nice beautiful we're streaming all right here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours.

Too welcome to box elder county so uh zero zero um.

One zero one point three zero one three zero two 20 bucks one four one inside out four one two one.

All right now we have our first match of the day here in brigham city for this awesome incredible pickleball tournament the pros are out today on this court today we have little and harper and then we have eggerman and warren and they're the first guys they're.

Warming up the court for everybody else got an awesome ref out there he knows exactly what he's doing the score is four two one oh there goes right home for the net second serve coming up let's see what he can do four two two now the two at the end means that's the.

Second serve i know it's confusing let's see what the ref says two four one score two to four and then the one is the first serve each side gets two chances to serve today hopefully will be a little bit cooler it's been kind of warm here yesterday we had some sun.

And some clouds which was nice nice for the players because there's no head cover there we go second serve i like the guy's hats it's got a little skull a little mexican skull on his head this is where they volley back and forth looks like oh anyone can do this and.

Then they slam it and then it goes to the next side scores four to three oh nice try went for the gold didn't quite make it well they gotta find it under the bleachers there.

We need some ball people to come out chase the balls for these guys all right edgarman and warren have the serve nice boom right into the net if that happens and you're trying to slam it to the other side sometimes that net gets in the way.

All right boom see both sides have that net in the way a pesky net all right nice serve boom right into the net gosh darn it such a good hit and then that net nice serve.

Boom little oh man these guys are having that trouble all right four four two so lionel lindell i'm sorry from mispronouncing the name and harper have the lead.

But edgarman and warren have the serve oh here we go slam boom out second serve so we're switching sides mr day the dead has the ball he's serving over oh that net what is up with that net i think it just gets taller and when no one can see it it just kind of goes up a.

Little bit just to tweak everybody it's working i'm tweaked four four one i'm trying to do the score here too so i'm a little slow because i can't talk and use my fingers at the same time boy it's a beautiful morning here five four one out second serve they get another shot.

Though that's the cool thing about the second serve we get another chance to score a point there he goes can they do it who's gonna are they gonna be able to score oh don't let that get in the way oh i called it all right first server up oh out.

Gets a point that's what happens when you go over that little white line that pesky white line all right boom slam it's in give it to it oh nope that's it they did it just snuck that ball right past them the.

Sun's in their eyes too so that doesn't help we're in half their face anyway they do that little back and forth that looks so simple and easy but they're setting each other up who's going to do the big slam there it is the big slam boom.

Oh there it is okay i had the scores wrong see i can't use my fingers and talk at the same time i warned you there we go good done oh it's out now they're gonna try to catch up to them.

Oh right between his legs all right here we go see so now the second serve seven 792. okay harper hits it back over and it's in ref called it out he knows better than.

Me gotta listen to our refs they know we don't fight with the refs if the refs tell you what it is you just shut your mouth and listen to the refs that's their job even if you think you know better boom no i was right on the line that's okay.

The ref called it not me all right another chance to catch up we got two cameras on this court giving you different perspectives of the game we got bill francis to thank for this these.

Videos so you can watch them on youtube while you're drinking your coffee or your orange juice watching these guys play it's nice this morning because it's cooler nope that's it edgarman warren win the game.

Two minutes breaks thanks for listening this is loosened up a little bit but i told him this one of the announcements so did you okay to do okay all right game two the guys switch sides which is what.

How you play this game you switch sides after someone wins and there's a cloud over the sun so that helps a little bit so we got egg woman and warren with the ball sorry i don't know who was who but who's ever watching does nice.

Little back and forth there oh so i learned that if they can even though it's on the side if they can still get it into the court even though it's gone out they'll still that's still fair play someone got a point i think it was.

I think it's 2-0 all right second serve nice back they're gonna do this little thing again where they go back and forth and hit that net you can just feel the players when that happens they're like god if i just had.

Done a little extra a little extra higher getting over that net these guys aren't chatty some of the guys are gals or chatty you know encouraging themselves and encouraging their players and these guys are a little more introspective really thinking about each ball that.

They hit if they miss it they get it like you know you can just see what's going through his mind there we go bummer how did i do that that's not right oh another three points go out.

Nice look at they're just sneaking up on them oh that net okay now the serve goes back over eggman go bring in warren oh though he's in good job that was a close call he was thinking.

That's gonna go out and he wasn't gonna hit it and then boom he went nope that's in and i'm gonna hit it and it was exactly the right call oh that was good though that was good all right three four one oh that was a good one he slammed it i.

Don't know what the technical term and pickleball is when you slam it across like that but it's a good move it makes you you can just tell what the players that they love to they just know it's going to go exactly hard and it's going to be hard for them to bring it back and that's what happened.

Second serve all right this is harper had to serve it's gonna go back over all right here we go nice serve right over oh nice slam right into the net but snuck over.

But went long so they get a point it's all tied up now serve they're just gonna play friendly now you can see here's the friendly part of the game where they're just going back and forth and back and forth oh and then that net.

What is up with that net thank you for that all right i'm learning some technical terms here when they do that little back and forth back and forth all gentle it's called dinking my new favorite word dinking oh oh this buddy was right there for him oh.

That was a good instant replay look at that one again that was pretty funny like no one kind of knew where the ball was and then boom all right look at that i'm failing here and busy chatting and not doing my job okay it's a time out which means they get a whole minute to just chillax take.

A drink of water stretch their backs out talk to each other encourage each other just what you want to do when you're playing games no matter what the game is right you want to encourage your teammates and then you want to encourage the people that your opponents you know we're all.

In this together it's a game that's why they call it a game no one no one fights it's all good it's all in good fun but it's great to see the athleticism of these guys and gals it's amazing looks like we got a little more cloud cover here it's not so hot it's easier on the ref.

Those hot clothes but they never complain those refs checking the score checking the time 15 seconds get your butts back on the courts boys one time out for one side for edgarman and warren they got one more timeout all right here we go he's throwing his.

Glasses away he's doing it with the sun in his eyes oh second serve the first serve didn't make a point now they're gonna try again harper with the serve oh so close balls going to the other side edgarman.

And warren okay got the scores wrong again you guys oh all right get another chance make a point got a nice tribal tattoo on his calf you probably can't see that from your.

Angle nice smash the slam i think it's the slam all right just tie it up seven six seven six lionel and harper have the surf and the point serve and the point because you can only make a point when.

You're serving all right brown bag four six nine seven nine seven nine two pigerman and warren are gonna try to catch up and they're gonna dinkle here back and.

Forth a little dinkle i wonder who made up that word is that right oh not dinkle it's just dink i like dinkle better it's dinking see i gotta gotta educate me it's my baby brother bill educating me and my baby brother ray listening to me.

Am i the luckiest girl ever all right second serve nine points for the harper team and seven points for the eggerman and warren team and they're switching sides as you can see nice little serve right over the net oh and then into the net.

That's what we do we go over that we go into the net it's all about the net in this game oh that's it that's the fun part oh and they scored but they didn't score because it wasn't their serve see you gotta watch me.

Let's change sides it's in is it in is it out i couldn't see it nice it that was that point ten to seven here we go out all right let's back over to edgram and.

Warren it's their chance come on boys catch up make it a close game those are always the funnest get you all excited who's gonna score who's gonna win there it is they're dinkling i think they're supposed to stay on the other side the back side of this white.

Line they're not supposed to go close to the net so the ref isn't only watching the balls go back and forth he's also making sure everybody's feet are not crossing that line right into it right into them all right.

They're catching up pressure's on oh that was just out all right second serve first one didn't score now he's gonna do his best to score with his serve put a spin on that ball right into him.

Switching sides 10 8 10 for harper final nice there it is there's that eleven eleven eight game over now they're gonna we'll see what happens next okay each one of them foreign.

Okay game three zero zero two here we go and the eggman and warren have matching shirts on and then we switch sides at six points whoever gets to six and boom we're switching sides and matt has got the ball making a serve and that pete is returning a pack back.

Over i didn't get a chance to learn the other guys names first names nobody scored yet second serve fat pete nope inside out going to the other side now all right come on let's make a score i serve and i oh.

I like when it just kind of kisses the net but goes over it's the best feeling concern they got another chance to try to score that's why they're here they're here to score points so they can keep going on and playing more games right.

Winner goes on winning team gets to play more teams fly ball out in the outfield i got bit by a mosquito little pesky mosquitoes looks like the sun's coming out all right who's going to score the first point nope.

There it is matt fat pete oh so see he was like hesitant he was like do i hit it do i not hit it and then boom you just gotta follow through you gotta use your first instincts into that net.

All right let's go to the other side let's see if these guys can score a point and get them both up on the board all right i get another chance though another chance to score a point there we go nice right over boom oh picking it up picking it up slamming it nice.

Nice try they they gave it their best shot two points for fat pete and matt and nothing for the boys on the other side and the matching shirts i love it i don't care what is it a jellyfish is it a ufo is it just a nice artwork it looks like nice artwork but this might be a meanie.

Behind it the ball flew right over the bleachers matt went to run and get it bring it back it's got these great blue shoes on fat beat serves here we go i'm gonna volley back and forth trying to mess them up the ball went out.

So they get a point they're smiling though look at that all four of them are smiling i love that they're getting into it now all right here we go four to zip oh that was out they're getting excited look at these big smiles.

The warren hegerman team need to get on it oh there it is all right i think they're switching sides um yes six zero okay we want the egg women warrant team.

To play is they gonna get closer so it's not just a game over with zero six we want them to score a point second serve second chance to make a score nice back and forth boom okay they missed that one so it's going back over let's see if the boys can score a.

Point they're matching t-shirts all right come on i like when points are scored slam so there it is we got the points all right boom oh second chance.

Second chance the day of the dead hat here we go ketchup that net man okay it's going back over to matt and fat feet there i'll be ones being a little cautious now you can just tell they're really thinking about each time the ball.

Hits their paddle that's it see when they were all just concentrating and being careful with each time boom it's a great sound too when the ball hits the paddle something about that sound and i was like beating a drum or something.

