Ladies and gentlemen today we're in for a special treat not only am I here join with my good friend Double's partner member of the pickleball Clinic team and up and coming Pro Player Richard liverneese my co-interviewer but currently we're in the presence of greatness we're joined by pickleball's number one family a three-headed.

Professional pickleball monster and Dynasty that has and continues to leave a defining Mark in the pickleball world the Johnson family Julie Johnson is a top two Senior Pro in the world her daughter Georgia has made it to within the top five players in women's Pro pickleball and her son JW is currently the number one singles number one men's.

And number two mixed doubles Pro pickleball player in the world so basically this family lives and breathes pickleball success it's a pleasure to have you guys on I appreciate your time I did put a little bit of thought into it um so I wanted to start by asking you a.

Question um hopefully you can give an answer I'd love to hear your unique perspectives on what pickleball means to the Johnson family and what the Johnson family means to pickleball you want me to start yeah okay so what the what pickleball means to Mom Johnson anyway it's just.

Um an unbelievable chance to get to connect with my kids in a way I never thought never dreamed um it was never on the radar and to get to travel the country and have them around and watch their success and just be in awe of everything they've been able to do I mean I I think I might be the most.

Fortunate mom in the world um it's just been mind-blowing and you know just as a parent you always second guess that we do this right did we do that right and um I I will always do that my entire life because uh you know there's still a lot of growth and living to do but I'm really proud of the kids the way they.

Conduct themselves um their sportsmanship and it's just been almost too much family time you know when we've traveled together for weeks but all these memories uh I'll treasure it forever now what do we mean to pickleball I have no idea I hope we mean um a group of players that uh brings.

Integrity to the sport to brings Um passion and love for the game I tell the kids all the time do you guys realize you could be like you know essentially the rod labors the the pioneers of this sport that one day they're going to look back and talk about you guys and and we're getting to watch the game change grow.

All those types of things and that's pretty exciting absolutely all right hard to top that answer but uh why what pickleball means to me is uh you know my brother always wanted to play mixed doubles with me in tennis but I just never got that far into the sport and to be able to uh.

So I just kind of let that dream go but then when we both got into pickleball and then found ourselves like playing this crazy game where you know we'd have a second chance at competing together practicing together traveling together it's been really cool I really enjoy hanging out with my family and just meeting people from from everywhere uh.

All different sports backgrounds business back uh it's really cool how we've all found something in common uh from all these different walks of life yeah I think you guys are so blessed I mean I have a little sister and we're close but you know there's just different types of brother sister.

Relationships you could be good friends you could be enemies you could be Frenemies you could be business partners but to be successful mixed doubles Partners is this type of feeling that you know very few um very few you know assembling relationships can have in the world so kudos to you guys for making that work.

And I mean we're so excited to just see where that partnership goes thank you thank you so uh I have a question for JW uh but obviously one of the bigger names in the pickleball World in general you're known by many to show a bit less emotion than others in the tour whether you're winning losing playing great or not so.

Great you've broken Ben John's 100 plus game winning streak you've been upset at times uh by lower level players but no matter the situation you always seem to stay extremely composed and almost never allow your opponents to know how you're feeling which can be an extreme asset on the court so I'm wondering is this a skill you worked hard on building or.

Just one that comes naturally to you uh it's just natural uh even through when I was playing tennis and my uh uh early years I mean I was just always uh just calm um I don't know I just I I don't ever get like uh where I'm shouting or anything even if I'm winning or not um so I it's just always been natural to.

Me right speaking of tennis I mean when it comes to pickleball the the wrist ability you have is is absolutely incredible actually quick funny story when uh Richard Knight came up to a long time ago in Florida I'm not sure if you remember this but I think it was Richard that came up to you and said uh Hey JW like what what do you do how do you get.

So much wrist action on the ball and you were like you just do this we were like yeah man I was like I solved it now I'm gonna be the next data all I have to do is this I didn't think of it that's basically all it is did you use that much wrist in tennis or is it something that you completely just.

Adapted for pickleball I mean like how I use the rest and pick well I could definitely not do that in tennis otherwise I'd probably break my wrist um but I mean I don't know it's just probably um like I know I watched myself when I was playing like a year ago or something like that and I definitely didn't have.

