Time now is 606 the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball National Championship is underway and the tournament is taking place for just three more days NewsChannel 3's Crystal Jimenez joins us live in Indian Wells where the event is taking place Crystal you had a racket in your hand earlier how did you turn out are you any good.

Hey Angela I I'm okay okay I'm okay but we're going to show you a little bit more of what I got in a bit but I am at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden because if you guys haven't heard there's been some pickling going on here and that's for a national championship that's brought several people from all over the country just to compete here so joining.

Us this morning is Chuck now Chuck tell me more about the championship yeah so this is the USA pickleball national championships the 2022 Margaritaville is our our title sponsor and we're here at Indian Wells Tennis garden and iconic world-class venue to play Pickleball we've got 2300 amateur players from all across the country that.

Qualify to get here this is a true national championship and then starting today we've got the top Pros all across the sport yeah professional pickleball players who are going to be here on Championship Court playing through Sunday the best the best of the best are going to be here today it's so exciting now show me you need to show me a little.

Bit more Okay so we've been practicing but let's show everyone what I got so far all right so good we're going to make you a Pickler so we we've got our paddle we got our paddle right and we've got our ball this is a Franklin ball it's the official ball of the USA pickleball national championships the whole object is to get the ball over the.

Net it's kind of a combination of tennis and badminton and uh table tennis okay but it's a smaller court and this area around the net is called the novali zone or affectionately known as the kitchen so you can't step into the kitchen unless you can't go in the kitchen unless the ball goes in the kitchen okay so you have to stand behind this line.

Are you ready I think so okay here we go let's see if this is my calling very good okay that's is that a point for me uh it we're going to give you a point on that all right we're going to continue playing off but for now make sure you head over to ksq.com for all of those details on the National Championship.

Live in Indian Wells Crystal Jimenez NewsChannel three almost had him I do want to ask you know pickleball it wasn't it didn't seem to be that popular before the pandemic do you know why it's so popular now or during the pandemic why it got so popular Chuck this became a popular sport during the pandemic tell me why it did you know.

It was an opportunity for people to get outside to socially interact it really filled a void in a lot of people's lives and just it's inherently fun so people are just addicted and obsessed with the sports so it was a chance I I think for a lot of people to just kind of re-engage in in society I could definitely see why it filled a void.

All right crystal thank you so much you know we got to try it it looks like it's so much easier on your elbows yeah on the knees too yeah and The Spectator is already uh poured in you saw that guy back there in the seats behind them she's like watching wrapped attention
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