Welcome back to pick through The Newsroom my name is Stacy Townsend and we're going to dive right in there are only a few athletes in the world that transcend their Sport and one of them just bought a pickleball team LeBron James LeBron James along with his business partners Maverick Carter Draymond Green.

And Kevin Love just bought a team with major league pickleball sending the sport on a major growth spurt as the morning Brew characterize it pickleball might be the most lucrative yet ridiculed product from Washington State since the Frappuccino a comparison to Starbucks is mighty praise for a pickleball but will the sport live up to.

The hype all early indications seem to be positive for instance pickleball is not just your grandparents game anymore do you like playing pickleball better than playing fortnite or Roblox yes whoa that's good good other recreational players say they have a kink to dink pickleball is a therapeutic Outlet as noted by one recent D4 say why swipe.

Right when you can play Pickleball a group of investors are getting in on the land grab of pickleball investing 180 million dollars to build private indoor pickleball clubs other short-term real property investors are using pickleball to get noticed pickleball listings have increased by 32 percent since 2019. but as a Washington Post artfully said.

Pickleball is exploding but it's getting messy pickleball players are quote unquote at war with parents over space at New York City Parks and then disputes with tennis players over Court space and neighbors over noise continue but hopefully tennis players and pickleball players can work it out just like the skiers and snowboarders a few decades.

Ago and hopefully for those neighbors pickleball this becomes a rhythmic sound because according to research it's not much more than normal Suburban daytime sound with all this news lifetime host Seth Meyers might have been invertent Lee summarized it the best when he quote unquote burned pickleball pickleball too rich for ping pong and two out of shape.

For tennis try pickleball my only question is why they name it pickleball when worst Minton was right there for the taking oh and hey pickleball I recently played you and you're actually super fun we agree Seth the fun is undeniable
Pickler The Newsroom is serving up your pickleball headlines from September 19, 2022 to October 2, 2022:

There are a few athletes in the world that transcend their sport, and pickleball just got one of them as the new owner of a Major League Pickleball team. LeBron James—along with Maverick Carter, Draymond Green, and Kevin Love—have bought a pickleball team (for about 7 figures), sending the sport on potentially another growth spurt.

As the Morning Brew characterized it, “The amount of money poured into pickleball clubs, bars, and professionalization is reaching NFT-esque proportions…. But pickleball’s money faucet doesn’t show any signs of slowing to a trickle. It might be the most lucrative-yet-ridiculed product from Washington state since the Frappuccino.”

A comparison to Starbucks is some mighty praise for pickleball, but will pickleball survive the hype? That is the question… early indications are positive for pickleball, which include:

Pickleball is not just your grandparents’ game anymore, as kids emphatically proclaim that they like playing pickleball more than Fortnite or Roblox? Who would’ve thought?! We did.

Recreational players can’t get enough, as the likes of founder of the Pickle Pack, Chloe Rask, in New York City, noting to Brooklyn Magazine that she has “a kink to dink.”

Pickleball is a therapeutic outlet, as noted by one recent divorcee. “Why swipe right when you can play pickleball?”

You can multi-task with a new variation of pickleball—“stein-in-hand pickleball.”

A group of investors getting in on the “land grab” of pickleball, as they invest $180 million to build 15 private, indoor pickleball courts in the State of Florida that will be based on the country club model.

Other real property investors—like Airbnb, Vrbo and other short-term rental property owners—are using pickleball courts to get noticed, as pickleball listings have increased by 32% since 2019 (up to almost 1,300 listings across Airbnb and Vrbo).

But, as artfully described by The Washington Post in the article, Pickleball is exploding, and it’s getting messy: “Pickleball isn’t a sport at a crossroads as much as it’s a five-lane highway with everyone trying to merge while careening against the guardrails at top speed.” With so much demand, pickleball is facing continuing growing pains in the form of:
Pushback from parents that are “going to war” with pickleball players over use of New York City parks. Yikes.

Continuous disputes with tennis players over the use of tennis courts. Tennis and pickleball players need to find a way to co-exist where everyone wins, just like the sports of skiing and snowboarding in earlier decades.

And, continuous disputes over the noise level of pickleball—which research by NJ.com shows is not much more than typical daytime suburban noise. Hopefully, the noise will become more rhythmic than annoying to these upset neighbors.

With all of this recent news, Late Night host Seth Meyers might have inadvertently summarized it best on his “burn” of pickleball, where he knocks the sport, but then admits that his writers’ don’t understand because pickleball “is actually super fun.” This “fun” is undeniable and what the sport is actually all about…

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