Foreign the snow and cold isn't putting an end to pickleball season it's just moving it inside indoor pickleball facilities are popping up all over the Metro including a new one in Brooklyn Park Jason the little reports you are looking at the premier.

Pickleball Club under this dome in Brooklyn Park I love this facility I drive from Stillwater which is 40 minutes 16 courts provide an opportunity for pickleballers this is a great area and here's what a mostly action takes place to keep swinging through the winter nearly 5 million Americans play Pickleball now making it the fastest.

Growing sport in the U.S according to the Sports and Fitness industry Association we believe that the pickleball Revolution is just upon us now and the growth of this sport is going to you know transcend maybe any and all Recreational Sports before it pickleball is fast paced easier on the body than some other sports and just.

Good fun I felt like I was still playing tennis competitively at least but I could play longer hours because it was pickleball and it wasn't as hard on the hips the knees the joints and Premier pickleball Club is aiming to create an inclusive space for all pickleballers or an open Play model we're a welcoming model we call it the people sport it's.

For everybody it's for all ages all demographics and about 20 percent of the population can succeed playing tennis eighty percent of the population can succeed playing pickleball there's debate whether pickleball is a passing fad or here to stay Premier pickleball is bagging on the ladder and is tentatively planning to expand its.

Facility our goal is to put another dome in the front of our property another 20 courts have that be our outdoor stadium in the summer and also Dome that in the winter in Brooklyn Park Jason malillo CCX news find more local news stories at and follow us on social media.

The snow and cold isn’t putting an end to pickleball season. It’s just moving inside. Indoor pickleball facilities are popping up all around the metro, including a new one in Brooklyn Park started by the Premier Pickleball Club.

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