Do you know what a dink is? Yeah prettyprovocative word. And if you don't know what it means, then count your lucky starsbecause that means you've never heard of pickleball. Pickleball is the fastestgrowing sport in the world. Pickleball is not just a game to those who play. It's a way oflife. It IS life. You play once and you learn. You learn more about yourself than you everwanted to know, because you've become an addict. You want it again and again. You'll go outin the freezing cold, the blistering heat, just to score a game. You'll lie to your spouse,your boss about where you were for those three mysteriously unaccounted for hours in the middleof the afternoon. And why do you do this? Because you've lost control of your life. You're doingall kinds of things you never thought you'd do..

You're on Etsy looking for pickleball themedChristmas gifts. To give yourself! You're on YouTube at 2AM watching pickleball tournaments.Yeah they have tournaments. You're finding out the sport is dominated by an angelic lookingteenage girl and you don't even care. You're thinking about adopting a kid and naming themZane, Dekel or McGuffin. And why? Because of a paddle and a wiffle ball. The same paddle andwiffle ball that has you talking in code. Like the guy I heard last night saying I was serving at10-9-1 and we were stacking when we get into this long dink rally trying to set up an Erne but Ieventually won the point and the game with an ATP. What the [__] does that even mean? Itmeans somebody is speaking in tongues again because pickleball has taken over yet anotherhuman life. You get the picture? You're gonna.

Be next? I hope not. But if you are don'tcome crying to me. Because I told you. Oh shoot. I had so mini breaks in that theymight work though for the piece. I was this close a couple times. TheMcGuffin was classic. The McGuffin!
📣 📣 As the fastest growing sport in the world, pickleball seems to be an utterly delightful distraction from everyday life that also fills your life with community and your body with health. But beware…the dark side of pickleball – where the desire for it takes over and develops into…an…a d d i c t i o n.

You may not even understand the language of pickleball yet your body yearns, nay craves, the court. It calls to you and you run to it. Any time of day or any place in the world if you apply all of your disposable credit to it.

Michael McGlone shares his warning. Don’t come crying to him. He warned you.

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