What's that Mighty Colin Johnson ye who uses the downward angle will win the firefight most of the time Colin Johns is going around watching tournaments especially three three five four oh four five play and he's saying people are not using the downward angle just like in this point right because we're having a Crazy Fire fight but we.

Could have won this point so much sooner or lost this point so much sooner right what defense like Sam and Octavia playing out of their mind but are they really playing out of their mind and this is a Colin John's tip because look I have him moving back I'm in blue I should have kept hidden at his feet at his feet in a downward motion and I.

Don't have to kill the ball because sometimes letting gravity bring it down a little more at this feet is a lot more effective it really is the law of the downward angle in pickleball ye who angles his paddle downward during a fire fight will have a higher percentage chance to win the point angle your paddle downward and that toes take a.

Little off it let it sink you'll win the point more thank you Colin thank you so much firefights are usually prolonged longer than necessary because people are trying to show that stronger right so that prioritizing power over control and if we can aim it down at the feet the downward angle rule you're going to win the point more often and end the point.

Sooner yes you are here's a really good example of one you shouldn't swing too hard you're right using the downward angle rule I was right there I did hid in a downward angle somewhat right but I swung if I would have blocked it more the gravity would have had a little more time to take it down this would have given me a.

Little more time to prepare for my forehand middle which I was looking for in the first place and take a look at this why does gabino pop it up right because that's the rule we should know when David's attacking the angle of gabino's pedal should be higher above than that angled slightly lower from David's attack point and I have a really.

Good example he's an instructor in Utah yeah you're ready actually you're ready depending on what he's doing right you're actually going to be right over here right I got my pad up here up here because if he hits it up I want to be able to punch it down if my paddle's here like this and he hits it thank you and he hits it up I have to go back up.

And then back down so now if he hits it quick I'm like this right and then I end up but if my paddle's already up boom right there see that's exactly what that guy was saying exactly thus if we prioritize control angle that pile down at the feet over power we're going to win more.

Firefights because we're using the downright angle Rule and although it doesn't feel as good as nailing your opponent right in the chest and screaming something you might regret later how about we win the point by angling a pedal down right lower of the downward angle and stick with me now because if we do this change our pedal.

Angle to this then again have to change that pedal angle to that it's coming at that feet that's still going to be swinging hard and if we let that go it's going out most of the time most of the time that's going out so we need to let more out balls go we'll go back to rule number two I think never hit out balls and take a look at.

The man in the top left hand corner he's in white he attacks perfectly attacks perfectly right he's aiming those balls at the person's feet I know he didn't win this point but how many points of these do you expect him to lose 2 out of ten three out of ten my point exactly if you're attacking right you gotta keep attacking right he's gone low.

Slower at the feet I picked this because look how many amazing shots Mark nepotovich has to hit to stay in this point it is not highly likely they win here's another Point Colin Johns is not telling us to crush it at the person's feet like the person in yellow's doing take a look at what Mark just did to win the point here it is right the person in.

Yellow is really crushing it sometimes it's easier to block at the feet when you're crushing it at that feet look what marked it look how he used gravity to take this ball down right the ball still sinking and it's tougher for Scott to identify where the ball is going to land thus making it tougher to get back into court pickleball lovers did you.

Like that tip how about this tip because this is way better than the tip I just did and don't forget to have a good day yes
PPR CERT PRO Joey Gmuer explains why the angle of the paddle is so important in a firefight.

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