Tip you would give to any pickleball player hey this is Steve long again with armor pickleball top pickleball I'm a Hall of Famer I've been playing this game for a long time so you better listen up if you want to get better in this game you got to play with a purpose you got to get out there get passionate get on those courts drill drill drill.

Don't just watch pickleball on YouTube but practice get better play with a purpose there you go see on the courts
JustPaddles hit the court with Pickleball Hall of Famer, Steve Wong. Steve, is the owner of Armour Pickleball and TOPP Pickleball, as well as a great player. Before he buried us on the court we asked him a few questions on how we can improve your game. Check out Armour Pickleball at https://www.justpaddles.com/products/vendor~armour/ and TOPP Pickleball at https://www.justpaddles.com/products/vendor~topp/. We’ll be with you From Click to Court!