On this lesson plan we're going to hit quads if you like these videos I'll do more I work out all the time I know how to do it I try to get too big but I'm going to show you how to play Pickleball because pickleball we want breakout three we want to move this way and side to side right pickleball lovers leave the comments Please Subscribe don't.

Forget here's the pickleball pipes we may love people just as much as we do I know it's definitely but it's true I went to heavy many times not too big because I wanted to body build we're doing three sets of 12 with hidden quads with squatting you can't do three systems do I be going too heavy and.

You're gonna get too big you're gonna get injured here we go boom boom here I'll show you from all different angles here we go here we go I'm looking at the mirror oh I put the back is straight I'll show you some different angles explode up here we go up turn watch The Arc of my back right now boom boom boom keeping or keep that looking forward.

Explode and up here we go this way I can look at my audience he's looking at your audience is extremely important boom boom boom looking up boom and breathing is so important when I go down I'm inhaling right and then I explode up think of it three to one three to one three seconds three.

Two one explode up and that's how we get that break up feet in pickleball what about if you say Joey I'm a woman I don't like squatting there's a lot of other things you can do this is a really good one this is a band you can buy on Amazon we might have the link in the description we might not I really don't know so I'm sitting on it boom boom here.

Right here I go down 90 degrees feet shoulder width apart I think I forgot to say that in the last segment but that's the same for squats boom looking forward explode up right and if you want a compound exercise explode up boom beautiful I love compound exercise so efficient explode our boom boom I think I screwed that one up but I feel really.

Slow down three two one explode up one hit shoulders slow slow going down explode up boom there's so much more you can do with fans and I'm gonna show you more in future segments so please subscribe what's another good one we can do with the band get faster moving side to side I guess we'd wear the kitchen and pickleball we move side.

To side a lot right so we tied this band together side side and this is hidden boom boom boom boom and you can't get injured using bands that's why I love them so much we're going to keep activities coming because I love pick them all what can I buy so I can do things at home kettlebells recommend this boom and I love this you.

Can't go past 90 degrees right you can't enter your knees like squatting explode up boom and then you got the right leg boom boom boom explode up right one more iteration you can do of this the hit hamstrings is this boom right here right you can't go past 90 degrees explode up but when you're exploding up boom and that hits a hamster on the.

Other leg let me show you one more time boom boom boom it's my hamstring under the leg oh yeah do this with a medicine ball and hit our ABS when we do it how do we do that same thing boom can't go past 90 degrees right you hold this up here right let me show you as I explode I hit that too.

Then we switch the other leg boom boom boom explode you having pain that goes from your hip to your lower back it's probably the PT band a great way to stretch a PC band is this exercise right and I would recommend three sets of 12. again we want to explode and then slow slow slow breathe out breathe out.

Breathe in and slow slow again one two three ready one second three seconds because this is a negative positive negative to teach you more it would make more sense but let's keep moving pushing the slide is a great exercise for quads for break out speed when we're pushing that sled we want to be deliberate right boom.

Explode boom explode be more deliberate that looks really good and we'll take it back take it back and watch I'm trying to go to 90 degrees and I like pushing the sled because you can't go past 90 degrees and you can't hurt that back or your knees
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