Hello and thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pick aall pick aart my name is Rory I take pickle ball games off of YouTube and I pick aart the play on the court watching my videos will help make you a better pickle ball player in this video a game in which players on one team simply crush the ball they don’t mess around they’re all.

Around good players I think if they wanted to play a soft game they could but in this game their opponents just cannot handle their power so why even think about playing a soft game is this the future of pickle ball is this how everyone will be playing in the near future I’d really like to know your opinion so please leave a comment in the.

Comment section below a big thank you to the YouTube channel lucky bounce for posting this video let’s go here’s a first point and it’s interesting that the first point is the softest Point played all game maybe they’re just feeling each other out but they are actually dinking here.

Great hands and the team in the back court now has control of the ball nice play by all four players that ball is hit out of the Court the guy with the Kiss shirt on did a good job of not hitting that ball he noticed it was at his eyes so he let it fly tries to soften it up a little bit.

There and misses the third shot drop so that’s two unforced Errors By the team in the back court wow he just put so much on that ball could just not handle it again body slammed him pretty much that time a very sharp return by the player in the gray shirt in the back.

Court he’s going to have to do better than that another shallow return and they got killed again just can’t handle the power I mean the guys in the near Court hit the ball as hard as any players I have ever seen hit it and the team in the back court is already calling a.

Timeout wow neither player in the back court can handle the power of the players in the near Court goodbye hit it that high absolutely no chance I mean look at the expression on the guy with the backwards cap on he just looks like what the heck have I.

Gotten myself into G again well he hit a very hard backhand just happen to hit that one into the net his partner is kind of smiling at him oh out of the Court good shot now the power in the back court actually got them a point that’s their first point of match at.

Least they didn’t get pickled nope one slight mistake one ball hit shoulder high and it is all over very very little room for error he’s treding to slow it down by resetting the ball ER actually hitting a third shot drop that’s the second one he’s.

Missed I don’t think that’s going to get the job done it Go missed another one and that one was not really hit very hard so the team in the near Court already has eight points and I believe the score is 8 to one a quick timeout to tell you this I’ve started a new business venture I.

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To be kidding me that was just so good it’s hard to describe now this is being played at the open level the open division it’s pretty obvious the players in the back court are at the open position goodbye but the players in the near Court are finding out what it is like to play in the open division he was ready for it just.

Couldn’t handle it too powerful I doubt very seriously if the players in the near Court have ever played against players like the players in the back court who just have so much power and there’s another one it’s just overwhelming nope now look at this look at this decision the guy makes here he decides.

To switch that is a horrible decision because there’s no way he’s going to get established by the time the ball gets to him the ball is just hit too hard I don’t care how fast he runs don’t do that again oh they’re going to try it again you got to be kidding me Goodbye Oh that ball is out of the.

Court it’s a couple of unforced Errors the guys in the back court have made okay so let’s see what happens now they get a little momentum they have a long way to go however that Ball’s out of the Court the second one he’s hit out and the players at the back court were smart enough to just let it fly good job by.

them that’s the third shot drop he has missed into the net he has not hit a successful one yet on the other hand a perfect third shot drop backand right into the kitchen plus a fifth shot reset so the players in.

Back not only have the power they also have the soft touch to get the job done that was a 15-point game that lasted eight minutes and 28 seconds so there you have it I think the final score was 15-2 maybe 15-3 and you know what I don’t think the losing team was all that bad what I think is there’s a good possibility they had never faced off.

Against a team with this much power I don’t think there’s anything they could have done to make this a competitive game so my advice to them next time they decide to play in a tournament in the open division they need to realize what they might be up against that’s it from pickup all pick aart I really hope you learned something from watching this.

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The one I’m wearing this is Rory saying as always thanks for watching and see you on the court
In this video, in which one team just out-powers the other. Is this the future of pickleball? Let me know what you think.

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