That much motion on my on my wrist when I was hitting the shots and I just developed over the a couple years that I've been playing so uh it's just watching others do it and I'm trying to um do it like do how they do it and then um it's just uh it's just developed I don't know it's just.

I like how obviously so yeah it seems to work down pretty well another question just about kind of getting into the playstyle of JW Johnson you know again just the way you play obviously has inspired a lot of others to dump their games after you and whatever you're doing is obviously working you're ready position at the kitchen is is pretty.

Unique whether it's tennis or pickleball or even racquetball the average way to approach a ready position is to have that paddle right in the middle of your body uh you know most players wait for the ball with their paddle up right in the middle of their chest frequently you know you're seen with the paddle down at your side and yet you're still known as.

Having some of the best hands-on tour in the world is there a particular reason behind why you have your ready position like this do you know something that other players don't yeah I mean it's just like uh the Cowboys had like full of the gun from a holster and just flip it out just like that.

Is nice uh I don't know I mean that's just how um it's always been of course uh I've had people's Halloween you know you should have it up you should have it up I'm like uh well no thanks I think I'm doing quite well just how it is right now um but I don't know uh it's just that's.

How it started out and I mean it's just worked for me so I haven't really tried to change it that much as they say if it's uh if it's not broke don't fix it exactly this is a little bit of a lighter question but you know JW with all your focus um.

Um with all the focus around your game on your incredible skill set and your play style what are the most pressing questions people have in the pickleball world for JW Johnson is what do you do for fun that was fun um very fun I mean I don't know I'll go eat uh.

Yeah eating is a big part that's a big part uh and go to the movies um by like the dell and squash and that was just just different types of things just to like mixed up I mean after that like I've watched it and seems pretty fun to try um but I haven't tried it yet.

Um but then other than that I'm just going and hanging out basically yeah um so a follow-up one to that is uh so definitely one of the most talked about things especially right now is there's been a ton of like new and new technology and things with paddles so you're kind of you're definitely one of.

The people who hasn't used one paddle right for a long time you switched around you used like the Yola carbons you used the grooving for a while there um and now with Franklin um so why did you eventually settle on Franklin could you talk a little about like the insight into like why you were switching paddles I mean I think.

Everyone knows you're trying to find like everyone trying to find the best paddle but um how did the Johnson family and the Franklin marriage begin and like how did that happen um so basically like uh obviously we we all really love the Franklin pedals um and then um we were we were trying their.

Prototypes a little bit and uh I mean they were they were very nice like we all really liked them um and then um what else well it's just uh it kind of came down to we really negotiated a long time looking at paddles uh we wanted to go as a family and uh there was just a lot of back.

Negotiations our agent worked really hard um because you know some people they like the idea of the family but you know they kind of just wanted to pay for one Johnson or you know like that and then the the hardest part was finding a company that we all had a paddle we liked and that's where.

Franklin came in and uh they've been really good to us and we've enjoyed it's been just a brief start but it's been a lot of fun so there's actually a fun new member of Franklin coming out soon and we got to do a photo shoot with this person at uh Indian Wells so there's a teaser for you wow that's cool.

Um so one quick follow-up for um I guess one more quick one just to kind of finish on the paddle talk is um Jada a lot of people even like personally and other people have wondered you use like lead tape like a lot of the pros how do you settle on where you use it do you do you mess around with it or is it something like that you talk to other.

Pros about have you like how do you decide on that because like even personally I know a lot of people as they're trying to get better they see the pros do and they kind of want to try it out but I think a lot of people don't exactly know how to go about that they just kind of throw it on yeah uh well you sure probably shouldn't.

Follow My Lead but um I'm always uh just messing around with it I I put it on throat quite a bit just for like civility um it's pretty pretty solid when you do that uh and then I'm trying to put it just on the corners right now just for a little extra pop and spin um it's a little it's a little bit.

Slower with the hands just because it's up near the head of the paddle um but I mean I'm kind of liking that so I'm I'm just sticking with that so got it can I just say that when you live with JW you have the daily lead tape conversation and it drives me so you're tired of it I am like if you want to talk lead tape you call JW I'll.

Talk to you about it every day awesome all right I have a couple that take questions I might think of in the future so maybe I'll give you a call all right go ahead couple questions for Georgia and then some you know a couple I wanted to ask about the the siblings together but.

