Hello and thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart my name is Rory and in this video a men's match where one team picks on the weakest link on the other team it proves to be a winning strategy find out exactly how they did it do it and you'll win more games before I go on a big shout out to the YouTube channel we play.

You rate they have posted a number of matches now so check it out sometime let's go so let's start with the players first you have the guy right here on the left in the near court and the hat his name is Anders the guy to his right with the beard his name is Chad their opponents are right here the tall guy his name is Hal this guy's name is Joey.

So right off the bat the very first thing you should notice is that Hal is perhaps one of the tallest pickleball players I have ever seen a video of I mean I'm thinking he is at least six six if not six seven so what does that mean going into this game it means that if he can get to the non-volley zone to the kitchen area he's going to be able to.

Extend his hand and take a lot of balls out of the air so these two guys right here Anders and Chad are going to have to do a really good job of hitting third shot drops and resets another thing if one of these guys either Anders or Chad are dinking and they decide to pop one up chest high are a little bit higher I can promise you Hal is just going to put.

It away and it will not be a question of whether or not Hal and Joey will get that point so let's go ahead and see what happens two okay that was over very good job by Anders and Chad uh if you could see what happened Hal just hit that ball up a little bit too high here we go there's a.

Shot and there it is right there when opponent hits a ball like this someone watching my videos called it a lollipop so I'm gonna call this a lollipop and Anders is just going to put it away right down the middle of the Court and there it is and he just said he loved that and that's just an unforced error I.

Don't know why that happens but I'm sure you do it as well you have to be mentally into the game maybe he's just not warmed up yet but there's really not too much of an excuse for doing that look at this serve the service half court this is not a good serve he gets it all the way back trying to hit a third shot drop cannot do it and look.

Where um Joey is he's way back on the line here again he was not able to put that ball into the kitchen not allowing Joey to advance to the non-volley Zone he is in a horrible position right here and nothing good can happen when Joey is at this point and he hits it right into the net it all.

Started with Hal's very weak serve let's see if Joey can do better it's a little bit better but look how good that return is it's very deep it gives Anders enough time to get to the nine of volley Zone and look at this uh Joey is in the exact same position he was in a while ago when he hit the ball into the net let's see if he can do better this time.

No he tried yeah Anders takes it out of the air Joey is not able to advance he takes it out of air again he's finally there good job with that and now here goes the dinking and Joey makes an unforced error third shot into the kitchen oh again he hit it to hell that is a mistake he should not be hitting that.

Ball to how he was able to defend it very nice job by Hal nice deep sir Joey trying to get up to the non-volley zone and he makes it here goes the dinking keep thinking to Joey do not hit it to how good job by Anders oh nice job and this ball is going to be.

Put away right here at least it should be yeah I just could not uh defend that shot just hit it up a little bit too high and Hal and Joey did a good job of putting that ball away great return there it is and look where Joey and Hal are they're still stuck at the service line they are not able to.

Hit a third shot drop or a reset in order to advance to the kitchen area can they do it that's not good that's not good and he just makes the error right into the net they really had no shot at that point because they were just not able to get to the nine at Valley Zone and.

Anders and Chad just kept them back another unforced era by Joey that's not a good return a little high now can he drop it in not yet because Hal is so tough great job maybe the seventh shot he got into the non-volley Zone terrific by Anders just keep working at it keep working at it and eventually made it to the non-volley.

Zone and got the point that's too high yep goodbye very poor job on Joey's part he did not run up to the non-volley Zone quick enough got caught about mid court and just popped it up put away just not a good return by Hal you just can't do that against players.

Of Anders and Chaz abilities so the name of this channel is we play you rate I think I already have a general idea of where these players are did you see that shot right there into the kitchen another reset into the kitchen it takes a lot of skill to vet ball is gone no he defended it wow what a get by Joey let's go back and watch that you.

Know I was commenting about how good Anders and Chad was playing and Joey kind of sneaked up and uh took that ball right out of the air and was able to defend it so a really nice get by Joey there it is you thought that ball would have been put away and then uh Anders makes the unforced era so let's go ahead and I'm going to rate.

Anders and Chad I can tell you right now that Anders and Chad are at at least the 4.0 level they are very very good at hitting a third shot dropping to the kitchen from way back of the service line they can also reset the ball they have really nice deep drives and they have very nice deep returns so I'm thinking right now Anders and Chad at.

Least 4.0 I'm gonna check out and let you know what I think about HAL and Joey a little later on because I have not really concentrated on them that much see that oh man just an unforced era Hal kicks the ball you can tell he's frustrated he should have gotten that as tall as he is he should have gotten that.

And they call that serve out by uh Chad it was close but according to Joey it was out the score is five to nothing at this point okay great shot by Anders hit it to Joey's backhand and he could just not get it so as you can see Joey has made.

Quite a few unforced errors and uh let's go ahead and watch this for another minute or so okay no chance no chance for Joey right here well he was able to make it up so I'll take that back nice job keep hitting it to Joey do not hit it to Hal good job getting it to Joey oh oh that's an oh yeah yeah I shot at.