See look i'm failing as a scorekeeper here failing you guys'll there it is tada matt fat pete did it brought it home that was a great game everyone's all.

Sweaty and they're feeling good they just got fired up we'll wait for the next team to show up here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores.

Here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county so foreign here we explore fresh territory.

We create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county foreign.

here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county.

hi where we're back they just flipped a coin to decide who serves first and maxine's our ref and we've got is all right we've got william and.

Alexander facing off michael and kale and they're just warming up now our ref is maxine the sun's coming out it's going to be a little bit warmer for the boys they're practicing right now or not practicing they're warming up i guess that's the same.

We got crickets in the booth we got michael's mom here watching and we're live streaming on youtube facebook so big smiles so michael's face michael's got big smiles see i always wonder the teammates like.

How do they know each other how did they decide to play each other be each other's teammate no they teams see listen to me i gotta educate myself more on this game are they switching sides oh no they're saying hey all right so it's william and alexander.

And michael and kale and ref's gonna start the game and kale's got the first serve oh and there's that net again well they get a second chance here nope it's going to go back over to alexander and william are bringing the ball back over the net.

Oh see that is a great move i love that move we got a pesky ball that's wanting to hang out under the bleachers along with all that gum that everybody puts under there all right point for william and alexander there you go we're dinkling it's the.

Dinkle sound rhymes with tinkle that's great here we go london and alexander have the oh good job out just hit it just a little too hard and now kale has the serve.

Nice so there's gonna be a lot of excitement in this game these guys are fired up they're in it to win it my brother's trying to give me information i just can't i got my eyes peeled to the game it's just too exciting he's trying to teach me the word dinkle.

Dink dink d-i-n-k he doesn't want me to say dinkle but i think it's fun okay we got three sees distracting me i'm not scoring very well all right here we go that was a good one that was michael.

He's making his mama proud all right here we go look at this they're hitting hard these guys are hitting hard changing up the server it's michael's serving now he's got a serious look on his face boom right over that net up here we go.

They're gonna dink here i want to get the stink eye from my brother so i'll say dink sounds like tank rhymes with tink mom's getting excited michael's mom is just into it she's in it it's good to have fans here good to have.

Support these guys put a lot of energy into these games it's good to have your friends and family come out and watch cheer you on whether you win or lose you know it's a game all right william's got the serve nice try he's got a lot of power he's a.

Powerful boy there it goes oh it's a high one you can slam it over here's another high one give it a slam kale there it is and william returns it that was great that was great good job that was beautiful i can't hear the coach so i don't know.

What the score is i'm failing failing is the score keeper let's see what she says five one okay now we got it all right william's serving alexander brought it back boom william is just slamming it he's got a lot of power.

Okay alexander's got to serve ronnie's going to get the score correct she promises oh that was a good one it was a low right over they're dinkling with the dink do they all right oh william coached.

Alexander to say don't hit that ball he could tell it was going to be out he was right oh the reflexes these guys have is amazing second serve goes to william here he goes he's excited oh that pesky ball.

When it does that it's just sneaky it just like slips over and just drops straight down okay we're going over to kale and michael there we go michael returning it hard but they got it back over the net there is a little dinkle happening here oh there it goes it gets exciting oh.

And that net once again that pesky net good six all right nice serve boom oh nice try alexander but he missed it and it went flying into the lower 40. he's got a run to get it where are our bell people our ball people.

Where's the kids to come chase after the balls that's okay these guys have got enough energy to run after their own balls they're good all right michael's got the serve nice all right a little back and forth and william got it right.

Into the net mom's clapping and cheering on the teams got some energy here we do have some fans they got their umbrellas covering their backs because the sun's hitting that way had a little break time out the teams can chat with each other and.

Have a sip of water smile michael's got a big smile on his face i switch sides hey all right let's go you got it you got it looking good here we go here we.

Go all right teams switch sides oh let's go oh okay let's go right now hey yes oh yeah.

Let's go thank you there you go yeah that's it that's it you got it you got it all right all right all right here we go way to be patient let's go all right.

You don't pay attention here we go here we go there you go all right here we all go okay let's go oh oh yeah oh yeah.

Good idea good idea let's go all right let's go all right all right this time let's go one more let's go wow all right here we go we got it all right all right here we go.

Whew all right let's go here we go oh yeah oh yeah okay right here right now oh okay we'll come back.

this is okay so here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things.

And steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county so here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories.

We try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county so here we explore fresh territory.

We create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county so.

Here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county.

So here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county.

youtube and facebook so which one's mario four guys three zero two all right new game new players we've got mario and federico and eric with the k and staphon.

Oh that net is mario serving i think that's mario i might have them confused and they're doing the dink let's see who's gonna hit it harder the first time just messing it's like a mind game right there it was there it was.

All right eric and stefan have the serve that's three for mario and federico i'm sure i'm pronouncing it wrong i'm butchering it that's okay there we go oh there's.

Nice try changing out here another point for the perrick and staphon nice serve oh just never know how high to go with that ball you try it just doesn't get over that.

Net switching outsides federico and mario have the serve see they can get a point back and forth the dink there's that hard one that was it i'm gonna say that was in that was a ball hits that bracket it makes that funny sound makes.

A racket maybe that's why they call it racket hmm another point oh that was almost hidden but he had this racket right in front so it went over taking a break having some hydration.

Before they go back out there the sun's behind a cloud so it's not so hot right now we've got the family here supporting the players get the little ones with the racquets we got don the ref who's great been doing this for years he knows his stuff.

Gotta always follow the ref whatever the ref says you gotta do the ref says it's in if the ref says it's out don't argue with the ref all right the game's back on again we got uh frederico and mario have three and eric and stefan have four here we go.

Frederico and mario have the serve and we're back in three four one first serve the one means serve because there's two serves on each side so they get two chances there we go and they scored a point of course boom here's the dink.

Coming on over the fence little mind games with each other and there it is second serve means they switch out who served last now who serves first oh stefan's saying wait a second and then boom nice serve oh right into the fence dang.

So they're switching sides now it's stefan and eric with a k turn to score point boom eric serves that oh second serve means it's stefan's turn ball went wide long not wide.

One here we go four four and second serve for staphon oh that was on the line oh okay it's okay whatever this rep says five four two five four means the score and then the two means that it's a second serve boom.

Into the net six four there we go nice paddle work here boy slam it was hard to couldn't return that one it was just too hard now they're switching sides four two and then the first serve being cautious and then they're gonna play it hard here we go.

Stefan returns it boom i'm gonna play this little mind game watch their toes so they don't cross the line oh and then that got in the way again now it's the second serve because the first one didn't score a point so i don't know who's who over there if it's mario or fredericrow.

I wish i had better accent for that all right scored a point though and they're catching up see if we can tie it up boys boom nice try stefan they scored a point and the ball went into the rafters if we were inside.

Don scratching his head thinking hard where's that ball there it is six six tied up here we go i'm gonna play nice for a second let's see and then it's gonna get crazy little.

There we go and still nice and friendly nice and friendly and then it happens boy he keeps getting stuff on that way it's the third time he's gotten right there he knows where stefan's weak point is or weak side weak position but i've have a feeling the next time he tries that stefan's gonna be ready for.

It nice there you go boom there it is now they payback oh there's that thing at the ball just hits it and then just drops when it hits that top of that net but they have a technique to get it back over it's.

Incredible these paddles are big you gotta know the position oh that was out and a point so it's tied up again here he goes here's eric boom nice second serve that was out.

Now it's stefan's turn try to score a point he's all in white it's a good color to wear when it's hot for sure oh what was that instant replay point i didn't i couldn't even catch i was busy yakking i missed that whole.

Thing so i can't comment on it so i won't eight seven eight for eric and stefan seven for frederico and mario i have dinklin nope nope i can't tell it was someone in my way i don't know what happened what does the judge the ref say.

Raph is smiling we love it when the rep smiles what's the skinny i'm waiting for the all right step on serves again boom the guys are thinking they're tell they're concentrating boom oh there it is that same move that same move.

Second serve for mario and frederic the drink grow god i wish i could get i should have asked him his name for it's my fault stefan got it into the net so there's another point now everyone's getting excited because it's tied up almost tied up eight to nine.

Oh bummer right into the net all right now it's tied up there we go okay we're taking a break guys are chilling out taking some water to hydrate it's not so hot today not yet anyway.

But they're getting ready they're psyching themselves out everyone wants to win but we're all here to just play the game have fun meet new people hang out with family learn something i'm learning a lot for sure i am learning tons.

All right the guys are picking up their rackets they're rackets right they're paddles are they paddles or raggeds their paddles or their rackets their pedals what are they paddles okay i've been saying rackets but no one corrects me because you know but they're paddles okay see i'm.

Learning tons okay point game there you go federico and mario sides foreign oh all right another game up boys are playing again.

Mario's servant stefan returns it now they're gonna play head games with each other with this little dink who's gonna hit it the hardest first kind of warming them up oh there it is there it is eric did it made him go right into the net.

Oh point for eric and stefan and then there's a point for the mario and federico he's gonna just kick my butt when he realizes how i'm butchering his name oh nice try i just snuck that ball just snuck right.

Around his paddle one hmm all right here we go oh a little kiss the net i'm playing this little game with the dink.

Oh nice try that was fedriccio was on that tied up here they go now it's 3-2 first serve for mario and federico federico guys congratulating each other on every.

Play which is fun with they're acknowledging each other and whether it's good or bad they tap their rackets or pump fists is good just keep the team spirit going nice nice try eric but that was out it's hard when that ball comes at you.

Fast it's hard your two reflexes to come back and hit it you know because the balls are fast and then you have to have super good reflexes nice return from eric and it's right on the line stefan let it go thinking it was out that's like i never know what to do with.

That like you're right there it's happening so fast is it going to be out is it going to be in should i hit it should i let it go well in a split second out like when it's fast like that they get all excited okay they're taking a break.

Getting some water wiping their faces down encouraging each other families in the bleachers supporting them it's really it's really lovely out here right now it's not windy it's not too hot we've got cutie patooties on the court.