Georgia you've earned yourself a spot within the top tier women's players in the world you're also seen as very outgoing positive cheerful uh you always play hard you put out a ton of coaching content on social media you love connecting with a lot of other players I'm really curious if you have to hand pick what's the number one greatest.

Impact you hope to have on the pickleball world um I really just hope to uh take my game to the full extent of my capability and just have fun doing it like this sport is so new and uh I know it's not it like it's full potential but I'm enjoying watching it grow and it's.

Definitely changed a lot just from when I first started uh when I was first starting I was considered a banger and now I think I'm considered normal I think it was a lot of dinking previously but I'm glad I came in right as it made the switch to a more a quicker paced game um but yeah I I really would just like.

To continue playing with the people I like to play with and hopefully somewhere down the line I will have done something good for the sport and people will have remembered hey she was she was all right she did she did pretty good I think you'll be remembered as a little bit more than all right.

Okay if you're on you're on good pace for that thank you um so George another one for you um like you said pickleball's already changed so much while you've been in it where do you see as somebody who's already seen some of those changes where do you see it going in the next five years you know how do you see the.

Changes coming obviously we can't know but like from your perspective um from my perspective I think uh you know venues will continue to get nicer they'll be more dedicated pickleball clubs opposed to um public courts and I would see I would think to see bigger courts like more space within regulation.

But pickleball um like what's considered a sanctioned court because the people are hitting harder serves and they're running into the fence and they're uh hitting rolling dinks and there's not enough room to ACP so I think that the court itself on the sidelines will get larger.

And I also see like serves becoming more and more important even now that they've taken away the Spencer uh I don't think it's gonna just be like a floater to get it in yeah and then the follow-up I guess the one more thing is like where do you see yourself in that world in five years um like where where would you like to be.

In the pickleball World in five years I would like to still be relevant I'm not sure uh I would obviously still like to play um I think I have quite a few years ahead of me to be able to play uh I know that once there's a influx of talent and support you won't be able to play as you.

Get older even though it does take less of a toll on your body to play doubles um but yeah we'll we'll see I think the age at which you can can compete at a high level is going to diminish well I think I think at the ripe old age of 20 you'll be okay okay I think you'll I think you'll still be in the uh you'll still.

Be in The Sweet Spot for a little while longer at least right yeah 20. let's not get ahead of ourselves so I wanted to ask a tennis related question to JW in Georgia both of you have vastly different tennis backgrounds JW were extremely high level player a five-star recruit which is seen as for under you know high school players and.

Juniors that's top 100 top 75 in the country um I think you're pretty high on that list you know you're someone that could have gone on to have a successful D1 college career maybe even Pro while Georgia you played some tennis competitively but weren't at that same level despite this you both ended up.

Near the top of pro pickleball or at the top of pro pickleball people constantly share differing perspectives on whether or not having a serious tennis background helps or hinders your ability to be a great pickleball player some say it helps you start off with Superior skills you can swing the ball harder you have wrist action built in others say it.

Builds bad habits what are both of your thoughts on you know the tennis background do you feel that the difference in your tennis backgrounds cause one of you to have an easier or harder time finding success in pickleball how do you see your tennis backgrounds playing into where your pickleball game has gone to today.

Well I think having a chance background is good because then you got the you got the ground strokes you got the qualities of it than that um really the only I think the only hard thing for the tennis players is the dinking because you just want to go in and just rip every single ball which we we both want to do all the time still.

But um I think I think even with like the court position for tennis I mean with big walls a little bit different but it translates pretty well um but I I think the only thing that uh tennis might hurt it's just the thinking I think.

I think that tennis players uh I think I feel fine that I didn't have an extensive tennis background uh the only hinder I would say is that I didn't have any experiences previously at competing at High Level Sports and you know it's definitely a mindset like.

To be able to stick in it and there are long days and uh I would say it is slightly different than any other sport in the fact that you play match after match all day long and then the next day you get up and you do it again in a different event and then the next day same thing if you play all three which we do.

Um but I would say just say the mental aspect is different because I I never played tennis at a high level but I would also say that I tennis players are very stubborn and stuck in their ways and they'll just keep pounding that wall until something breaks something changes.

