2022 has been nothing short of drama for pickleball but we're gonna go straight into it in our first play we have Leah Jansen here try to go for the overhead and she misses but she's pissed well the reason is there's a spectator in the crowd had called it out when it was in distracting her she hits it right into that.

You can see that she's actually pleading her case here with the refs clinging I want a hindrance I actually looked up the definition of a hindrance the definition is any transient element or occurrence not caused by a player that adversely impacts the flame not including objects such as balls insects for material.

Players or officials on another Court so you can see this one who's talking to the ref and she's like hold on hey I I'm talking to her I I don't want to redo here in Legends is like no I want a hindrance I want to replay for that point and sure enough she's like hey I want to see the head.

Ref so they bring in the head wrath they're discussing it right now that Jason with her phone there and she's like hold on let me call my lawyer just kidding but you can tell that she's not happy and they're trying to talk to the ref and they're trying to come to this conclusion.

She's like no like why would I get to do a replay for something that she got distracted to which in her point it's actually Fair so we can look at it again she comes up overhead she kind of freezes she can hear her say stop talking when when the play is there.

And honestly it's it's stressful playing these moments you can but you got to blame everything and Kudos out to her like I would blame anything just to have a replay if I missed that overhead shot so they're still talking they're still talking she's it's getting late she's like I gotta go to bed and I think.

The conclusion was they ended up replaying the ball not sure if I agree with that but you know what all is good moving on to the next one moving on to our next match we got a highly contested game with parental baby Waters bright and Irvine we got a crazy rally going on and then we got a.

Football so the ref actually calls off and Jesse are fine is like what the what on Earth you can check the replay again we've got a nice reset ball lamp to the kitchen boom fault they call it timeout and the ref is like oh oh gosh oh gosh even he knows he.

Messed that one up but you know what I think they're gonna keep playing and a bright goes I let the ball bounce just here right it's like oh come on ref like come on are you heading to the timeout out the timeout Anna Bray has some words for the ref she's like come on come on and you know what it is his fault so I.

Guess we continue on the match that gives the advantage to Waters and parental and it Carries On they end up actually losing the match and honestly this is probably one of the craziest calls let me know what you think in the comments section was that should refs have that much of a say can.

Players challenge ref calls moving on this one's actually a personal favorite of mine so we got a semi-finals game between McGuffin and devilier and Nvidia actually just choked the first game and ended up losing and we did a serve from the villier here illegal serve they called it a little bit High.

So we get to do it again it still looks kind of high but we're still gonna play on I mean get a replay of that look look at that height of that ball so the ref comes in and then he's like hey come on boys let's talk about this McGuffin gets a slap on the on the net here and he's like hey.

Come on guys let's play the game Let's Play properly and Tyson's like come on this server's already been legal and I think the funny part is Jay is actually trying to send a stand here by saying that Tyson's serve is not legal and a lot of people have said that so he does it again and he actually.

Misses and he gets a redo Texas like what on Earth what is this why does he get a Redo for this the rest like it's not uh the ball is too high we've got to let him read you again so he's sure enough you know Jay's like straight face he's like I can't believe I'm getting away with this he's probably really pissed.

About losing the first game so he probably doesn't care anymore but yeah he's just like all right I gotta redo let's go let's try a swim serve still carries on he's looking outside he's like hey come on like you know Tyson's trying to plead his case here he's like why does he get to do a redo.

When he misses the ball completely out of bounds and ref's like no that's that's my call Tyson's like okay um this is the shenanigans I don't agree so we go back to playing and uh let's see what happens and sure enough I think Tyson comes away and he wins the.

Game in straight two sets put some moving on to the final and last one we got my personal favorite so we got Mama Waters here she's not happy Anna's not so happy either and they're chirping a little bit and the reason is because of the other team lobbing the family so we move on the ladies are like you.

Know what this is part of the play like what are we complaining about she's kind of chirping them on not getting the audience all hyped up and Anna's like I'm that's not I'm not happy look at that she calls the timeout she walks off she's fuming she walked straight past and she's talking to somebody she's like come on.

Get her under control grab your water bottle she shifts off grabs her towel and she doesn't want to be any part of it and you can see that water Mama Waters is like I just can't see like she can't see the ball and to be fair that's true but that's part of the game he's like I have a seat calm down.

While baby Waters is out there just fuming and look at it again so they hit her with a log they hit her with another lob she misses and she's like what why you guys got to do this and she's like come on Mom don't come on and you see it she goes I can't see the ball but for baby water doesn't my dad wants.

To hear nothing of it and she's just like all right let's go come on so they go back to their game and honestly let me know what you think are lob's fair game in the Sun and again if you like the content please like follow subscribe um I love pickleball I just want to keep.

Talking about it and yeah we wrap it up they actually end up winning the game and they touch paddles
Recapping some of the best dramas in pickleball this year.

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