Can you see that somebody's son encouraging that's so cute look at his little sneakers he's got these little black converts on he's got a rolling stone t-shirt the one with the big tongue hanging out he is adorable it must be mario's son he's eating some.

Yummy and he heard it he knows exactly what to do time to play so i better get off the court let dad win oh maybe i have just a little bit more candy in this packet he is adorable it must be two two and a half years old adorable all right here we go ref is waiting for him that's so cute.

All right here we go six two mario and fredricko oop that was out oh was it what do i know don't listen to me listen to the ref oh that net got in the way again what's the score is it eight yes.

Eight to two mario he turns it but misses it that net just is right there just to stop that ball that's its job it's doing its job nice return for mario stefan they're gonna play a little dink oh and that ball just touches that net and drops.

But you don't have to return it right away it can do one bounce and then you can hit it back over gotta keep their feet on the other side of that line oh nice try stefan all right nice oh who gets the ball that's the tough part sometimes oh.

Nice you know the ball is coming right between the two players and like it's hard to know who's going to hit it and how do you communicate with your partner to decide who's going to hit it in a split second sometimes you hear rackets hitting because they're both going forward.

Because the ball's coming so fast all right here we go now they're going to play nicey nice boom hi slam it oh there it is stefan's back there to get it mario returns it and eric tries and hits the net at pesky net.

Let's see yeah i'm chatting so much i'm not keeping good score here ball goes into the bleachers everyone loves that oh it's gonna get fast no not quite strong enough to get over that net there we go another chance.

Tapping it over little tappy taps now it gets harder oh nice try eric but that's a point for the other team all right time out time out to chillax for a second wipe down have a sip of water talk to your partner.

Make sure everything feels copacetic maybe a little stretch out the back because it's tense i mean it's a tense thing they're tensed up holding their rackets and they're in their paddles and then just trying to figure out where that ball's gonna go where how do i how do i hit it do i put a spin on it do i not put a spin on it.

Do i sleep through it there's an airplane going over all right here we go we're and we're back tension's riding up nice return by eric here it goes again they're gonna play oh that was very sneaky.

Sneaky sneaky right past him that's good taking a time out got the baby on the court checking things out he sees the paddle because he wants a paddle just like his papa all right good job guys.

Go to youtube and just type in utah v-o-d v-o-d okay here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too.

Welcome to box elder county here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too.

Welcome to box elder county so here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too.

Welcome to box elder county so foreign here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores.

Here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores.

Here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things.

And steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county so here we explore fresh territory.

We create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county give me one second.

All right everybody welcome to another beautiful day at brigham city we are broadcasting on the second stream for the ppa and we have a very exciting match in front of us we have james ignatikovic and and ben newell against obviously tyson and jay so this will be a great match just wide actually that was it.

So obviously this is uh this is the top court and we are looking for a very exciting match the temperature is about 82 degrees 83 degrees and the wind is coming a little bit left to right so that would be from the back of tyson to james in bed.

Good patience around the net great touch great play great play all right zero zero two and you'll see a lot of that from ben strong drives from the baseline great touch jay is coming off of his bronze medal performance yesterday.

And mixed and jane tyson have been playing together this entire season all right back deep cut by then just wide by about a foot run that cord by bed good little redirect speed up by then yep i'm probably just going along nice.

And cold no sometimes it's really hard to react oh good great reach by ben two two one oh really was a nice uh that cut returned by jay that really just caught the back line wide left.

I'd say the wind is about i don't know five six miles an hour it's not major she probably shouldn't impact the pickleball too much but it is a beautiful day to watch this great sport back down the middle by jade james gets it loud.

It's two three oh tough net cord nice shot by james tough neck chord three two three thank you three two two i think we have the scores mixed up on this.

Four two two ben is four two two ben and james have four looks like they have five five two two no swap them six two two and it's side out uh it is.

Yeah this is right you're right no no swap them swap them please it's a jade tyson of two and ben and james have six hold on side out 631 that's right.

Good speed up by then good put away by james almost catches uh jay on the return about two inches from his head just a couple inches out and we're going to take a timeout and run to commercial break here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories.

We try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county all right here we go it is seven three.

And it's actually eight three one oh tough net cord looks like we have 931 forced out good defense by tyson second serve barely catches that baseline good overhead finish by tyson little long.

This is the uh still on the winter side of the bracket so it's gonna be two out of three good ernie by jay fantastic shot by jay good great read here we go oh just a tad long great idea though and it is nine four one.

And we've got ben pinned back good force out 942 great hands by tyson good crosstank great play by jay great play by jay to read that set himself up oh great play by ben and james on that shot.

Good attempt to try to ernie the line come across just left it a little high and again those strong drives you'll see from ben both him and james are excellent singles players together they're a great devil's team oh good speed up by jay.

And it looks like we're taking a timeout so we'll cut the commercial here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county.

all right tear it up uh nice finish by mcguffin five eight two let's go oh christian um.

Nice put away good shot tyson with the kill shot got a timeout on the floor james and ben james no no the other we are back.

All good return good take tyson tyson finishes off the game what's the final score oh look at that eleven nine oh it's on the screen okay so we don't have to announce it but what a great day for pickleball.

Right we're up here in brigham city utah right in the cove of the canyon beautiful area the weather's cooperating a little bit of a gust coming in from the south so it's like they're split one one i guess okay one one 0-1.

Okay tyson we'll start off with the serve good return by bend uh good job jay putting some pressure on ben we gotta touch make him make a decision nice drop in ah perfect drop james a little bit frustrated with that that drop return.

Oh let's see if we can drop in is that in or out missed it okay oh just runs down the line and back on to their side have you seen how barstool sports is calling tyson the most electrifying man in sports i haven't tell me about it that's all i know.

I only read headlines i don't read stories good hands oh good shot right in the belly of jay oh just flew along it's 2-1-1 right now oh almost got the reset okay we're serving two one two unfortunately.

All right james for the serve one two one ah just runs the tape and back onto their side on the second serve all right here we go 2-1-1 tyson serving the most electrifying man in sports got a backhand cross battle right now.

Right down the middle but just long three one one thing i love about pickleball is that we play on the honor system and everyone's trying to make the right call for each other there we go nice put away all right jay serving second server oh just long on the cross.

Nice reset by tyson going for the atp and he got it nice shot tyson that's why we call him the most electrifying man in sports tyson's got a lot of online youtube videos as well where he teaches the basics of pickleball and some and different types of drills to work on.

Nice nice grab oh unfortunately good job jay and tyson are able to finally put it away now but tyson's videos are really good if you haven't seen those they just go out there and take a look he's got some great great videos about the push and the.

Reset dink everything i needed went away don't we all someday i'll try that whole practice thing the whole drilling yeah when you do maybe you'll make it to this level and you can play tyson and jay i'll wait till the senior tour okay.

5-1-1 tyson serving been receiving i got a little switch going is there any uh couldn't quite get it videos out there for lefties like yourself not that i'm aware of i'm just in my own little world i'm sure someone has done something maybe that's a market i should take.

Advantage of there you go nice ernie by ben i jumped the corner and um i was able to put it away quit your day job make youtube videos oh just on the line on this earth kiss the line uh i'm unfortunate good pressure by james to.

Make good jada on the run forward all right we're on second serve the encouraging thing when i watch the pros play is that they still make the same mistakes they just make them look a lot better that's right that's a good point.

They've just got a little better touch and make less mistakes don't they consistency yeah five two one nice drop there goes we got a battle oh nice nice win by james nice body shot yep five two two oh good ernie.

Oh he resets it's the back of the line and into the net good hands nice and clean the poached double poach good reset oh unfortunate than that jay's a little upset with himself on.

On the punch i do like his uh headband though it's got a cobra kai slash rambo feel to it you know anything you can do to get an edge on your opponents anything to psych them out right that's right nice drive oh good finish great battle between the two.

We got a side out nice drop by tyson looks like the wind took that a little bit oh just long unfortunate uh errors we got a side out see if james and ben can make a little bit of a run here oh.

That one's just long j called it long they pulled back nice call um looks like uh tyson's using that new selkirk paddle oh he had an easy put away there and just hit the tape common pickleball.

That's something i'm good at i'm really consistent at that you can hit the tape i get the middle of the tape almost anytime once in a while i even see you get it to crawl over hopefully that's the problem oh we got a timeout on the floor i guess the court floor it does have a ground.

It is there's a floor and the sky's the limit why do you think the the rain's gonna stay away today to finish this thing up it sure looks like we're getting just enough cloud cover to to keep the temperature down hopefully we don't get above 90 today.

Yeah have you used that new silk uh mcguffin selkirk yet i have not i hear with the the hole obviously you've got a little more aerodynamic paddle but also gives a little bit of extra power on the on the smash but i've not yet tried it.

Just worried about somebody's finger slipping up in it and then breaking their finger let's hope that doesn't happen no it's not nice oh just wide just wide ben gives him a nice short shower and then just.

Lets it fly along good job jay a second serve oh nice finish by jay james and ben were able to last a little while but it's tough when you don't when you can't get a reset back to the kitchen.

To last for too many smashes any volleys tyson seems to have one of the most aggressive serves i've seen in pickleball sure does a good reset nice body shot try to get out of the way and 841 tyson's still serving.

Just short on the net no no oh shoot another body shot tyson tried to give him the heads up but it's tough to get out of the way of a body shot isn't it yeah okay this is uh james and ben need to make a little bit.

Of a run here for this gets out of hand skips off the net and out of bounds they can get a couple of points here to make this and they'll get back into this game unfortunately unsuccessful jay did a great job there just creating a little bit of pressure not not hitting it too hard but just.

Placing in the right spot where no one was got a timeout on the court again to believe fans we got one timeout left eight for one here we go being ready for the speed up and then the put away.

There's a little speed up i think that's one thing i need to get better at in the tournaments is using those timeouts yeah i think that's a good point when they've got a little run going they watch the pros they tend to take timeouts.

They use all their timeouts usually good hands oh just lets it fly he's got a big smile on his face because he almost hit it thought about it for a second and let it go 10-4-2 second serve.

