Tom shallow is the nature pickleball and today I want to talk to you about one of the top questions I get with during Rec play during tournament play doesn't matter but what I see a lot is say you have a player that hits so this this great line outside line of the court right and a player will hit a shot that is angling out and what I see a lot of.

Is players are running out with their paddle out and then as soon as they get there they hit that ball and they hit it hard okay and so first of all natural reaction is to panic and to hit the ball hard but what we want to do is start learning to hit the right shot okay and that's one of the things I talk about a lot is trying to is working on hitting.

The right shot okay uh in that situation so you know obviously when it's hit out here and we feel out of control we panic but one of the things that we do is I see a lot of is the Players already lifting their paddle and they're coming through to hit the ball right so one other thing one of the first things I start teaching them is well when we run.

So say you're somebody throws you a ball right you don't run with your hand out trying to catch the ball okay and then when the ball gets there you catch it you run and then right as you're getting to where you're intersecting the ball you reach out and grab the ball that's what I want you to think about when you're hitting this shot here so instead.

Of running out with your paddle out or taking a big swing getting there but I want you to do is I want you to work on getting there first and then getting your paddle out okay the thing you have to remember is this ball already has to Pace on it so we one of the things we don't need to do is add more Pace uh going back so if I'm balls coming this.

Way it's already got pace and I'm swinging through I'm just adding more Pace to it and that's where we get in trouble we Pop the ball up we hit the ball out the back right so I'm gonna I'm gonna run over I'm gonna get my paddle to where the ball is right and then give it a little push if I need to to drop it back in right so what we run a drill to.

Do that we run a drill to do that and the drill is is that we get the ball tossed over and we get over and then we reach out and grab it right so I'm taking them from this to this right now in this situation a lot of times the ball is not going to.

Be if you're not going to be able to get uh behind the ball to keep it in front of you what you're really trying to do is just neutralize that shot okay so again what does that look like I'm gonna I'm gonna move my body and then right as I get there I'm going to reach my handout so I'm not taking my hand back this way I'm not taking my hand.

Holding it out here as I'm running right I'm just going to get over and I'm gonna Reach Out And Touch the ball okay so here we go over here there we go I'm gonna reach out in and then get that ball okay so start learning to control that part of your movement we'll start changing your game right so what does that look like with the paddle.

Okay so here we are then me trying to hit it so one more time let's even get a better see that as so much better than me reaching back here and hitting a hard shot so I ran out here stuck the paddle out where the ball was and just gave it a little push the chances are they've hit that shot it's not slow if you're.

Having to Sprint for it it's already moving fast so your goal is just to get there and give it a little push all right so that is probably a huge uh Difference Maker in the game I know from me that's one of the things that I learned to do to start learning to reset the ball especially if a player has got me.

Hitting a hard angle to me and I've got to get it back right so then we will talk later about where that ball should go but for right now I'm just hitting a nice neutral shot back into the novali Zone on my opponent's side so I can buy myself time to get back right okay so I hope that helps um and.

Another drill that you can add to your drilling sessions right so Tom Shell wise Midnight Train pickleball we'll see you in the next video
Today we talking about what to do when shots are hit to you that are moving away or angling away from you especially the ones on the sideline. The two top mistakes I see players do when they find themselves into this position is:
1. Panic
2. Overhit the ball

In this video we cover some simple steps you can take to neutralize this shot and get back into position so you are ready for the next shot.

Check it out and let us know how this helped your game. Look forward to seeing you on the courts!