congress Park court complained to the city about violations of the city’s noise ordinance. An inspector found sound levels relating to pickleball at over 70 decibels in some residential locations near the court, according to records obtained by 9NEWS. City ordinance only allows for 55 decibels.

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