Match point into the net all right so we can get a little momentum shift there's a great poach by jay he was waiting for it ben tried to drop it back to tyson he was still on the charge to the kitchen and.

Jay took advantage tyson's trying to hit to ben's backhand and refuses to use it oh i think that one was just long which one was that i think jade has hit it long actually oh never mind 10 41. okay second serve let's see if they can.

Finish this off first server 410 one nice gift hustle oh it's a tough shot james just had a little backspin on it just didn't quite make it over the net on that i probably would have had a point there okay.

It looks to me that that serve might have been just a little long but it's hard when it's that's coming so fast that was close gotta that's right i'm out by james and ben i'll see if they can figure out a game plan to slow down jay and tyson who seem to be to have.

Full control of this game it's a great thing about pickleball as long as you're still serving you got a chance that's true unfortunately they don't have the serve so let's see if they can just get a couple stops are we on first server i think we might be on first server.

Still because they get a couple stops this game's still within their reach all right tyson and j ready to get going they want to finish this game off let's see if they can do it 10.1. there just jumps over the net still in play oh darn it.

Ben just missed on the tape on the net and that's the game here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county.

so here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too.

Welcome to box elder county foreign here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours.

Too welcome to box elder county here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours.

Too welcome to box elder county here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours.

Too welcome to box elder county here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours.

Too welcome to box elder county level six all right we're back got paul and kim and tao and yvonne this is quartz cc2 one.

Mixed doubles here boys and girls playing together one zero one it's nice to see the doubles again beautiful day one zero second serve oh point.

Paul serving two zero second serve on the way to towel we're gonna rally back and forth gonna dink it oh and that net again gets in the way we lost our crowd we had a crowd for the three zero two men's three zero two.

Nice serve oh ball hits the net we watched paul play yesterday he did really well played a lot of games he just kept winning and winning i wouldn't want to play against him that's for sure he's he's on it these guys look like they're well.

Matched though looks like the wind's picking up a little bit too here makes a little bit harder that ball is not heavy so the wind will move it so we're switching sides oh second serve thank you.

What happens let's see if i got the score right yeah i got a point i didn't miss that one where was i when that happened all right we're going dinking back and forth here kissing the net go they got that point paul missed it i missed the shot.

Tao's got the serve nice kim brings it back or not kim yes kim brings it back and then that gets in the way paul served oh nice little tap i cam over the net oh and then that net pesky net.

Ball's headed for the bleachers kim's serving she goes nice serve cow oh fast she hit it fast he couldn't even react his reflexes didn't help him that time that's four.

Four to two following kim in the lead there you go that ball went long so they both missed it seconds kim's still serving changing sides so yvonne is serving there we go nice little.

Back and forth oh that's out that's okay they got lots of time to play oh it was a hard one but she got it back here we go ball goes back over to kim and paul and the score is four for paul and kim and two.

For tao and yvonne oh nice try it's close sun's coming out again the clouds are just missing it so it's getting it's warming up here at the park in brigham city.

Utah that was in point five to two we got three camera angles going coming out yeah see what do i know the ref knows don't listen to me i have no idea what i'm doing.

Or maybe a little idea oh that was out oh that was sneaky it was sneaky on tao's part just snuck it right past the front of paul his arms are long but they're not that long because you're on boom nice serve.

A little back and forth nice oh so close had to run from the back of the court you know the court's not that long it's still long enough i was told that you can fit four pickleball courts in one tennis court i hope that's true.

Oh there again that those fast shots that come right to your chest when your paddle's not sitting there it's just going to hit you and then bounce up away and that's it give me a 4-6-2 another point another point for tau and yvonne there's a little dinking going on.

Oh below that net everyone's smiling having fun i think it's tied up it's tied up six six ball goes to kim and paul and another point for them oh not quite hit it hard enough just a little shy and then i went right.

Over paul serving without returning now they're gonna play that little game back and forth i think that space in between is called the kitchen that's next to the net on either side i keep hearing that expression.

Kitchen i don't know why no one's going in the kitchen maybe it's dirty and no one wants to clean it up okay here we go paul's serving towels brings it back oh no they're fighting over the ball that was out.

Out out hiding it's hiding into the table here here we go paul got kind of excited it's man spreading all right taking a break getting some water hydrating walking it off the nerves the tension clouds are coming over again which is.

Good but the wind's picking up that could be dangerous but it's not so cool we have a fan here where we are keeping us a little bit cooler refs taking his position in the middle of the court while they're having their break just seems like minutes can seem long or.

Short depending on how much break you need 15 seconds and they got to get their selves back on the court here we go kim and paul are working their way over i think it's paul's serve here we go seven to six paul and kim in the lead nice.

Volley back and forth that was in paul wasn't sure so it's one of those things again where you think you should hit it you don't know whether it's going in or out what happens back up to all right second serve tao's got it oh.

That was a net kiss and just tripped him up a little bit wasn't sure which way that ball was going to go it had a mind of its own long oh nice return by kim and paul just got it out just snuck it past him so 10.

The wind is picking up a little bit um i don't know what's worse the wind or the sun i think probably the players would say the wind that's it that's the game for this one paul and kim have apologize yeah friends.

I got your chance um got your books right lindy right yeah i know better than that didn't play well thank you so now okay i just walked out their way i had.

This game oh uh two seven one one uh what okay black.

Thank you oh you meeting you here again oh i know i saw it i actually looked it up hey uh.

So morning ah so is oh uh yeah yeah foreign.

Here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county.

here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores hear our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county.

here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome.

To box elder county so so here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores.

Here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county foreign here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things.

And steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder do you want to put that county yep here let me get that cord for you and welcome back yes we have an exciting matchup this is.

Adina knapton mickey napton yep yep here we are announcing again senior pro event over here and we have eva welsh serving her partner scott moore and on the opposite side i don't know his first name but his last.

Name is yonkowick and that's takako toronjo and i forgive me if i didn't pronounce that perfectly so it looks like even scott had a buy so this is their first match of the day and.

Bianca wick and toronto had to defeat yannette brister and david comey to get here we are in for a day of some great pickleball here at the toc the weather is slightly breezy not too bad and by the way cece is our.

Ppa ref here today and the score is two one two that was a nice two-handed roll though i mean it didn't work it was a little bit high but it was very hard to tell with those two-handed backhand rolls where they're exactly they're going until the last.

Second i agree and just let you know the conditions here there is a little a wind actually it's much heavier than yesterday there was no wind it is blowing behind the back of scott moore and eva welsher.

Yeah it's definitely picking up now and that sails long surprised that that actually stayed in with the wind windows in their face at the moment or didn't stand i should say scott misses that uh drive attempt and the score should be two three two oh yeah you can see that ball we're getting.

A big gust right now probably like a good 15 mile an hour wind coming on no i lied no you guys are right it's 5-1 well you can see those returns are really starting to hit short now because we're getting a pretty decent headwind.

Right now yeah he's going to have to really put some umph into that and the score is three five two scott neva decided to not stack now the wind is kind of playing a factor.

They're really struggling with getting enough power on the ball with that headwind coming on see that ball look landed very short good hands yeah that was tough for takako had to that's nice return and run up there and that was a great placement.

He's so long you know i'm a pretty not large guy but i've never wanted to be taller but when you see moves like scott's able to do right there i tend to be like man i just wish i had a little bit more wingspan a little more reach just a little bit oh i love that return she goes for the third lob and.

Scott got right over there this is their first match so they're fresh scott and eva oh nice we got an eye formation but they're recovered well yeah they kept themselves in that point with their defenses beautiful scrambling from the baseline and that i formation.

Like three points of drop in it beautifully and it's a 462 this is the first game senior pro mix doubles here at the beautiful brigham pickleball facility at the tournament of champions the temperature's fabulous though.

Wouldn't you say mickey oh it's beautiful it's announcing it feels very comfortable compared to last night last night was very hot sweating now it's amazing yeah this is perfect pickleball weather except for the wind what would you say to people about playing in the wind what do they need to be focused on.

You need to really focus on watching that ball all the way to your paddle like that oh that's tough yeah she was leaning back ready for fast pace and then it hit that net cord but really over emphasize watching it make contact with your paddle that's the trick of.

Playing in the wind do you prefer playing with the wind or against the wind mickey i personally prefer playing into the wind because i can my drives will tend to dip a little bit harder stay in i feel like i can swing away a little bit more yourself interesting i like to play with the wind so that you can have to put less power.

On it you know i'm so powerful that's true yeah it's true although when you are playing with the wind and you're up at that kitchen line and those dinks come over you have to really wait and let it get to your paddle so i notice a lot of.

Times what will happen is you'll reach out and think you got it and it just throws off the timing you know she has really good defense um i can't pronounce her name takako i like saying her first name because i could pronounce that more easily tyranjo.

I think it's french i'm not sure i'm gonna have to find out more about her many of you watching probably already are very familiar with her she's been on the pro circuit for quite a while now i believe she has excellent good hands i want to point something out to you right here watch what she does her.

Return a lot of her weights on her back leg which makes it very difficult but oh not that time oh i love that was a beautiful inside out she got so loaded now does she looks like she might have a western grip very interesting.

Her style of play on her backhand side take a look at that and let me know right there there's a perfect example of how she oh he he did try for that but uh she loads up all of her weight on her back and she does her drives and drops and and that makes it way harder to do it if.

Your weight it's not on your front leg oh right there he did it i think we do that in pickleball i i've noticed that quite a bit um we lift up one of our legs right that's one of the first things i try to coach out of somebody though is is the lift why do you think people do it though.

That's what's the uh is that the counterbalance perhaps i mean there's got to be a reason because i see it all the time in pickleball at the pro level and pro seniors and pro that's true what i've noticed is it's mostly not.

From somebody who has a tennis background and i don't have a tennis background but sarah ansberry made that very popular a few years ago that style the leg lifts the leg lift yeah it was almost like her thing and i remember i tried it for a while thinking oh okay i don't have any tennis.