They'll keep hitting that same shot you can count on um so um follow-up to that for you guys right so one of the things is you guys have played a lot together people have seen but you've also played with some different partners can we expect to see you guys playing mixed a lot together in.

2023 is that something two people should be expecting it is yes very cool that the reason held off is uh we're all super tight as a family and you know after a loss or things don't go well um I say you know even the Newman's have a different house to go home to like.

We're all together still and so we just want to ease into it with the kids make sure they're comfortable that they're having fun and uh yeah it's been good it's been good just keep dipping the toe in the water see how it's going and move it on so nice so Georgia and JW not too long ago you guys were spotted playing 4.5 tournaments you know a couple years.

Ago now you're two of the best players in the world can you talk a little bit about the evolution of your success how long did it take you to go from picking up a paddle to getting where you are today and what were the things you uncovered or developed that helped you catapult your growth as players um I would say when I first started like.

It was like four years ago I want to say uh but I just never thought I didn't even know there was Pro pickleball uh I just thought it was just people out doing it for fun and then uh my mom went to a tournament uh and we didn't play our first tournament.

Until a couple years later uh and it was definitely interesting my friend just asked me to play and you know I always like competing but I still never thought that I would be a professional like I didn't I wasn't introduced to that world I didn't know any pros uh but then they started playing with.

The waters and they're not they're traveling to tournaments and I thought well I want to come too so then I just started training a little bit more I wanted to put in tournaments that they went to and it all went from there that's pretty awesome so it's not like you started off like okay this is my mission this is my life goal you.

Basically were like hey my my brother and my mom are doing it looks pretty cool let me give it a try and then you just kind of messed around and ended up as a top player in the world as well right yeah well exactly so I didn't think I would be a professional pickleball player at that.

Age pretty cool I mean LeBron James son is now close to entering the NBA and it's like how does you know that's that's that's pretty incredible so kudos to you guys as a family all three of you guys ending up at that top spot it's um yeah extremely impressive and you know sometimes you'll see two members of the.

Same family um at the top of the sport but having three is is really incredible um especially you know like JW and Georgia you guys are not only top players but you're extremely young do you guys see your age has something that sometimes holds you back because of the pressure and something that causes.

Stress or do you feel like because you you know because this is one of the this is essentially one of the only things you guys know being out in the real world that uh you're kind of able to approach it in the clear head how do you feel like you're your age factors into you know the level of success you guys are having in the tour.

Uh I think we've pretty much adapted to um the tour like I know at first um I think we were both a little bit like shy when we were playing around like kind of big crowds a little bit I know I was at least um and during the interviews I was trying about doing those too but um after playing like tournament to a.

Tournament um and just getting used to all the people being there and sharing stuff like that I kind of just got adapted to it um and I mean other than that yeah that's pretty much it yeah I mean.

It was definitely a learning learning curve but the more you do it uh the easier it gets and the bigger wall Community is very welcoming it didn't take long until we knew a bunch of people within the sport and we train with amazing players here and they travel with us and it's really fun yeah.

The road to Greatness is still there's still uh we're still in that room I mean um so a follow-up from Julie just a fun question we were wondering um I think people wonder this some families have this and sometimes there's a reason or sometimes by coincidence but you're all.

Jays JW obviously James and um Georgia is that like coincidence or did you always want like all Jays you don't know the half of it our whole family is Jace there's a lot of J's uh yeah no that was something my husband Jack um came up with he's like hey I want to name the kids J names and I said well.

First we didn't know we were having Georgia but with JW I said well that's good because I was going to name him after my grandfather who was JW and uh so anyway yeah it was on purpose all the J's um and then okay so a more serious not serious but it's a different kind of question.

Um so definitely um a lot of times you see I like Aaron was saying it's really rare to have like a parent and kids both professional and a sport you see a lot of times with successful pro athletes as um successful pro athletes their parents are supportive sometimes or like like Aaron.

Was saying like LeBron James like his son like there's like the the parent trial relationship but I think you guys kind of have a unique relationship where like you're one of the top players on the Senior Pro Tour and your kids are top players on the pro tour how do you compare like obviously competing at the high level is amazing and like at least.

Like my parents right my parents aren't playing pro pickleball but they like watching me play how do you compare like the happiness and the enjoyment you get like playing yourself versus getting to watch your kids succeed because I think you're kind of in a unique spot that very few people have had the opportunity to be in.