Least that's what uh Chad is calling it he just made a huge mistake again Hal is one of the tallest pickleball players I have ever seen Chad just made a fatal mistake of putting that ball right into his slam Zone and that's exactly what Hal did and Joe I mean uh Chad is just really kind of laughing about it to be honest with.

You I thought that was pretty hilarious so uh let's continue here that was pretty funny goodbye oh he was able to reset it I thought he was going to take that out of the air still hitting it to Joey and I promise you Chad is not going to hit this ball to.

Hal there's no way that's going to happen all right so I think he called that in it was questionable he just let the ball fly he thought it was out of the court and it was not so right now the score is five to two um Hal and Joey have scored two points to one that was hit right up to Hal and.

Hal just slammed it and that point right there where um Anders just backed out of the way to let the ball go out but it did not go out so I talked about Anders and Chad being really really good at Players not only are they good players they are smart players because what they are doing is they are keeping the ball away.

From Hal how effective are they uh doing that well I can tell you this they have targeted Joey 55 times up to this point they have only hit 20 shots in house Direction I'm not saying Joey is a bad player he obviously has some skills but it looks to me as though Anders and Chad have chosen to go.

After Joey because they believe he is the weaker player of the two he may not be weaker than Hal but Hal is just so tall Anders and Chad have chosen not to hit it to him if possible let's see if that continues for the rest of the match hitting it to Joey again and I think they called that out so an unforced error.

By Chad all right all four players at the net again let's see if Chad chooses to hit it to Hal o and he does not how is getting frustrated because hardly any shots are going his way great defense right there oh he got the.

Tape great defense again and again I don't think Hal was expecting that I think they Hal is expecting them to hit it to Joey all of a sudden sneak attack on Hal and Hal cannot get it back over the net nice serve nice third shot Drive oh there it is.

That was the shake and bake if you don't know what a shaking bake is let's go back and take a look at it so here's the serve here's the third shot a very hard third shot Drive Joey got the chicken wing going popped the ball up so the third shot Drive was the shake the fifth shot here comes the bake.

They could not have done that any better that is a perfect example of how to win a point seven three two goodbye oh he missed the lob how does a guy that's six seven miss a lob that should not have happened that might happen once every one in 100 tries on a guy that tall.

Look at that shot right there nice look at that drop into the kitchen another one and he makes an unforced era but Chad is an excellent player now again I rated Chad and Anders as 4.0 so let me go ahead and rate Hal and Joey I think their talent level is very similar however unlike Anders and Chad they do.

Not serve deep they do not return deep they are not consistent at hitting third shot drops or resetting the ball therefore they're somewhere between 3-0 and 3-5 I've got to give them a 3.25 because they just cannot hit consistent third shot drops into the kitchen are reset the ball I really think that pal and Joey's Talent level are about the.

Same the reason that Anders and Chad are targeting Joey is because Hal is just so tall another thing I want you to look at is their demeanor on the court their body language it looks like Anders and Chad are having a really fun time they're laughing they're talking to each other they're bouncing around on the other hand Hal and Joey don't look like.

They're having much fun their shoulders are shrunken they're not talking a lot uh Hal is especially a little pre-tard simply because he is not getting too many opportunities and when he does he has made some unforced errors so I just wanted to point that out and there you have it uh finally Hal got a shot what happened right into the net.

Nice deep return oh a chicken wing shot that he got back that usually doesn't happen okay see there he was dinking to how all of a sudden he changed it up but watch you hit it to how oh that's why he got another opportunity and right into the net that's why Hal is not a 4.0 player oh yeah eight five one.

Well I'm not able to get it into the kitchen but look at this defense that's about five at another unforced era I mean Hal and Joey had them back they were having to defend and they just could not put the ball away and he hit it out he would think he was hoping that Howe would hit it but Hal just turned his shoulder and the ball.

Went out nine to five nine five two look oh he almost made it couldn't quite get there there you have it they continue to hit the ball to Joey Joey again Joey again how's try trying to get in on.

The action but they're not hitting it to how there's no way and Joey loses the point all has got to be just steaming he wants in on the action and Anders and Chad are just smart enough not to hit it to him and when they do look what Hal does and you can see how frustrated he is.

He's ready to get off the court I mean it's nine to five they have absolutely no chance of winning this game okay excellent play by Anders 4.0 level play nice defense and putting the ball away when he had the opportunity third shot Drive fish shot Drive nice defense by Joey.

And he called that ball out look at that drop look at that third shot drop from behind the Baseline backhanded that is just excellent by Chad a 4.0 player this will give them an opportunity to get to the non-volley zone right there great defense right down the middle of.

The Court absolutely fantastic once again I'm thinking that Anders and Chad are at least six feet tall Joey he's not quite that tall but when you look at how Hal just kind of towers over them I would think he's at least six seven so there you have the game Anders and Chad win 11-5 when it was all said and done Joey was targeted 90 times Hal.

Only received 36 opportunities so there you have it a common pickleball strategy in which one team picked on the weakest player on the other team and it weren't to perfection in this game that's all I have for you today I hope you learned something from watching this video if you did I hope you take the time to like it subscribe to my channel.

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In this video, a game in which one team targets the weaker player on the other team. Does it work? Watch and find out!