Background maybe that's how you do it but uh it's way more difficult to be precise with lifting that and working your way up oh i love that return beautiful return you can see the wind just kind of held it up a little bit and what i like about a floating return is it gives the player.

Plenty of time to get up to that non-volley line and get in position a beautiful third drop from takaco oh love that play he's got a lot of reach there too as a tall player yankovic no i don't think i said that right yankoviak here we go.

What's interesting there is the one time he didn't put all his weight on his back leg you missed the drive i do think it's a counterbalance for players oh yeah stuff that landed in right oh yeah 200 backhand that was beautiful for ova some some fun facts i know about.

Yankoviak takako's partner uh he has an extensive paddle tennis background i think and he's also a principal at an elementary school so he is not full-time on the pro senior circuit but he plays when he can i learned that from his beautiful wife who's watching here today supporting him.

Oh that wind just people holding our tent down that gives everybody an idea of the strong winds here today that have picked up and they've it's more gusting isn't it it's not just like yeah it's it this was a big gust and they wisely called the timeout.

And right here scott and eva are up 9-6 you serving pick up that wind in our minds right now we need little mic masks so i think uh the receiving team is talking some strategy right now what do you think they need to do mickey.

To get back in this game and and stop the momentum of even scott moore well when they they need to get up to the net first off right you got it's super critical to get up there to win the point but they were honestly i felt like they were winning points when they were picking up.

The pace and oh nice defense oh i like how low she got too she really is great at bending those knees and staying low oh that one went a little bit too wide and that okay so it was 10 6. sorry about that folks we thought it was nine that was game point.

So first game goes to eva and scott moore and they finished that on a nice atp by scott moore yeah that's always a great way to win a game finish it off around the post right one of the favorite shots yeah not terrible shots not terrible at all i am always a fan of watching eva play.

Because she's so intense i i i i like people who are intense and that is definitely her mo yeah she brings that fire to the court for sure okay we're gonna see how much the wind really affects now because right they've switched sides honestly this could make a difference for them it seemed like a lot of their.

Balls were selling why the uh i i i for yonkovic yes thank you thank you yankoviak and tyron joe very difficult names to pronounce i don't quite have a relationship with them i haven't met them before familiar with them watch them play marco love it all right we got first.

Names so we will do better in the second game marco and takako i think we can do that what do you think so they're going to start us off in a second game serving oh he read that you read that yeah she telegraphed she was going down the line i thought a little bit too much there so.

He read it okay so she's like well that's not going to happen again quick side out i like how she's going cross court that is definitely and that normally wouldn't if that wind wasn't there pushing the ball back towards the net.

Just a fraction of an inch enough to make her miss that right and scott moore is just so seasoned as a player and he knew she was back there retrieving that lob and then he decided to give her a drop shot yeah i mean he's definitely the most decorated player on the court scott.

Is i mean how many national titles i don't even know at this point too many to count yes i just want one that's all go for it this year baby this is your year i'm waiting for you you want it you can get it senior nationals let's go okay 2023.

Oh see that's that reach that scott has right there it is so nice and i think takako is having a hard time getting it over to eva scott's so good about covering but let's see if she can be more successful with them oh i reaped it again yep yeah that's that seasoned vet coming in.

Right there what do you think about marco maybe getting a little bit more involved maybe taking more what do you think oh yes he did but then he doesn't want that to happen right i mean that's that's the difficulty of it right yeah i'd like to see him maybe start like when she's receiving i would have liked to have.

Seen him put at least some pressure pressure scooting into that little i call it the corner pocket yep the middle zone a little bit really just making them have to like precisely get it to her so even though uh eva oh an outball i think that stayed in and.

They got the point i have uh you know my good friend laura marmelstein many of you no laura just a beautiful face in pickleball she's the one who kind of taught me about that corner pocket and maybe that came from chris anderson i don't know but.

When when you're playing doubles make sure men's or women's you know hugging that corner kind of getting in the middle before your partner gets up to the the line as a receiving team is it's nice to add pressure oh she had her.

Wrist cocked back a little bit there i think that's why that sailed long you're exactly right obligatory hand up sorry not sorry from takaco looks like eva and oh nice nice retrieval there oh beautiful oh i love it what a point.

Beautiful i think that might have been the best point of the day right so far maybe of this match since we've been here beautiful so far that i formation one that they have this team has some really good defense so oh i like that she was going there i.

Thought that was going to be a good spot just went a little wide yep just trying to move those dinks around but there again they're starting they're really turning up their defense right now and it's working out for them i think the wind at their backs is actually great for them yeah it's all.

Tied up at 3-3-2 so this game seems to be a little bit more even so far oh and another let cord okay so i'm going to point out some grip stuff here that i like it okay please do scott moore hold you watch his paddle he holds it.

Kind of in a traditional ping-pong grip ping-pong or continental no what look at his finger his index finger is up on the paddle it's still continental though right isn't it yes but it's a ping-pong style with your finger on the face okay giving you more.

Stability and control i played that way for several years until i met you and you convinced me to go pure continental fantastic move thank you opens up way more shots but i'm talking about oh i think they called that out.

Really yeah because the score they called 4-4-1 beautiful defense i find myself wroting rooting for the underdog most of the time during these matches as well as i know you do okay but watch uh taku takako to taco taco one more time third time to go to taco no taco.

Okay terrible all right it takes a minute oh see the wind absolutely the culprit there because it held it and then that's what happens you gotta wait for it to come and of course if it's a high ball that's so hard to do right so hard all right but what i want to point out.

About the coco what did i say correctly perfect she'll move her thumb up onto the side right there she moves her thumb up onto the side of the grip wind just sailed that was gonna be in the middle of the cord yeah and it went totally wide yeah crazy but what that does is it makes you have.

To grab with those four fingers of yours so hard oh i like that dink from eva not a top spin but to get back to it it makes you have to hold the paddle so hard with your four fingers that it really kind of limits range of motion with your wrist interesting i have not thought about.

That but you always think about those mechanical technicalities i love it you're so in tune with what people are doing mechanically how they can improve or what they can do to be more successful hold the tent down obviously you guys can't see us in the.

Booth here but we are almost getting blown away big gusts to win here oh tough just got a little too far extended and eva was ready for those quick hands of hers scores 8 4 1. i just noticed eva's really cute shoes got a lot of.

Detail on them oh that's stained oh that's so tough yeah that wind and i don't know about you mickey but you know playing in the wind i think it's all about your mentality and your attitude right and obviously practicing in the wind is very helpful but if you have a positive attitude.

About it and you look at it like it's out of our control we just gotta work with it i think you can have some fun results have some positive results you can it is not one of those things that you should avoid when you're out wreck playing you know because i agree i mean how many tournaments have.

We been in where all of a sudden the wind picks up and yeah and it's and it's a factor you have to learn how to learn how to play in it playing it yeah and you gotta really i mean like i'm gonna say it again you brought it up earlier but it is really all about watching that ball make contact with your paddle over emphasizing that that is the number one.

Trick in my book of how to play in the wind because it is it's not fun sometimes but sometimes it's hilarious and i think i'm going to say the number one key for me is staying positive in the wind and having a positive mindset mentality because the minute that you you know start complaining about the wind or blaming the wind then then you.

Just get negative and uh typically that's not gonna go your way um i've actually the last few times we've played in the wind i think i've i've i've actually said out loud oh it's fun playing in the wind but again those are that's wreck ball wreck ball is positive always fun okay here we go.

and that sailed long and there's the match yeah so eva were really on point with their drives into the wind that really i mean big dust yeah eva and scott moore will now move on in the senior pro mix doubles bracket yes hopefully we'll be seeing them again.

As we usually do who takako and no uh well i mean they're going to go in the consolation bracket and i i'm sure they're going to they've got some battles there and sometimes i how do you like uh do you ever enjoy coming through the backdraw.

Enjoy interesting use choice of words who do we have up next year do we know yep uh well it looks like dave weinbach's coming out on the court oh partner i've heard i don't know if that's his partner or not or who or what i'm assuming making assumptions here yeah let's pop that bracket take a look if we.

Can yeah let me refresh the bracket here we're not gonna make the crew here do too much work we're just blowing it up on our phones i'm gonna look right now thanks for joining us back at the tournament of champions here in brigham city.

Did you see that no look put away from dave it wasn't successful but it's but i love it i'd love to watch it so who do we have playing here today mickey do you know you are definitely in charge of that all right well we have a married couple from denver colorado area the gallegoses.

Yes uh patty and donnie we are hoping we can learn something from them because we would love to be able to play together or at least i would and then so the gallegoses are playing against dave weinbach and kim kessner which kim is also from the denver area and i'm told that these three minus dave.

Play together often practice and play together often so they're probably pretty familiar with each other's games say they live 10 minutes away from each other three out of the four so being a married couple mickey and i this is mickey and edina napton and we are married.

Six years this month do you remember when the date is no anyway um this couple has they've been playing pickleball oh she saved that paw i didn't know it could have dropped in though don't you think it is so powerful i'm sure you can pick it up through our mics right now.

We're trying to cover the mics with our hands so you can't hear it so i'm i'm told i've learned that the gallegoses are oh that landed just in on the line and they've called a timeout i want to point something out for the people to watch about dave oh i'm sorry i totally cut you off love go ahead finish it.

Would it be the first time it's okay totally used to it go right ahead now finish your train of thought well i just want our viewers to know who they're watching i i've you know when you and i veg out in our cozy bed and watch pickleball for six hours at a time i always like hearing.

About the players and i wanted to let the viewers know if they're not familiar with patty and donny that these two are married and they've been playing pickleball for well on the pro circuit they've told me about.

Two years and of course as a married couple that you and i are i wanted to ask them what's been the biggest challenge for them playing together do you what do you what do you think that could have been mickey what do you think they answered me i can't answer for them but.

Let's let this point great drive by dave right there but i i would say it's probably not letting your partner's emotions affect you um that's spoken from personal experience isn't it who are you talking about who has emotions um.

Is long right there well that's not what they responded oh really you asked them this question i did i wanted insight into their dynamic let's hear about it after this one here oh go ahead oh took off for a while let's hear what.

