So I'm Jerry I'm from Connecticut and New York I found out about pickleball tour Spain on one of the Facebook pages I follow a lot of different Facebook pages about pickleball and I saw mention of the Malaga tour and looked into it a little bit sounded interesting so I signed up my experience on this tour has been that there's plenty applicable to.

Play which is what I came to do and even better were all of the Southern Spanish towns that we got to visit many of them I'd never heard of before in the history is just so amazing the immersion that we were able to experience in the culture our tour guide was excellent our tour organizer was excellent the sights and sounds that we saw and the things that.

We got to experience I would all highly recommend the hotel AC Malaga rooms are comfortable temperatures great great location service has been wonderful there's a rooftop bar and pool at the hotel the water in the pool is a little bit cold but the views are amazing you can see the cathedral you can see the port you.

Can see all of the little shopping areas and cute little cafes to eat in so it's perfect location for being in this great city of Malaga I've Never Been to Spain before I had never heard of Malaga before probably the only towns that I've heard of that we visited were Granada and Cordoba and this has been amazing I will highly recommend that people come.

Visit this part of Spain without necessarily needing to go to Madrid or Barcelona this is just wonderful so the food and the restaurants that we've experienced we experienced different Cuisines every night and everything has been outstanding lots of different ingredients lots of different preparations presentations all been.

Great the Spanish wine is excellent So for anybody thinking about taking a pickleball trip I would highly recommend Mike's pickleball trips uh pickleball every other day has been great at first I thought maybe that wouldn't be enough pickleball but it definitely is the instruction with Jennifer would Leo with Mike everything has really taught us and.

Taught us new skills and taught us how to hone the skills that we have and then playing with the the Spanish players this morning has been a great experience everyone has been so friendly welcoming warm International pickleball is the way to go foreign
Listen to Gerri share her pickleball trip experience with Pickleball Tour Spain in Málaga, Spain in September of 2022. Gerri talks about the pickleball instruction, playing pickleball with the Spaniards, the professionally guided tours, gastronomy, hotel and more.

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