wow that was impressive for spontaneous on beat okay welcome back to gma seems like a great day for a game that's growing in popularity these days pickleball you guys everybody eva pilgrim is out there joining us to tell us all about it eva good morning.

Good morning guys i'm joining you live from the kitchen that's what they call this area of the pickleball court old young everything in between sporty not so sporty everyone is playing the sport it's the sport that's kind of a big deal pickleball think of it as tennis meets ping pong with a sight of badminton.

Celebrities like the kardashians to professional athletes are relishing it the sport spiking 35 percent in the past three years with more than 38 thousand official courts popping up from coast to coast you could be 22 32 or 92 i guess and just be really good at this game all you need is a net a.

Paddle and a light plastic ball making it the perfect inexpensive summer pass time it's a very social game and it's a really fun sport and an easy sport to learn so easy just ask our own will gans who understood the assignment did somebody say pickleball well sorta hitting the court this is why i studied.

Journalism you guys and getting the pickle 101 from some pros at the 92nd street y have you ever seen anyone learn this fast okay will actually is a lot better than he plays because i've seen him playing this morning and he like put a ball in my face already we're here in the.

Brooklyn bridge pickleball courts we're joined by amote will of course our resident pickleball expert and paul we're all going to play a doubles match here in a minute you can see people behind us have already started going i think i pulled a muscle when i first got out here legitimately i'm not making that up i promise i did.

That but before we do all that we have a little quiz for you guys to see how well you know pickleball it's multiple choice so it's a little bit easier you got one of the three options there all right ready guys okay bring it first question what does pickles mean a when each team scores over 30 points b a volley with.

Both teams at the net or c when a team doesn't score at all c c go and see that's correct a unanimous correct answer and eva is going to demonstrate what pickling looks like when she gets roughly zero points during this match oh apparently that's a big part of the game is to talk snack both during and before i have that part.

Down question number two next which food item is also a pickleball term a sandwiched b pancake c baby candy b b let's go c when i don't know b b.

B is correct pancake is when you're at the net and someone spikes it like right in your face pancakes on the face okay we're gonna try to play a little pickleball now we're going to our respective corners what are we playing.

For we're going to play for 11. we're going to do exactly what you said we're going to pickle them okay and they have to to score you have to serve right we have to score on this side okay all right let's do this thing just try it when it comes to a good serve what are we looking for before you waste some people like to let.

It bounce but well i like to just hit it let's do it let's do it you're serving two we are about to get pickle the nice thing about this game is that it creates a lot of community it's fun we play all over it's great okay come on come on go okay we're getting closer we're getting closer all.

Right guys clearly we have a lot left to learn the people behind us there are your examples this game can get quite aggressive but it is a lot of fun who needs wimbledon well hey there gma fans robin roberts here thanks for checking out our youtube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click the subscribe button right over.

Right over here to get more of awesome videos and content from gma every day anytime we thank you for watching and we'll see you in the morning on gma
The game, which embraces elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, is fun for all ages, and courts are popping up across the country.

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