You got let's i want to hear what they had to say about it well and they both agreed on the same thing that the problem was donnie coaching paddy in the middle of play during the match does that strike a chord with you mickey coach mickey as many of you know that's.

What you go by coaching if you want it or not i've learned to control myself a little bit yeah and i'd like to say i've learned to control my emotions a little bit sometimes but i i did can i point out a couple absolutely.

Do what you do best what i'd like to point out is sometimes i use dave as a reference when i'm when i'm coaching people watch how much he keeps his head down as he's contacting the ball i think that sounds like yeah but he really overemphasizes that point you know it's it's it's a hard skill.

He really overemphasizes it but i definitely agree with keeping your head down a little bit while you're watching really helpful absolutely yeah i think the gallegoses are having a hard time with this wind balls are coming at them pretty fast like rockets.

But i i did like to hear that they have worked through that issue in their marriage to play tournaments together up and that hit the post htp hit the post there you go it was successful dave had a successful htp and what's the score here mick we are at 1 7 no 7 1.

Dave and kimmer really strong here wind is blowing right now people that really just that would have dropped perfectly but it just right into the net with this wind yes we do do redos here at the ppa for a let serve i would like her to stay on kim.

Yes yes i know that's traditional mixed doubles but i don't think going to dave right here right now is is the thing that i don't think that's the call of the hour what do you think i would 100 agree with you yeah i think i figured out a way to isolate and ice dave out a little bit.

She was ready for that so what i'm noticing mechanically about the how do you pronounce her last name again love gallegos gallegos is they tend to keep their counterbalance arms or their left arms kind of hanging oh instead of kind of counter balancing yeah.

They're playing really all arm and all shoulder yes you can get really good at it but it makes it so much more difficult to to be to remain balanced i hear what you're saying yeah you've taught me that um especially on my backhand that's been a an adjustment for me to use that left or.

Rather the right arm no left arm when i'm hitting a backhand if it's a one-handed backhand of course oh and there they go then they were doing such a good job of isolating dave out there and just that one ball that he gets he's able to finish it off with but i think you called it though that is exactly what they've got to do.

Yes so dave is asking that question are we the correct server i do like that new it's new to me since i was competing in tournaments just asking that one question of you know what's the score am i in the right place and then the ref gives you you don't have to ask those two specific questions that we used to have to do which.

I used to be so terrible at that knowing what the score was knowing where to be that was a nice i like see she kept it on kim so patty kept the ball she went head-to-head dinking with kim until she got the pop-up that she wanted so if i was kim.

I would say in my mind i'm going to keep trying to do that yup you got it and i think they have i think i think they've picked up on it now and i like the pressure of the ernie that she keeps attempting to who patty.

Just wanted you to see if you knew her name good job that was nicely placed by kim good backhand roll and we're at 282 here in the first game on championship court two and i scored another point one point at a time i like to say when i'm in a.

Little hole like this focus on one point at a time get yourself back in the match and that was good that landed in pushed it down yeah it was kept long they have seemed to stop the onslaught though you know if they've slowed their momentum.

They've really figured out how to isolate kim now and they went away from it that's the right yep yep i agree so hopefully they can get back to that and that's what what's so interesting when you're playing right you're aware of the patterns that are working sometimes you're not.

Right it's much easier to see the patterns when you're not in the game versus when you are and a timeout has been called by the receiving team oh man this wind is really gusting right now i'm gonna go ahead and give the viewers in case they haven't looked at the.

Brackets uh just a little picture of the senior pro mixed doubles uh results so it looks like the gallegos says to get here they had to defeat sally brown and scott johnston which they did in three games 11 6 9 11 11 1 so they figured out the pattern at the end.

Didn't they looks like they did 11-1 on that third game and then it looks like kim and dave had a bye so this is their first match of the day so they're pretty fresh dave with his famous spin around yeah he likes doing those 360s very entertaining.

And then as of right now we've got uh daricey and shirley won their first match against lila rawlings and chris miller they will be playing eva welsher and scott moore oh she read it perfectly and got too excited she's like a juicy meatball.

Yeah ready for the take yep so hard to keep those in play we've got uh looks like helen wilhelm and scott crandall defeated edwards and gagnon who.

Yes so yeah see how dave took that so put that pressure on he he really did what i like what dave did there that i really like and i've tried to implement as much as i can in tournament play is do you he did a nice backhand cut with a lot of loft a lot of spin giving himself lots of time to get.

Up and that sells a lot and that's the match there it is dave weinbach and kim kessner will be moving on in the bracket but back to the brackets just for the listeners uh beth bellamy and rick wittskin looks like they are playing right now against.

Yarbrough and milner this is a big senior bracket um olin and kim jag i think that's her name they defeated yvonne ting and tao tong ven i don't know if i pronounced that correctly but we'll be back.

Was that just the first game that was the first game that was the first game you didn't correct me i said the match was over you're right that was just the first now now we've got a switch of sides so we'll see how the wind yes we'll see how they play.

I when i i keep saying they i mean the married couple because whenever somebody's down i'm always thinking about how to get them yeah because you you want them to come up with the strategy you want them to come up with a plan what do you think they should do different in the second game mickey.

Well i think they picked up on it for a second you know they they started icing out dave they started really you know just hitting to kim mostly which you know that's kind of classic mixed doubles play right and try to keep dave out of it that's and and i like i like that patty is is.

Putting pressure for the ernie you know you don't have to necessarily go for it all the time get yourself out of position right but keeping that pressure on on your opponent just really can cause a pop-up or can cause you know a mis-hit so it is it's important to have that weapon in your arsenal would you agree i.

Absolutely agree i think you have to have several strategies in mind yes um here we go we are back in wind pushed the ball just a little bit wide there big gust of wind here gus let me hold the tent dave's like i'm gonna take over.

And the funny thing is is he i just i don't think he needs to do that right now but i guess hey why not hey if you want to do it you do it and if it works it works well i mean i thought it was smart because she jumped off to the side to put the ernie pressure on and dave i would like to see paddy.

And donnie go behind dave yes keep them honest and keep them on it i think you have to do that every couple of dinks ah darn it i would have liked uh right there patty just slide over to her left a little bit more yeah and then and think that dave's backhand right they've they typically won't.

Attack too often on his backhand because he he has a wide stance he doesn't move he just leans for the most part he does once in a while but that's kind of his let's let's talk about wide stance i think that is the best stance to have in pickleball what are your thoughts on that you know i love a good wide stance that's that's that's it.

We're talking about pickleball here right yes yes yeah i i agree it just gives you that that stability in your base and uh was that in or out i couldn't tell that was too fast for me it was it was right on the line it was we're sitting at the baseline i know but.

You know it's still hard to see the ball when they go that fast especially with the wind helping it yeah she's just they're really just taking it to her hair that's tough i know all about that pressure and mixed doubles just you know having to do so much with just keep every ball in play.

And plus you're against the wind so it's even feels even more threatening sometimes yeah dave and kim are playing really relaxed too they're not feeling right they're smiling look at them they're just smiling over there having a good old.

Time and do you think the married couple is having a good time right now what's your what's your take i gotta say i'm just super impressed that they're not fighting um i think they should get a gold medal just for playing together right don't you yes participation awards i think married couples.

Should receive a gold medal for playing together in tournaments and not fighting i mean even a double gold for playing and then not fighting on the card yes so impressive okay here we go back in play she wanted to hit it i wonder if her.

Husband's mad she hit it yeah he's looking at her yeah he gave her the eyeball stink guy don't do that just a little bit it wasn't bad after she didn't see the stink guy but she felt it i'm sure oh yes yeah i think that would be very good i like that you clued into that because i.

Think you're absolutely right that's exactly what she needs but maybe she doesn't that's what i wouldn't need that's what i would need right now i think most people players play better when your partners supportive and communicating i don't know i have played with people that don't talk at all oh.

Nice take right there from donnie i like the way you scooted over and created the pressure in the middle and i think she's like oh thank goodness like if that was me i'd be so happy if my partner came came over and started taking some some balls to take that pressure off the female because it just it can be too much.

Oh yeah keep it in play oh tough point of the match right there was doing so well i loved it yeah so i really i'm watching this what do you think do you think if if patty slid so far over to her left and they're going to call a timeout but during this timeout if patty slid really.

Far over i feel like she could hammer that with her forehand i think you're right it's a little tricky but i feel like she should try it she's got nothing to lose what do you think well let me tell you a pattern that i'm kind of recognizing tell me that that's being exploited a little bit by dave and kim here.

So patty will be over here on the left and her husband will come over and crouch and encroach the middle right because his he's a lefty so he'll be taking the balls in the middle then the ball will be go over to his backhand because he has his middle finger straight up.

It makes it hard to have a range of motion for your backhand for a lower dink so hear what you're saying so he he's taking him before him putting it over to the partner they're putting it behind him because he's poached on the middle so much then he's missing the dink because his fingers up and he doesn't quite have enough range of.

Motion to get that's getting behind him yeah i hear what you're saying and i i see that i recognize that as you're saying it but but okay so that's what he can do differently but what can she do differently because that's what i was saying maybe she could slide over to the left.

And just play with her forehand just run around that backhand because she's she's had a few backhands oh i love this friendly banter on the court friendly banter love it love it everybody's smiling that's that's the best thing pickleball i love it everyone's just getting along having a.

Good time win or lose have a good time yep and right now they just need to get on the board they're down 0-7 too so i think a point would really pump them up okay they did it all right okay let's go around the board.

They did stop the momentum in the last game match our game oh too much experience right there from dave weinbach right and i think donnie maybe started moving just a little too soon okay the wind blew that one over yes we're we're what would you say this is 12 mile hour winds right now a gusts of.

15 to 18. that sounds totally accurate i have no idea but it sounds good i thought that hit her body just oh tough she's smiling kim you know just took that.

So gracefully there wasn't much pace no i know i love that yeah so she's they're trying to figure out the what this i know it's a side out and yep everyone's trying to get in the right places i love.