Yeah so there's good and bad and all of that Richard um the good part is I love being out today sorry let me uh sort of that um and did I lose you okay they were and I um.

But however I'll bring a bunch of food or water and I'll come back during the day while I'm playing and my kids will eating it drink it taking it my hat my my whatever it is it's gone and so there's that and the soup the worst part is when I'm playing and they put the kids on a court next to me that's tough and.

Um and then very there's been very little controversy but there's been a few tournaments where there was some controversy with one of the kids and I can see it going on while I'm trying to play or there's just something going on throughout the day and uh so that's tough but uh all of it's worthwhile.

Um just getting to be with them live this with them uh hang out with them it's really great um but there's days like we I went to Nationals they had the seniors first and I told the kids do you know how excited I am to go think about nothing but myself for the next three days.

Foreign that's awesome I got I I get what you're saying I was in Hilton Head and I actually saw you and JW were playing right next to each other and um I saw I I caught you uh watching a little bit a little watching Jayden play getting on the ball and I was like oh she's got to focus up she got her own match going on.

I know I know it's so tough yeah um Julie can you tell us the one thing about each of your kids JW and Georgia that you're the most proud of yeah so with JW this is probably just a mom talking but I actually feel like he's doing things that are changing the way the sports played.

Um you know when he beat Ben he didn't get into the cat and mouse which was kind of prevalent at the time he drove the ball uh and now you see that happening a lot uh the whole wrist flick that he does from below the net is super tight whichever way that goes and I just uh I feel like at the end of the day when.

His career is over there's going to be contributions he made in technique and um display another thing we talk about a lot in this family is you know is there going to be a perfect pickleball body size like there is for basketball or a gymnast or you know different sports have different body sizes that are kind.

Of prevalent because they're going to be you know how do you think the rules are going to change how you think that's all going to shift but I I really think that there's going to be some maybe uh technique things that he does that other people are going to emulate uh follow along with um yeah and so that's fun so I think JW.

Is going to have a contribution that way uh Georgia hits the crap out of the ball from the most bizarre technique I've ever seen and she does it over and over with a high consistency and I was talking to Lauren stratman she's like well you know she just did the Georgia Johnson which nobody knows how she does it or where.

It's coming from but it works and she pulls it off and but the other thing I I think that George is going to inspire a whole generation of kids younger coming in um she and Anna Lee being so young and dominant I think that they're gonna really start flipping the switch for a whole generation of younger kids to.

Start playing pickleball seriously um as you know like the Young tennis players do the young soccer players um and I I don't think it's just going to be the washed up tennis players who are looking for something else to do I think it's going to be actually kids coming in because of Georgia and some of these younger players and yeah.

I was just going to say you know many sports have a majority of sports the superior athletes are 25 plus 30 plus and sure it's easy for young kids to see them as role models and use them as inspiration but it's hard to completely connect with them because for young kids 12 13 years old these athletes are looking up to are 10 15 years older.

Whereas Georgia may be inspiring you know you know young women that are a year younger than her um and these people can really connect so I think you know whether it's guys for JW girls for Georgia um that that level of inspiration is actually so much more um effective in the pickleball world.

Because these kids are literally you know your age they can connect with you and and really kind of grow to be you know follow the same path you are um so I do think it's pretty magnificent going off of what Aaron was saying um we actually played at the next gen tournament obviously which Jade have won the first one of over the weekend and I.

Can give you some instant gratification and say we met a lot of like younger kid kids younger than us but even kids like who are like 20 who are definitely you're you're two names Annalee waters are three of the most talked about names there already with kids older than you so and then not only are you inspiring kids younger but you people like and not.

Just because of how you play but of the way you go about it and like you said like people talk I I know we started with this but Jada you were talking about your like consistency and your level and you do such a great job not getting too high or too low and a lot of people want to emulate that like I'm somebody who like needs some more of.

That um I wear my shots on my sleeve which isn't always a good thing and you do such a good job staying level and like just so it was really cool seeing like lots of people already looking up to you and that those numbers are only going to grow as pickleball's popularity grows so we kind of got our we kind of got a.

Taste about this weekend awesome thank you Kansas City fun chicken and pickles fun yeah that's awesome very good quesadillas and tater tots man I have one more question uh 10 things uh for for Julie the app recently rebranded the Senior Pro Tour as the champions tour you know we love the.

