Colin Johns tip number six Drive middle or sideline don't drive cross-court don't do it pickleball lovers please leave your comments Please Subscribe and don't forget to have a good day you won't have a good day if your partner's driving Cross Court for many reasons first of all when you drive Cross Court you open too many angles up right second.

Of all take a look at the water so that driving Anna Lee Waters is pinching middle right because she knows where the ball is going they're almost forming a wall and many times to the backhand they'll be an easy pop-up so she is looking for that when you drive to that back end you get easy pop-ups you really do go ahead show Colin John says Don't.

Drive Cross Court why does he say this there's a number of reasons for one you open up way too many angles for your opponents way too many angles this is such a good example at Perez is in green just drove down the line at the person's backhand let's see that in slow motion look at how tough of a shot that is right could have been popped up.

David's ready and they get into the kitchen because that's what they want to do but look down the line at the person's backhand David knows exactly where Ed's hitting at Joey what else do we need two you want to drive at your opponent's backhand it's a general rule they can't do as much with the backhand they can put away the forehand a lot.

Easier now hear me out if you drive cross court you are driving at one of your opponents forehand right one of them because you're driving Cross Court and you open up so many angles go back to number one take a look at these two points because this is such a good example of going to the person's backhand and getting an.

Easy point when I go to the person's backhand I don't want to swing too hard I want to make it sink right make it sink make it move left to right even and if I'm hitting too hard it's going to come back too hard so think about that and that's another example of hidden to the person's backhand and get in an easy easy point I like.

That word easy points and that's what you get when you handcuff them go to that backhand make it sink and if you miss your spot it's okay it's okay because it's on that backhand it's scientifically proven tougher to put a backhand volley away than forehand I've done the research three if your partner is shaking bacon.

And you're driving at the Baseline that pinching middle in the kitchen right if that pinching middle they want to face your opponent you're driving this way if you drive cross-court you open up way too many angles and they'll be in trouble go back to one this happened yesterday and take a look I'm going at David's forehand why am I doing it.

Because they are stacking I see him running and this is another viable option if your partner is a stacking one more thing take a look at Eric he's in the near right-hand corner pro tennis player pretty much right gonna be Pro but he's not pinching middle if you see your partner is driving pinch middle because he would get some easy points.

Joey what else do we need to know and here's a quick driving tip sponsored by Keith Valentine's birthday it's his birthday yesterday oh you're getting yourself off balance when you're hitting that and it's all you have to add this is all you have to add a small step this way straight to the fence what's happening is you go in too far across.

Your body with this as you hit you're almost off balance I feel just watch I take just a small step this way and it corrects everything everything ready small step and then I go but that way I'm pushing off this foot what's happening all your weights going to this foot by taking that small step it allows you to clear your hips you get more.

Power so you can drag down the line of the person's backhand pickleball lovers if you like this Colin John's pickleball tip check out that Colin John's pickleball tip really good video and don't forget to have a good day
PPR CERT Coach Joey Gmuer breaks down Collin Johns’ #6 tip to consistently win more games.

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