The communication good duck by eight point great point i really like that she let that one go i love that the crowd's starting to give them some uh positive enforcement too love it everybody wants to see a close match don't they yeah i think we just and we want to see.

Good points yes you know good long a good long nice point would be that's what the doctor's ordering right now in my book good nice long points some great thinking some fun hands battles maybe an ernie a reset or two a lob in there oh so well constructed.

That point was perfectly constructed there was more dinking everything was executed well by the gallegoses okay i like it thank you earlier with uh at her body and messed her up a little bit so she thought she could go to that well one more time but she was ready for it right patty was.

Yeah i think patty is oh that that was tough yeah you know that's one of the spots you really want to focus on is about six inches behind the person's heel oh that's that's usually what i aim for it's a very difficult spot yeah that's very specific i know spot mickey i like that i like.

How you think so i like it they they have tripled their points they were zero the guy gallegoses now have three let's see if they can hold okay going on stack this time oh and a pop-up from david construction just like you said earlier about keeping.

Dave honest going down the line the sideline she did it and it paid and like that dave gave a compliment to patty well well deserved yes okay if they can hold them one more time then they can turn it around and get some more points on the board oh i have something to say about that well you have taught.

Me that when i know that but like he telegraphed it i knew dave was going fast on that one right and you have taught me that the best way to handle that is to get low bend your knees and paddle up paddle ready yes to defend it and and what what do we do it's counter to it it's counterintuitive to stay there at the line and bend your.

Knees and get ready because what what we want to do i think a lot of us is we want to scoot back and get all defensive but uh we open up the court yes and i think we you know put ourselves on the defensive when we don't need to necessarily we can defend that with the nice block or counter attack perfect so for those of you listening that's my two.

Cents on the counter attacks when you know the ball is coming hard and fast at ya dave did you notice that dave hit that spot again six inches behind the heel yep he is on point with those oh i like that keep it on kim.

Oh yeah that's tough so what are you saying about paddy's grip or her paddle face because there's something she's popped that up right let's talk about it if you notice like a ben john's right he'll he'll put a v in his wrist oh the wrinkle in the wrist.

Yes yes and and patty when she's getting in those dink battles right there she's dipping her face down so it's popping and it's hitting in the end of the paddle which is a power spot very difficult to control i don't think dave was expecting that to.

Come back we have some good defense there though yep but yeah she's she keeps getting caught in that dipping the paddle face down towards the ground and i didn't get yeah so if she happens to listen to this there's your input from coach mickey it's good it's good input.

I'm not trying free coaching on the live stream here that being said when you've played for five years it is so difficult for somebody to break a habit that they've ingrained i 100 agree with you but it can be done and yes like i coached austin gridley for a year and a half right and.

Sorry he he's harassing us about uh commentators cursing them over here oh so it's our fault right but anyways austin has does that same thing where he points his paddle towards the ground he's gotten really really good at you can that's what's great about pickleball is you can get really.

Really good at whatever you have yeah work with what you have yes i love all the unique styles i know you may not be a fan of all the uniqueness and the mechanical intricacies but um i find it so interesting to see all the different things that people do.

With their paddles and their fingers up and yeah it's like that was great play right there what am i i like what they did they kept the pressure on dave and and cam oh he eyeballed me there dave eyeballing no it wasn't dave uh it was donnie donnie eyeballing me after that point what did he do i kind of was.

Listening to you actually donny it's okay we will take your your blame like i understand get mad at us not your wife right whatever it's going to happen your marriage we're here for your brother that's a good call oh oh he thought he had that that was tough that wind is just gusting.

So hard so and this is game and match point at 10-3-1 guys keep the pressure so donnie called that wide davis disagree and dave is saying did you see that ref and dave's now questioning patty they're standing firm on their out call yeah you gotta do it on the second time.

Dave that last point is sometimes the hardest point to get and yep case in point yep sometimes it takes a few times what are your thoughts do you have a hard time ever with recovering one from when when you thought it was out and oh never i'm i'd never let.

Anything you know distract me of course that's why you got national titles baby i'm gonna say things always affect me but they it's how quickly i can get over it and move on to the next that's the key for me i'm very feeling.

Lila rawlings just walked by with a big smile on her face i did want to mention and that stayed in okay side out they have another chance wide by the wind i did want to mention my good friend well great partner in the past gigi lemaster.

Very unique style of play they were gracious on that call on that serve i thought it was it better to be gracious than cheater oh so tough yes and that will do it folks that game that ends the match so what is the rule on that ball right there on on the the return of serve i thought.

I saw it out on the i'm on the baseline and saw it out what what's the rule though for the players that are in the game are you seriously asking me to refer to the rule book in pickleball you just look this up this is kind of why i'm asking you because you were like oh oh okay if you can't definitely oh no i know for sure that if you can't 100.

Call it out then you have to call it in yes right yeah i mean that's that's the gist of it whether that's in the rulebook or not that's just how i've always done it i mean honestly i really i mean or i have to say when it comes to when it comes to calls.

I i have been accused of calling it in when it's been out especially on the sidelines i don't know why i i struggle to see out balls on the sidelines and i'll call them in and i'll be so surprised when my partner says wide here we explore fresh territory.

We create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county foreign.

Here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county.

Here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county.

So here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county.

so here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome.

To box elder county so here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things and steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours.

Too welcome to box elder county so here we explore fresh territory we create lifelong memories we try new things.

Steer ourselves to brighter shores here our land of sky and water is yours too welcome to box elder county so foreign all right.

Mics are back on and we are in for a treat here nick we are i'm excited for this one this matchup is going to be fun some of the top teams in the bracket i believe scott moore eva welsher are going to be taking on jose darisi and.

Anna shirley so i'm looking forward i know that anna and jose are very fiery yes emotional players i'm excited to to see what happens in this i love that right this is gonna actually i i'm this this is probably gonna be a good battle.

I agree i think uh if if you had to bet would you put a bet on anybody you know i think the odds would just be even i really think it could go either way just who's playing better today um the wind is gonna be a factor we're getting a pretty decent uh what is that west to east wind so it's coming across.

The court if you're looking right now it's a it's coming from jose side across to the to the other side court no not to the other court sideways basically oh i thought that was south to north i could be back i could be mixed up though i thought that's north that is north okay so isn't it not coming oh.

Yeah it's coming it's kind of coming let's see it's switching a southwest wind maybe okay i like that they're still warming up so one thing i don't know and maybe you can look it up i'm not positive but i don't i'm assuming.

I don't know i'm i'm making the assumption that eva and scott are ranked higher in this particular tournament than jose i wouldn't even go so i wouldn't even make a uh i'm going to and i just did so we'll see i could be wrong everybody.

Correct me i'm they're you know i'm sure there's stats i don't i i'm embarrassed to say i don't know where the rankings are i don't know if they're each per tournament do you know it's different at each tournament yeah where you're seated.

Okay well okay yeah no i can hear that no i i do know that i am i am aware of that okay i always liked being the number one seed i didn't like the buy though honestly i never liked sitting out and i just felt like i i'm a slow to warm up type of type of gal so.

Either i feel like your team has the advantage who who didn't have to sit yeah i prefer being ranked three three or four okay oh anyway so this should be fun though yeah it looks like eva jose are fiery and i can't wait to see some.

Fireworks here and that was handled well by anna the third drive was just a little too high right to a forehand yeah and my favorite not to love that hi four hands my favorite win push that ball down a little bit off of that serve.

Yeah that is not where you want to drop that ball anna scott's powerhouse is right in his forehand in the middle nice well and scott hit that right at her right shoulder right and that was a tough it kind of jammed her up yeah she hit that same spot again i'm wondering if we're going to get long points with all the wind right here.

Today that's that's a good point oh that was i mean scott's drive was perfect and then anna yeah i think that stayed in she just had a beautiful volley backhand volley two-hander zero one two oh okay well a little bit high.

And jose is telling anna something important looks like don't do that again maybe maybe try and hit the sides yeah maybe he's directing her where to place the ball and that was a good spot yeah and it placed that perfectly low to.

Eva's backhand and scott needs to acknowledge uh eva wants to stay not on stack and that worked for them worked out well and scott is also now giving a signal and you're not getting a big gun.

We're tied up at one one jose almost had that ball you probably shouldn't have gone for it yeah because eva's heard back hands very low and that would that would have been a hardball to attack i think oh winds you gotta over emphasize watching that ball all the way to the.

Paddle in this in this big of a wind right now yeah that's tough that's a little long well and he wanted to take it out it looked like he wanted to take it out of the air and then he let it drop and he let it bounce and then he really took a too big of a swing at it.

and we were talking about that yesterday the defending of the atp and not just defending it but an awesome lob like that on the back of the line perfect place yeah after oh and that's a net card i do want to point something out look at that what kind of paddles do we have on.

The court here today oh good point uh well i see the paddle i play with engage i see three engage pedals is that what i'm seeing pursuits oh i love it yeah i am a fan of engage i'm a fan of this pursuit paddle as well yes uh the paddle or what oh they engage pursuit yes the the three the one that scott's.

Not playing he's playing with the paddle tech paddle which that's a great company as well yeah they've been around for since the beginning of time it feels like i it feels like engage has been around longer than that because back in i want to say 2000 and chase 13 i don't you know i'm not sure.

When the company started but i remember playing with the engage ultra super light paddle one of their first creations and and i loved it i love the touch and the feel and the texture yes i really do enjoy this new paddle as well yeah what do i play with the 6.0 ex yeah this 6.0 ex great feel great power.

A lot of spin although i i have touched scott's paddle as well i play i've thinked a little bit with one of those and then they're great paddle as well they're very similar so many great paddles on the market today right hard to choose it's fantastic all right we're back in one two two.

Real strong wind gusting here it's impressive to see scott keeping those third shot dinks down and that was at his right shoulder he got jammed up that was a nice spot to place the ball lots of smiles out of scott moore and eva it looks like.

They're having a good time i don't know how many tournaments they've played together i've seen a few i don't know i haven't asked them how many but i'm not sure about anna and jose how many tournaments they've played together did they play at the u.s open together mick we were there we were there i feel like they feel like they might have too.

