Now let's say hi to our sideline reporter the hardest working member of our pickled crew stranded out there all alone in the Blazing California Sun my dear friend and soul cycle emergency contact John Michael Higgins what's happening behind the scenes John Michael Higgins oh gosh I've seen all kinds of things uh Emma Watson is getting in the.

Zone oh this looks like a lot of fun Stephen Colbert doing some double duty on The Late Show and he's hosting the new All-Star celebrity pickleball tournament the show pickled premieres tonight on CBS 2 an actor and comedian John Michael Higgins is one of the celebrity announcers we want to thank you for.

Coming and you didn't come alone I see well I brought my lawyer yeah yeah yes I love it well we've all been hearing so much about pickleball lately so tell me about the special what do you I mean learning how to play Pickleball we're just seeing people play we're watching Celebrity 16 celebrities uh play Pickleball most of them for the first.

Time okay but I will will say this they not a single one of them embarrassed themselves okay I can report and some of them were actually on fire they were really very good players Yeah but I didn't tell that a lot of people were jealous of you yeah what what happened here it was a very hot day uh during at the tournament day and um I was.

Courtside um and they were worried about me because it was so hot they weren't worried about the players at all but uh they give me a tent with a big air conditioner and a mister I remember the mister yeah yeah hopefully the pickle got something the pistol the pickle got a mister and um.

Never said that before the pickle got a mister um and uh everybody wanted to come into my tent because it was much more comfortable in there and I wouldn't let people the pickle was allowed to go yes you gotta keep pickles cold otherwise they're not crunchy yes now do you yourself play Pickleball I don't play.

Pickleball I was frightened that they were asking me to play Pickleball um and it's a good thing they didn't because I would have ripped my ankles up that's the pickleball is very difficult actually it's it's a kind of a fast Sport and it's really like you have to change directions constantly and uh so there was a lot of people complaining.

About like how exhausted they were I have to play even if it's the Court's this size you know but you really can get tuckered out yeah quickly playing pickleball were you a little surprised that maybe the skill of some of the celebrities yeah certain celebrities and I will not name them except to say Emma Watson and uh Will Ferrell okay very.

Very strong players uh Sugar Ray Leonard was a great player but he's you know he's a lifetime athlete right we expect that from him but uh Emma Watson from uh Harry Potter wow she was on fire a great player and actually the tournament was so interesting to me I think literally one of The Producers was in my ear saying Michael tell some jokes that's.

Why we hired you but she was watching no I was fascinated I was like on the edge of my seat sometimes uh particularly toward the finals which was really exciting very two very good teams duked it out in the finals and it was a really good match so this is the teaser where we have to watch to see who won I'm not telling him okay okay I've forgotten.

Also so that's it the pickle nose the pickle knows but but can't speak not telling didn't not it's below the paper sweet pickle that's a dill pickle this is it you think it's a sour pickle I think so if the pick was not talking it's a dill pickle I got it yeah yeah we're happy that you both came thank you.

So much and again you can watch the celebrity tournament pickled tonight at nine on our sister station CBS 2 and streaming on Paramount plus and you can find more information by going to our website clicking scene on TV
John Michael Higgins, the host of “Pickled,” joins Amy Johnson in the studio to preview CBS’s newest show revolving around the fast-growing sport of pickleball.