Do you know the difference between singles and doubles unpickable in singles you have one person in doubles you have two people I think everyone knows that what is so strategic about this in pickleball doubles you could hit it to the weaker player every single time literally almost every single time except on serve right being on the same.

Page as your partner about where you're dropping where you're returning it's so crucial or else you'll get made into a human pinata by a beautiful girl I don't know if that's a bad thing you know foreign to Colin Johns the one true Pro this strategic decision on who to drop the third shot to is so important in.

Pickleball and will allow you to win more matches knowing the difference between singles and doubles allows you to drop your third shot to the weaker player every single time and it doesn't always have to be the weaker player right and we're going to go over it right now first let's see what Senior Pro X Jordan asked Scott Moore says.

About this topic go ahead Scott the mental toughness begins with believing you can win and you can beat anyone what you should do always is try to scout your opponent you give them what they do not want the bangers you give softballs or you lob them get them out of their game also we want to decide who you're going to play in a match if you don't.

Know one good way to decide is on the first return of serve hit it right down the middle whoever takes it you should then start to avoid they're telling you are the stronger player when you go forward when your opponent gets the third shot who's going to take the overhead and those kind of things you should already have discussed way before.

You ever get on the court this is why I always do bad I never prepared for a tournament and take a look right was that any doubt who would take that overhead in this situation no we'll look at it in slow motion and you agree with me he returns it and when you return the ball you should probably return to the person most likely to miss the third.

Shot drop or pop it up and danaya she's in the near right hand corner she has no doubt that her partner's taking the overhead right no doubt at all just like Scott Moore said know this before you're playing in the tournament I think anyone that's played a tournament knows pickleball is a game of percentages and if you've been to a casino you better.

Have a good strategy or you're going to be bankrupt take a look at this straw it's hung up a little high right and look at danaya's positioning perfect right she knew that her partner was dropping Cross Court knew it might be hung up and if it's hung up look where she is on the court because this is what all people should.

Be all people and what could have been an impossible reset turns into a routine reset by a very good player let's take a look at another point from the same game denea returns again to the person in blue they may be weaker right so when you're returning keep that in mind know what player has a stronger drive and the stronger drop and we'll get to that.

Later in the video knowing this and knowing what Colin John says about the third track drop if we can strategically drop to the same player every single time or the weaker player we're gonna get more side outs we're going to lose less points on those crazy forehand roles because one player might have it one player doesn't right now in general.

You want your third shot to go to the weaker player right now this is interesting take a look at this drop right that drop in because the people on the other side of the Court don't have these crazy forehand and backhand roles because Cliff pickleball would have really punished that this is what Cliff would have done take your pens out write.

This down know whether your opponents have these crazy forehand and backhand rolls if they do stay away from them go to the opponent might help you later in life or later in the day during wreck play Owen pickleball is so strategic when we hit the third shot drop or return because when we're returning it's almost as important we want to Target.

The weaker player right this is a universal rule Universal and obviously whatever player is struggling with that third chat drop we should return to correct however some situations with anomalies will result one situation would be if that's a really strong player that has really offensive forehand and backhand roles we want to.

Keep him back right so if they serve it we want to return the deep to him so we keep him deep so we try to pin him to the Baseline it's counterintuitive but it works it really does it really does work this is me I return really deep slice backhand return to Jamie who's a stronger player I returned purposely to the stronger player so he wouldn't be.

Able to get to the kitchen and make me look horrible slow and no good because Jamie is a senior Pro wins every tournament he enters he seriously does also some pickleball players are really good at shake and bacon usually the tennis players coming in to pickleball with those crazy carbon fiber paddles so even if you're returning to your.

Opponent with a more reliable drop it's okay because we don't want them driving and shaking bacon because our reactions might not be there so that's one scenario I'm in the top left hand corner just served and I want this right I want to drive I think I'm faster than Louis and I want to make and pay I feel that even though David is a better dropper.

They should have went to David because I can do some serious damage because I'm a banger I can shake and make and that's what I want to do seriously and along these lines if your team has really fast reaction times we want to return to the driver right because we want some quick side outs they drive we can put it away quickly because we can handle those so.

It depends what type of player you are Heather and Jamie both have extremely good reaction times they want me to drive they return to the driver and they get what they want right I feel this is a perfect illustration of going to the driver right they go to me they know exactly what I'm going to do they want me to speed it up they play into my hand.

And it is really important to communicate your third shot and return strategies with your partner throughout the match you can change it in timeouts but communication is key especially if you want the gold the key is staying disciplined if you see your opponent has another weakness throughout the match you can change strategies but you and.

Your partner need to be on the same page one other thing you can do is to lob that third shot lob that third shot see who takes the overhead right because lots of times a person that takes the overhead is the alpha in the relationship you see the third shot lob used in pickleball more and more what I would.

Suggest you to do in a tournament lob that first one right down the middle see who takes it Scott Moore suggested this as well I mean I have a lot of really stupid ideas but Scott Moore suggests for this Colin Johns is saying to do it once in a while and I think this is overkill I think this points Overkill but what I'm saying is try it once or.

Twice not like forever this point is so boring we're invested though let's see who wins it I'm going with Martin potovich in the blue shirt and even though tip number five says drop across your opponent you can see it right there it's not always good if your partner doesn't have the fastest reaction times and you're dropping in front of them and.

Your opponents are attacking him every time you see Martin apotovich do it a lot he has a red shirt most likely Mark's in a blue shirt again it's double zero on the roulette table I lost all my money but this is a very good concept I just want to bring up your opponents have Tendencies when they drop it if you watch Jamie onsen's he drops in the.

Middle almost at Mark's backhand all the time it doesn't really matter who he's playing he's in white how come he does this in my opinion he thinks he's the fastest person on the court right that way he can do this he doesn't need his partner to shake and bake he wants to do it himself and maureenovich has really quick hands and he makes him look like a.

You know what I'm not saying it and take a look he drops it again again people have Tendencies look he's dropping to the same spot right and what's another tendency he does this right he wants a fast hands battle so if you think you have faster hands in your opponent I would suggest you speed it up maybe drive more you can return to the driver.

So they speed it up make your opponents play into your hand your hand so it's a lot to think about right if we stay disciplined and talk to a partner call timeouts and let them know our strategies will do a lot better we'll do a lot better and pickleball lovers check this tip out it's so good and don't forget to have a good day.

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