And i i don't vaguely recalling seeing both of them there but not positive so fun to travel to these tournaments it's so fun to go to these tournaments yes i'd go to every single one of them i know it's so fun that we get to fly for free.

That is because of our my lovely wife here the flight attendant it's a great career for traveling we are blessed that was an impressive drop yeah i mean i've just been so amazed at scott's ability to handle the third drop in this wind yes and part of that is his grip like he chokes up a lot on his paddle that's what's going on.

Like a kellen dawson type of up on the face a little bit which gives you a little bit more control interesting i'm not i'm not aware of every grip has its that's a great return nice and deep and a good spot at just at the feet of eva yeah beautiful but every grip kind of gives you a pro and a con almost it feels like you know.

Scott's grip the con of it is choking up on it you'll suffer in power but you have greater control oh and i love that communication that was a great call from scott moore to to eva to not hit that ball um and we're tied up at two two two.

And again a good leave from scott yeah i will say one more thing about scott's grill he's so long and has such a long lever you know his arm is being the lever he's able to really generate power yeah generate a ton of power because and have that grip still yeah oh.

I've kind of been counting just a little bit and the longest ink round rallies we've had it's like four or five dinks yeah do you think it's because the wind today i think people i think they're all trying to they're feeling the pressure to win they know that if it i'll finish the start off this planet see the wind is really getting involved.

Here it's causing the points to not play out as long and which camera are we looking at you can hear the wind in her microphones oh nice nice and that was like that was a great defense great defense from uh jose there.

And anna both of them kept them to the point that's one of my favorite drills to do is three quarters in the court and practice a rebound a rebound what's a rebound you mean a counter punch no like how you look it's kind of like a ricochet oh a short hop short yeah ricochet short hop ricochet.

Yeah you're so good at those that's my one of my favorite drills to do get you right into the kitchen you can really master that one yeah and i like the way that when you and i have drilled those you always say let the power from the other person shot you don't even use power you say just just kind of.

The harder they hit it the more i enjoy it because you can just place your paddle use their momentum to place it right into the kitchen it's such a fun shot all the top pros now are have that shot on lock and i've noticed at this level hardly any missed returns everybody's keeping their return in.

A lot of them are are deep drives or lofting she kind of got caught there with her feet close together and she kind of yeah this one thing i i'm sorry to go ahead go ahead i was just going to say you you've really made me aware of uh balance and.

Feet positioning when playing and that's something that now that i'm aware of it i i see quite a bit that people will put their feet right that was a great point put their their feet closer together too close together so then it's.

Creating an imbalance and they don't have that wide base and we can get kind of crossed up especially seniors i'm not a senior yet though i still have some months to go here no less than a year oh good do you know what my birthday is for those of you listening my husband.

Doesn't know my birthday okay we're watching pickleball here love let's keep focused well it's february okay so i i i could play seniors next year i like how low eva keeps that ball i was just very pretty as well yeah just on.

That approach shot she gets her body really low in the bottle yes i was only like three feet off the ground but it's like head high for her because she's so low yeah and everybody on this court they seem very athletic it's nice to see oh beautiful down the middle the indecision ball right little.

Divorce ball there those hurt watch jose's mechanics as well look at how low he stays he plays very low he's actually quite a he's a taller gentleman and he plays very low i like it yeah i have a dear friend jodi ella elliot she.

Has on the side of her paddle bend knees just as a reminder it's on the you know yeah so she can look at that and and be reminded to keep her knees bent her and her husband rob own pickleball oh that's a beautiful drop shot from eva oh beautiful defense great.

I'm surprised that she's uh just out in that lob i like the idea but it's hard to lob into the wind you know with the wind i mean it those typically can sail along in this in this one i think jose might be saying that to her right there but it would it i'd like that it went over his head and it was just out no wind great.

Idea or i love lobs into the wind right so you know where they stay in where you can hit it really hard and high yeah did you did you see that grab that jose had right there yeah was like six inches below the net yeah and he had it he handled it perfectly very balanced player isn't he.

I don't think jose liked that very much i don't think she liked it she stay more patient knows halfway up is really what got them into that point she's really impressing me with her short hopping ability she just oh yeah i see what you're saying.

And scott is doing a good job of letting those go those universal sign paddles hitting the ground well needed time out here from jose and anna they're going to be receiving the ball and they're down by three scores three to six scores in the first game.

Feels like more points have been scored it feels like the second game yeah to me it's hard to keep track of the games here we are seeing so many great great games so fun that's funny people keep walking by and they're like who are you guys i know we haven't we've taken off the.

Tournaments for a couple years now many years getting our rental properties going we did also you know what we did not mention our awesome ref here today oh yes and her name is laura smart laura smart thank you laura about how we wish her we had her last name.

Yep it's a nice last name smart oh yeah i okay i want to talk about this for a second um so i at this point i rarely go down the line because i don't want to be earned.

And honestly nick i don't think well i haven't definitely not been earned in a tournament but i i have been in rec play and that's where i've learned that that i don't i don't want to be earned yeah it's just not it's it feels it's risky i don't feel good at.

This problem that happens to me i feel like why did you go there yeah i feel dumb i feel like i didn't make a good choice oh i like that she's great ding that back in okay she's keeping it head to head i like that eva's moving around the dinks.

Yeah go to the middle go right there i like it okay what are we gonna what's gonna happen here a lobs gonna happen okay coming out he's here to play trying to generate some momentum right.

Like it and they do have one more point on the board so we're at 471 see if they can string some points together oh that's tight that's tough so they have real i i think that jose and um oh goodness gracious cough sorry.

I feel like jose and anna have talked and they said okay let's go ahead let's isolate eva a little bit more i want to say that point a few points back was the most stinking i've seen today there we go and now they said let's slow it down yeah i think it's smart and you know.

Oh good defense oh and they came out on top on that one so that they've done typical mixed pickleball right there right there isolate the woman and then we'll keep the guy honest by going down the line it worked out perfectly let's see if you were.

Scott and eva and you've noticed that the other team has strung some points together with this new strategy yes okay well what i typically like to do is i like to try and i i would like to try and have.

The female and who's getting if she's getting isolated if it is sometimes it's a male right i don't want to be sexist or anything whoever's getting isolated i like to say okay well let's after this point oh that was a good spot from jose right it uh scott's left hip caught him moving.

Yeah kind of moving and just at a good spot john i'm about to say okay start cross-courting a little bit so i can get involved or the organ oh that was a smart shot smart shot a knight don't you love that saying placement over power it's so true that's hard for me because i like to.

Swing i like to do big swings and i pay for it because they go out all right here we go back into the same little pattern straight on dinking so here's what happened decision go ahead well i saw eva was like i'm going to slide over to my left so i can hit a.

Forehand and then it opened up a hole and scott took one of those and then the second one he thought eva had it eva thought scott had it so that's the danger of okay so they and she had a big swing there from anna.

It did go out tough tough i'm wondering if scott and eva are like hey i don't want to we don't want to be in this straight on dinking with anna i don't think eva wants to because i just saw the signal she wants to slide over.

She's not liking the pattern going head-on with eva okay good communication and yeah see yes that was a great point that was one i liked it yeah a lot lot happened in that.

Point great communication from jose and anna you know jose said switch when he went for the drop shot so that anna knew what to do i am really picking up on the fact that i don't think eva wants to be straight head-on with anna she's avoiding that at all cost and i think that's what jose and anna want.

Let's keep keep an eye on that gus to win right as scott was back swinging so we're gonna see right now what does eva want to do what's the signal let's see what she's done she wants to so are we tied up at sevens yes we are right yeah i like what's happening here.

And eva doesn't want to run probably way over there i don't like doing that either oh that was a great lab recovery little partner miscommunication there well and i think i think anna might have had that i don't know it was tight i like that jose went right but look at.

Jose's legs man those things are treated look at anna's legs anna you have beautiful legs if you ever go back and listen to this beautiful legs okay and jose is very happy with himself and their team on that point clear momentum shift isn't there uh yeah.

I agree they're ahead now eight seven yes they figured out a little pattern here i think eva's not going to want to do straight on dinking with anna beautiful lob perfectly played in this wind the wheel the wind sent it long yep so anna does this very interesting mechanics.

She kind of keeps her left arm at her waist when she serves her left arm and the wind okay shows it long again so now we're tied up at 881 let's see what jose and anna can do and see if they.

All right anna set that up she went hard and created a pop-up for eva i love it when a match is like this one the more men you can feel shifting back and forth back and forth several times magical me too although when i'm playing i like the momentum to always be on my side.

But that's hardly ever experienced it is a game of momentum shifts which makes it so exciting oh that was out oh so close she went for the atp missed it just a little wide wow it's so weird because from here it looks in and i know.

It was out but i really thought she had that that was a great point okay now they take the lead at 9 8 9 8 2 here eva serving to jose i want them to key i want beautiful she set that up very nicely the points are getting longer yeah it's.

Going there's more thinking both have figured out some patterns in there and it's it's getting exciting now it feels like and again i'm noticing eva wants to switch she wants scott over there and jose had an uncharacteristic backhand dink.

Unforced air let's see if they can get another point on the board jose yelling at himself what are you doing i like the passion i like the passion i know i do as well i love it and so that was a quick side out no points for jose and anna that time guy we're still in the first game.

Beautiful right at the feet of eva that feels like one of the first ones she's missed i've been really impressed with eva's uh defense yep i can tell she's worked really hard on that yeah that was an unlucky net cord yep sends it just a little bit long well it depends on what side of the.

Court you're on if it's lucky or unlucky right true that's a great return again scott gets robbed by the wind yeah right as he did a back swing again a nice little gust came up oh that's a beautiful that's great defense from eva she kept.

Him in there her defense is on point yeah and they have one more chance to get some points because if it goes back to eva and scott guy that looks up from here i thought it was too oh yeah that's really tough i think they.

Were generous on that call but it's so hard to tell from way over here it might have been okay so what okay whose ball is that to call do you do you think like you're back well ideally i think it's the person who's not hitting the balls call they have