Hello and thanks for tuning into my YouTube channel pick aall pick aart my name is Rory I take pickle ball games off of YouTube and I pick aart the play on the court watching my videos will help make you a better pickle ball player in this video a tournament game played in Claremont California at the 4.0 level as you may know the level of.

Play in California is very high these players are playing in a round robin format this is the third game in the round robin and one team dominates why did that happen well on the surface it may look like these two teams have equal ability but when you dig down a little deeper you see that one team does almost everything right and the other team does.

Some little things wrong that make all the difference if you want to learn what it takes to be successful at the 4.0 level this game is for you thanks to the YouTube channel Astro Pickler for posting this video let’s go here are the players and what I know about them is in the back court the female player is Caitlyn and the male player is James.

When I look at the paddles they are playing with the player in the near court is playing with the new 60 Ruby which is one of the few Kevlar paddles out there his partner is playing with a cell Kirk Lux which is one of the softest paddles out there it is definitely a touch paddle in the backourt the female player is playing.

With a cirk power air and her partner is playing with a harbon here is the first serve so right off the bat the female player just hit the return of serve out of the court at the 4.0 level you just cannot do that you automatically give your opponents a free point so not a good start for the team in the near.

Court let’s go ball is out of the Court that’s really good play by all four players some good dinking some good defense the guy just hit the ball out of the Court as he was backing up the score is now two to nothing too high just can’t do that let’s go.

Back and look what happened right here she hits this return with her backand and it prevented her from getting really established at the non volley Zone and she popped the shot up sometimes whether you’re hitting with your forehand or your backhand you have got to hit it with momentum to carry you forward so you can get up to that non.

Volley Zone quickly three to nothing now and he hits the return to serve out of the Court the score is now four to nothing the team in the back court has received two free points because of the players in the near Court hit return of serves out of the court and again you just cannot do that at this level.

Five to nothing now goodbye oh he was able to get that watch what happened here the ball is hit very high the male player attempts to hit it at the female player but the male player in the near Court comes and poaches this ball but where it hit right here all the female player can do is back up she gets caught at the back of.

The Court the ball Gets behind her and she hits it into the net I think the score now is six to nothing and the team in the back court is on quite a roll here I tell you what the female player in the back court is very good she puts a lot of Top Spin on the ball I’m assuming she is a tennis player as well just excellent play by her 70.

Now nope too high can’t hit the ball that high just when I gave her a compliment she hits a pretty bad shot right there for her third shot now the team in the near court gets to serve let’s see if they can score some points while they have the ball in.

Hand backhand here and she just misses it she seems to prefer her backhand but so far her backand is not worked for her her option is to run around that shot or let her partner take it but just not a good job there a quick timeout to tell you this I’ve started a new business venture I’ve opened an online store featuring the coolest pickle ball swag.

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First point it’s nothing they really earned it was just an unforced error by the female player in the back court oh now look what he’s going to do here so I think maybe it’s Panic time for the guy in the near Court as he went and poached this ball maybe he thinks he needs to kind of Take Over Control of the game from his partner because watch.

Where he is look how far he went over to try and poach this ball which he did hit but he just hit it in the wrong place no way where is it okay that’s the Third Return of serve the team in the near court has missed they are just giving away points the score is now 8 to one nice shot by the female player in.

The back at that angle couldn’t quite get it over the net again a very nice shot by her look at this backhand goodbye that was such a good shot by the female player look at this two-handed backhand Right Down the Line all he can do is pop it up nine to one now just an unforced error trying to hit.

A third shot Drive couldn’t get it over the net down the middle of the Court they couldn’t quite decide who should have hit that point and I don’t even know who hit it but whoever did hit it out of the court I mean her backhand is just not working for.

Her tried it again and missed it I don’t know if she’s a tennis player who has a good tennis backhand but her pickle ball backhand is causing her problems goodbye just can’t do that he put it away forcefully I see players who get that opportunity and just pity Pat it over the net he didn’t.

Pity Pat that he simply crushed it I think it’s 10 to one now oh tried to round the post didn’t quite make it but nice try 11 to one there’s that backhand again goodbye oh was able to defend there good defense by her oh swing and a miss I hate when that happens They’re laughing about.

It Nice Shot 12 to one now I believe so the question is is the team in the near Court better than 4.0 and the team in the back court is not 4.0 great shot that’s just fantastic her backand just is not working what a shot what a shot by that guy did you see the angle on that.

Two-handed backhand fantastic you got good shot I think the ball was going out anyway and my advice to the female player in back court would be to run around that backhand and hit your forehand because you’re just hitting some shots that are very easily crushed your paddle is not at the right angle.

And it’s not working out oh there’s an unforced era maybe the fourth one they have made all game but the players in the near Court are just excellent players nice missed the backhand again just popped it straight up for a very easy putaway a pickle ball court is very small I can play all day long and maybe.

Hit one or two backhands if I choose to I think the score now is 14 to one ni sir nice and into the net that is the game I think this is a very good example if you want to play at the 4.0 level you just got to do the little things right you cannot miss return of serves you cannot.

Pop your backand up you have got to be at the nonv zone you cannot Retreat on the court once you get established and I think that’s what happened to the team in the back court who lost the game by the score of 15 to1 so there you have James and Caitlyn win convincingly they went through the round robin tournament and played for the gold medal they lost.

The gold medal game 15-13 and went home with the silver medal both James and Caitlyn are outstanding solid 4.0 players typical of 4.0 players you’ll see in California that’s it from pick aall pick aart I really hope you learned something from watching this video and if you did I hope you take the time to like it.

Subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so so you’ll be notified when I post a new video also don’t forget to check out my online pickle ball store pickle ball printables where you will find the coolest pickle ball swag on the planet this is Rory saying as always thanks for watching and see you on the court.

In this video, a round robin game played at the 4.0 level in California. One team dominates by doing almost everything right!

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