Hello everyone we got a great guest on the show today we have world renowned family therapist Max Oliver welcome to the show Max thanks for having me it's an honor to be here so max do you have any advice for my listeners on how to handle maybe the stress that sometimes goes with visiting family and friends over the holidays so that is a very.

Interesting question because as we all know sometimes the holidays can be very stressful because some relative at over Christmas dinner is going to bring up the p word and they're going to talk about it non-stop no matter how much you try to change the subject they're going to keep talking about it and talking about it and talking about it and if you.

Disagree with them they're going to tell you you're stupid and they could get quite aggressive and of course the p word that you're referring to is politics no no the p word I'm talking about is pickleball
Pickleball and the Holidays – Sometimes the holidays can be stressful and family interactions can be intense. But do you know the current fastest growing holiday problem? Watch and find out!

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