Foreign the saying that we've heard is that in about 15 minutes you can pick up pickleballs so people came here the first day we gave instruction and a few tips and really kind of jump in and it's not hard and yeah it usually laughter is soon so it's always really fun yeah let's go.

thank you I'm almost 69 now and I I think if I can do it anybody can do it I've seen people play for a very short while but I didn't know any of the rules but I knew from the stroke that from my experience from badminton and squash it would be very similar and and the muscle memory.

Actually came back from when I was young it was just amazing right Shelby had told me about pickleball before so when I saw it in the church newsletter I was like oh Shelby we should definitely try this um so I attend the church services online so I haven't had a chance to meet anyone from the church so this is the.

Perfect opportunity for me to meet people from the church and it's been so much fun just coming every week and meeting everybody and learning the game so growing up I played lacrosse um and so I felt like I might have the hand-eye coordination for pickleball but since kind of leaving school I haven't been able to really play a sport.

Very easily and so I was looking for something that might be more approachable teaching someone something new and then having them really enjoy it and then it becomes a part of their life I think that that's a beautiful thing to watch so yeah and I know personally it was something that I passed on other people brought it to me and now I've met.

Whole new groups of people that I've always wondered like you know I'd like to meet those folks I've never had until pickleball all of a sudden you're on a group text and you're connecting with people and you're meeting at places and you're part of something so I think it's really important for people to be part of something and that's what our.

Pickleball group provides thank you
If you’ve ever wondered who plays pickleball each Sunday or why they play the game, this short film by Michael Barber sheds light on a sport that brings people together in a whole new way.