Hey guys this is scott golden with today in pickleball and as you can see behind me we've got a box here and we're going to be going over the pickleball tudor mini then we're going to hit some with it and experiment alongside us you guys will get to watch we'll be back in just a minute to show you all that we're going to be unboxing this.

Pickleball tudor mini like i said megan's going to be our vanna white for this one as you can see she's got the fancy hack i just wanted to talk as she's unboxing this you know if you're looking to improve your pickleball game go to see a coach right get the instruction one of.

The things that the pickleball tutor machines can't do is give you information and feedback and help you improve your game in that way but where this comes into play is you can get the repetition that you need to improve the techniques and strategies that your coach gives you okay so there's two parts to learning.

How to improve your game so we're gonna take this out of the box now i would say this is about 15 to 20 pounds now we're gonna come up close and personal with a pickleball tudor mini tour because if you've never bought one you really don't know what to expect it's quite a bit smaller i would say.

Than the original tudor machine i just start with this right here so this knob you turn right to tighten left to loosen it and as you loosen it it's gonna you can move it up and down on this one through five scale so obviously the lower the number the lower the ball spits out so if you want to hit high lobs you would go up high to the five.

And low to the one would be a lower faster so the settings you work together to create the perfect blend of what you want so when you turn the machine on it's going to be right here it's got an on off switch pretty simple pretty easy you'll slightly hear it turn on right there it kicks on so you'll know it's working.

And you can turn it off at any point i do recommend getting the remote as a upgrade feature the oscillator is what goes back and forth left and right you turn it on after the machine's already on and it's going to oscillate the ball speed up close is one through nine i can promise you once you get over to nine.

It's gonna spit that thing out and then you've got the ball feed which is one through nine as well you've got this right here whoa you just spit a ball out so this is where you would use these little settings to figure out do you want to dink the ball do you want to hit ground strokes if you turn the.

Oscillating feature on it's going to move the the tudor machine back and forth so you can hit back hands forehand and what not megan's going to be our hitter for this one this is going to be like a third shot drive the way you do this is you have this black knob here and this is the setting to change the up and down of the ball height so.

It's going to change it down to go down or up based on this so you have to loosen it turning left and then you're going to push up and down manually just give a little force and go up and down and then you'll tighten it where you want you start seeing the balls move around after a few seconds here it goes right here you better be ready.

So i think we found a good height and it's spinning different directionally at mega well that one got away from her megan's hitting the five oh that's a good nipper so that's uh about 55 50 to 55 balls is what this can handle uh pretty good i felt like megan could handle up to about a six and a half.

Seven now the oscillating features on so it's going to spit the ball in different ways ball feed is the amount of seconds between each ball that rotates through and gets spit out so that's at a pretty good pace she's she's getting a pretty good workout here oh she almost got that one back into the machine.

So we're at five and five on the settings the ball speed which is how fast the ball comes out and then the ball feed which is how fast between each one so in closing everybody this is the pickleball tudor mini uh it costs 729 plus tax megan where can they find this at to buy it so you can.

Go to pickleballcentral.com and you can order one it will be delivered right to your home and hopefully you'll see the improvement in your game
Pickleball Tutor (mini) ball machine review with Golden Boy Pickleball (Scott Golden) & Today In Pickleball (Megan Hall). Take a look at our review of this smaller ball machine and how it can help you improve your game.