Y'all know warming up for a tournament is so important because we all know what happens when you don't someone overslept we almost got disqualified 40 minutes into the DQ countdown we show up we're breathing heavy we can't breathe look at the points it's horrible now count how many things there are on these points I know not many things that's my point.

Exactly that's a picture of Colin Johnson the top right hand corner Ben Johnson's brother he's won many trophies with him very accomplished player everyone on the tour loves him he's at tournaments all the time and he's watching the average Joe three three five four oh players and he says the warm-up is all wrong once he.

Gave this tip a light bulb went in my head and said he is correct Colin Johnson you're right do you know Ben John's brother Colin John's pretty dang good right he has tons of gold medals playing with Ben Johns well he recently went around tournaments and has tips for the average pickleball player the average Joe if you will what was the tip.

You're warming up completely wrong and it is ruining your career your amateur career he goes on to say in three three five four oh play you're not going to see a ton of dinkin I don't care what the purists say you're not it's gonna be third shot drops resets you need to hit because your partner really hit a horrible third shot drop driving.

So you can get a ton of free points from driving on three three five and four oh players you really can with that said why are we doing mostly dinks when warming up when we just have five minutes before a tournament it's insane it's insane I know look in Rec playing dinkin is amazing for warm-ups it doesn't put a lot of strain on the body.

Helps you warm up you can talk to your fellow pickleballers I don't know if that's good or bad but in tournaments you have five minutes to warm up and you can't do just low impact stuff because this is a tournament this is what you've practiced for three months for you better be ready Colin Johns goes on to say since the purists are wrong you're.

Not going to dink all the time practice you've served Drive blocks and speed up so I start out just like it looks kind of stiff not trying to do anything special going through the motions look how boring this warm-up is I'm literally falling asleep like I gotta be ready for tournament I gotta be upbeat and look look I'm not even gonna think I'm not.

Keith I'm not gonna think joking aside this is a typical warm-up right thinking and you can see I fast forward in the background you do all that stuff or the more the reason you might think even less at a tournament is because of these three reasons three one the courts are different you're gonna get different balances the lines might be painted.

Differently that might be tape Line This is going to give you funny bounces you're gonna have to move a little more right two I don't know what it is but every single tournament it's windy like people upset it's windy look it's every single tournament it's windy you're gonna dink less you're gonna have to move a lot the transition games can be.

Very important three the surroundings are different the audience is watching you're gonna get nervous you're going to be tight like my jeans I need new ones what am I doing and what are you doing warming up for a tournament by dinking seriously let's do it differently this time when you have five minutes to warm up on the pickleball court you better be.

All warmed up all warmed up we need to practice our transition game more on the warm-up period let's practice serves and returns really quick resets speed UPS awkward shots have your partner hit some awkward shots to you when you're in the middle of the Court practice fast hands Block in have your partner go at you really quick then you can go at him.

Quick practice blocking and then go at each other just have fun and this is a secret seriously a secret that really works if I can do it at a tournament when can I do it if I'm playing at 8am I show up at 7 15 a.m or earlier and I play a full game a full game with my partner against opponents probably not in the same division by doing this I'm.

Not going to play that crap first game like I always play don't you always play crap first game because we don't warm up right we don't you want to see something really cool check out that video that's so good think of all others what do you think please leave comments Please Subscribe and don't forget if you forget one thing in life don't forget this to.

Have a good day okay
How to warm up with Collin Johns and Joey Gmuer.

Collin Johns advice #1: https://youtu.be/ZA3XTbFbgXM

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