Tonight at nine celebrities are facing off in a pickleball tournament on CBS called pickled so we decided to have a mini Tournament of our own I recruited Heather Abraham Mary hours Royce Jones to join me but first we had to learn to play through the process we found out one of the biggest pickleball leagues in the country is right here in our area.

And then after you hit it you want to start moving up to join me a quick 30-minute lesson was all Heather Mary and Royce needed to be good enough to play a game of pickleball it wasn't always pretty there were a few whiffs a few smashes into the Net players diving sliding or collapsing on the ground but there was.

Lots of laughing especially after the cameraman got hit on the head with a ball thankfully it's not hard like a wiffle ball and we quickly learned who's the most competitive Christina but we all got bit by the pickleball bug it's addicting.

Um I want to come back you gotta do it it's great so why is pickleball the fastest growing sport in the country lots of reasons it's easy to learn all ages and abilities can play it's social and it really is great exercise and I have it in my on my watch and I only played for 20 minutes I already burned 123 calories we went to Cranberry.

Township because it has one of the biggest pickleball leagues in the country with more than 1200 members and 13 outdoor courts Bruce mazzoni held found the Cranberry Township pickleball Association five years ago and all volunteer run organization it's fine the same Joys you have as a as a professional player is the same for.

Beginners too the demand is so high the Cranberry Township pickleball Association is currently building six more dedicated pickleball courts outside that will also also serve as indoor courts in the winter with a dome over them the only thing like it in all of Western Pennsylvania if you're not good at other sports pickleball is pretty.

Easy to pick up so you can be competitive right from the get-go the city of Pittsburgh is also adding 10 more courts replacing most of the Aging Tennis Courts at Washington's Landing according to the Post-Gazette and lots of other towns around the region are creating more and more outdoor pickleball courts it's harder to find.

Indoor courts but rec centers and other sports facilities are adding them too the reason cranberries league is so popular is because they offer lessons clinics and games according to level zero zero starts once we all got the basics of pickleball it was game on Heather and Mary versus Royce and me he and I got off to a rough start Five.

Points behind but we rallied to tie it up 10 even in Pokeball the first team to 11 wins but you have to win by two it was game point I served for the win Royce and I taking the title 13-11 it was a tough game thank God I had Barry on my team she is a beast I'm.

Coming back so try to beat me yeah it was quite clear who was the most competitive within about 10 seconds that's not a lot of humility there but you know what for was very good Gary picked it up very quickly I admit I'd had a lesson already and had started it it's so much fun and if you are interested after watching.

This Facebook is a great way to go there's all kind of groups on there to find out where to learn or where to play with other people yeah remember at the end of Rocky Apollo Creed didn't want to rematch I'm not sure if you want to rematch with Mary all right I'm on a rematch with you guys okay for those who don't know because I don't.

Know why is it called pickleball well there's conflicting stories some say it's over a dog whose name was pickles others say it's a pickled boat which is something in rowing so it's Up For Debate okay either way it's a phenomenon it really is such so much so that tonight there's a show called pickled on CBS Stephen Colbert hosts the Cutthroat.

Celebrity pickleball competition that's tonight at nine o'clock right here on KDKA love it I'm in are you trying it yeah I think I can make myself available no I was a tennis player is is is there a connection between that if you're tennis yes I play tennis too and it is definitely helpful there's a few things.

You have to unlearn from tennis but for the most part it's definitely healthy this is more risk than full arm right exactly yeah yeah
Celebrities are facing off in a comedy pickleball tournament on CBS called “Pickled,” so KDKA decided to have a mini-tournament of our own.