Jesus out here's tip number three from Colin Johns don't hit out balls Colin John says many points continue because out ball is a hit don't hit out balls he's saying this is where it gets interesting he says if you watch your opponent they almost always Telegraph how hard they're gonna hit it and if they're going to hit it from below the.

Net with a lot of power it's almost always going out how do you know if that hit him with a lot of power if they have a bigger backswing obviously right if they load up so when you see your opponent do this what are you gonna do sidestep or duck I would suggest both oh really good right lots of resets they push them back and then Yani does this.

Yanni is in the top right hand corner the first thing that he should have realized was David was running forward took a big swing and that ball is most likely going out about 90 percent of the time for me personally why do I hit out balls well probably ego I want to show the person on the other side of the net that I'm faster than them and this is.

All wrong I have no discipline and maybe you should have some discipline this is me playing Kyle Yates well that's actually Kyle Yates and look he hit an out ball I swung really hard right there's a number of tells keep this in mind the first game I hardly hit any speed ups at all since they hit out balls it was 11-7 the second game a.

Trail you could do with any Pickle Player and it's very effective is this one person via the Baseline the other person at the kitchen have them hit drives at you for two or three minutes don't hit any of them watch where they land by doing this you'll get a better concept of where the ball is going at that pace and spin next only hit the.

Balls that you're positive are in if you think they might go out let them go and see where they land upsets in ball can happen if you are disciplined and not do that I'm sorry honey I'm really calling you out but I'm just doing it to make you a better man he is playing with one of the best senior Pros around keep that in mind but see him take that forehand.

Back too far another simple rule you can follow to not hit as many out balls is if it's above the shoulder Just Let it Fly Just Let it Fly see where it goes one more tip if you know you're playing a banger and it's important to recognize who you're playing right so if you recognize you're playing a banger and they drive the first ball at you and you.

Think it might go out 50 50 Let It Go Let It Go when people do this against me it changes my whole mentality I'm like I can't hit it as hard that letting some balls go so it gets in the head even if my first drive goes in it gets in my head it really does it is so important to watch how big of a take back your opponent has where he is on the court.

What kind of paddle he uses where the wind is blowing and it's tough to keep this in mind when you're playing in tournaments right pickleball lovers do you agree with Colin Johns what are some other tips you use not to hit Apples please leave your comments Please Subscribe and don't forget to have a good day.

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