Level of commitment and you know Pride that the app has and it's um his Senior Pro Tour obviously both tours you know have have you know great Senior Pro events um but the app recently kind of took this whole rebranding approach they have 20 stops increased prize money financial support for players so I'm just curious I know you play a lot of.

Your uh Senior Pro events on the app tour what do you think this means for the future um of the the app Senior Pro Tour and for Senior Pro pickleball in general yeah so senior Pros kind of been on a roller coaster there's been a lot of upheaval but we've got a good Senior Pro Council.

Um the is uh trying to keep things kind of stable for us and steady um you know the tours at the moment are in a lot of upheaval with the you know there was Vibe there's no vibe now it's just MLP MLP and app had been kind of aligned and now they're more aligned with PPA um so it's been shifting sand and and.

Quite a show to sit back and watch um so the seniors basically are trying to make sure that we relate to people we'd like to offer a lot more services that would be beneficial to the tours and we've talked about how that could look because you know essentially we're not a Legends tour um we are still older people with a good.

Skill set that can play Pickleball well but we weren't John Mcenroe in the younger day who's now on the senior tour of tennis you know um and so we're still trying to find our place and to make sure that we're relevant um I enjoy when we go out out and play how the crowd will say and watch us just.

Because they feel like they can relate to us more and they're thinking hey these guys are our age and they're still and they're able to do X Y and Z and I I feel like we're an inspiration um but we do have a lot of discussions even with app how uh live stream numbers drop when they put a senior Pro match on what can we do to uh uh just make.

Ourselves uh be beneficial to the tour to the the patrons of the tour we love what we do we're a great group of people lots of fun and we need to give back and make sure that we stay relevant for for all things pickleball but I think eventually if we keep carving out our path um you know there will be a chance for.

These guys at some point in the future that they will be the Legends tour they will be the champions tour um eventually so go Senior Pro yeah we've seen that in the pickleball Clinic even actually like that's one of the things like you said I mean probably not as many but you get a lot of people who are older like we have a large community.

Obviously and you get a lot of people who are like interested in seeing Senior Pro matches just because they want to know like you know a lot of the people who are senior Pros unfortunately JW can't do this some of the things and I don't think they're ever going to be able to do some of the things you can so I think they're kind.

Of a little more interested in the achievable goals and I think like Julie was saying like being relatable and I think you guys are relatable so I think it is important it's an important thing especially because the game while it's gotten younger it's a game for all ages and there's there's definitely a huge population of people 50 plus who play.

This game and they um like you said it's much harder to relate to you to your children than it is to you so um I think that's a really important thing for the future yeah yeah absolutely um I mean you guys are obviously just a Powerhouse of a family your your name is going to continue to ring bells for years and years all three of you guys.

With your individual careers on the court I'm sure you guys will do fantastic things for pickleball off the court as well you know George and JW again you're not only incredible players but you're inspiring people under you um Julie you're inspiring senior Pros people to want to Aspire to play Senior Pro but you've also done an incredible.

Job raising two kids and I I can't imagine how proud you are um we're proud just to have gotten you guys on here and here we are I mean this has been amazing hopefully and I can get lucky enough to find ourselves on the court with you guys sometime and um just wanted to say thank you again for giving us the time to hop on and answer some.

Questions and I'm sure you guys are gonna go hit the courts and train in a little bit yes all right hey thank you guys appreciate it thank you great talking to you guys thank you come on down to Florida we'll set it up we'll see you there yeah good
We interviewed the most well-known and successful family in pickleball…the Johnson Family! Julie (mom), Jorja (daughter), and JW (son) are all ranked among the top players in the world in their fields. Here them talk about their playstyles, family relationship, and rise throughout the pickleball world. Hope you enjoy!

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10:40 – JW on how he uses lead tape
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13:40 – Jorja on pickleball in 5 years
15:50 – JW and Jorja on how their tennis background effected their pickleball
18:50 – Will JW and Jorja play together in 2023?
19:35 – JW and Jorja on their evolution as pickleball players
21:50 – JW and Jorja on how their age factors into their success
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26:50 – What Julie is most proud of about JW and Jorja
31:15 – Julie on the future of senior pro pickleball