Thank you foreign foreign yellow and then the one red I'll take a break yeah pull it out you guys.

Shouldn't have been that close I like games hopefully my duper score goes up a little bit let's see so you guys are playing the Giants next we know that at least I know one of them.

He's got a good hand here yeah but the thing is that so what they do is I think I chose this already but they stack foreign um I mean you know us better than them they're nice guys well one guy's nice I.

Just talked the kids we just played because you guys just played no oh no you guys haven't played anymore wow you play the team that we're playing right now yes.

I mean the only game I played pretty I didn't play good in the last game really I just I mean I'm upset for two weeks yeah the thing with that game is that we've got momentum but it was too late yeah and that situation doesn't have a chance to pick the side but I would have picked.

The other side that we were on but it actually worked I mean either way it worked out honestly I like watching it I'm tired I mean I like to watch I mean obviously I would have been mad if we lost that last one after we were up nine to two but if we would.

Have just got smoked I wouldn't have been yeah are they good uh Kevin good at thank you they're like pretty good all around okay um I would say that the think game is where you can beat them um yeah.

I mean I've given you all the information I can do some Lefty yeah no no yeah keep on jobs your drops just got to be on point yeah that are actually lower than these yeah because yeah another thing is that I've noticed though you can speed it up at their body and it'll handle it as well.

Right yeah because it's a lot it's hard for them yeah all right and uh it's like I said before like they're both so tall and they're fast yeah you gotta keep them back like you can't give them a chance to get up to the kitchen.

Let's try to keep I guess because okay I'm just saying yeah yeah well yeah I mean you know that's like yes foreign I think they're both similar I just Roger has an advantage because he's like yeah I mean we beat a lot like the one we.

Played at the quantum Imperial Beach yeah they are actually yeah trails foreign foreign.

Foreign Jason bro foreign foreign thank you thank you.

Thank you Morgan right now hopefully nice nice Point guys okay perfect nice shot better not be.

Here it was time but um going to look at a menu last weekend because you guys went to the game and I was like in my head and that's funny that like it's funny it's just so different that like Kyle like Savannah didn't really care Kyle doctor though like Andrew.

Couldn't go oh yeah they went to the baby shower or something obviously we know that that's not a good situation yeah it's just it's just funny wow well then she also said that Sabrina wants her wedding band she wants it like with big ass diamonds after he spent all that money on the damn ring what yeah.

I guess Kyle told her then she can buy it good you know if he says that he doesn't mean it yeah but he still should not buy another expensive thing that's like like when they get like five years ten years then you like can upgrade that yeah.

You don't get a 15 000 ring and then get a four thousand dollar van yeah she's on crack it's broke oh I shot wow all right apparently your mom is already.

For herself what your mom's already buying dresses for herself I'm nervous I ain't trying to get no damn speeches you're gonna get she'll be fine you know that you'll be I'll be what you should you'll probably mute.