Ryler de Hart has ranked in the top 20 in the world pickleball rankings his wife Megan fudge she's in the top 10 once College sweethearts they're now the perfect Pro pickleball pair hi better bring it hey no ryler and Megan met at the University of Illinois both tennis players but they didn't meet on the court so we met playing pool at a bar.

Megan was recruited from Germany while ryler was chasing his dreams on the pro tour yeah as a pro probably playing while definitely playing Rafa Nadal on Center Court at the US Open after six years injuries derailed this Jesuit High School grad tennis career he may have put down the racket but together they picked up the paddles during covid and.

We saw people playing pickleball on YouTube and on social media and so we were just like what is the sport you know and so we we chalked up a cord in our driveway when we were living in Orlando and started playing people kept talking about pickleball and and we're like we're not old enough to play Pickleball right I mean like we're not.

We're not retirees oh oh from the driveway to the association of pickleball professionals tour the app this pair from Bel Air is winning and meddling in events all over the country we all last year we played together um which was super fun and then this year we've he's gonna say I decided but we decided that we were going to.

Separate go separate ways and have a pickleball breakup yeah she broke up with me who's got the keys that's always number one question they don't get too far away from each other because the family now lives in their house on Wheels we've chosen the RV because of pickleball life because we get to travel around the country going out to.

California we've got Georgia coming up we create stability for our kids so they feel like we have you know our home base with us a journey they enjoy together three years later that we've embraced the sport that's given us like a second life at being a pro athlete again in Tampa Kyla Berger ABC Action News
Megan Fudge and Ryler DeHeart are a husband-wife professional pickleball pair from Belleair. They met at the University of Illinois, and while both were tennis players, they didn’t meet on the court. “So we met playing pool at a bar,” Megan said with a laugh. Megan was recruited from Germany while Ryler was chasing his dreams on the pro tour.