Hi my name is Tim Buick PPR certified pickleballprofessional for total pickleball as we continue to climb the ladder in the pickleball scaleas we get better and better we're going to be looking at stacking which is a strategicelement in the doubles game in order to play to your strengths and to cover your weaknesses solet's talk about stacking why to stack there's two types of stacking and four reasons whywe should do it so let's get right to it I love this I love getting into the Strategicelements of pickleball and there's four reasons why we want to Stack okay one is if I'm playingwith a lefty I'm a righty okay we want to play to our strengths okay so we'd like to havefour hands down the middle and we'll show how we do that so reason number one to stackis one's a left-hander one's a right-hander.

Reason number two is we want to play to ourstrengths maybe I've got a killer forehand and I want to make sure that I'm on thisside so I have more forehands that I can hit third I want to cover my weaknesses so I wantto have my partner on the side that can cover up maybe it's a weaker shot maybe I've got a poorbackhand that I need to cover and the fourth reason is make your opponent uncomfortable we'regonna change up the look say you they're on a roll and they're up 8-0 or something along those linesand we go whoa we got to do something different now we change the look again our goal with ouropponents is I'm not happy until they're unhappy okay so I want to change the look I want to makethem feel uncomfortable now there's two different types of stacks and we're going to go throughthat right now let's talk about the standard or.

The traditional stack and when would we use itokay we're all right-handers here so let's say that I've got a weaker backhand and we need itwe need to cover that all right I want to be on this side because I've got a strong forehandI'm more of an attack player than Andrew okay hypothetically of course okay so I want to beon this side here's something that you want so we decide ahead at the beginning of the matchwhich side do you prefer I tell Andrew I said listen I I like being on the left side okay soI'm going to start over here on the left side here's the key point is whenever our score is evenwe are on our preferred side which for me is on the left or the odd side and you're going to beon the right or even side so let's say the score is odd and the score is now one zero one okaywhich means you're going to be serving over here.

And I'm gonna be here now the key thing is I wantto be on this side but by rule Andrew has got to serve to Howard over on this side so how do I getover to this side I'm going to stand right here okay Andrew's gonna serveand just simply move over there it is move over and nowwe're on our preferred side there so then if the score is 2-0-1 with Andrew servingnothing needs to be done all right so it's going to be two you're going to be now over here sonow we don't need to do any stacking because we're on our preferred side so let's talk aboutstacking when serving my partner Andrews on the side I want to be but I have to hit from theeven or the right side by score alright so what I'm going to do is I am going to serveand when I serve I'm coming over to this side.

Andrew's going to come behind me I like when theserver moves up and the my partner goes behind me because I'm already moving forward just so weknow last thing we want to do is go oh no you know we run into each other so the server alwayssteps forward so it looks something like this now we're on the side that we wantto be on okay and now we're playing to our strengths and covering our weaknesses now how does it work when we're returninglet's say Andrew you're over here and that's the side I want to be on okaycouple things we can do with a standard stack is you Andrew can just simply stand off thecourt right here okay so what I'm going to do go ahead and serve it to me Austin I'm gonna hitthe return and I'm coming right over to the side.

That I want to be on okay so now we're on thecorrect side here's where it can get confusing we've got to remember where we are when the scoreis odd or even okay so that's the standard stack foreign type of stacking and it's called the signalor the switch stack and this is where we can really screw up our opponent all right givethem a different look what you're going to do is you're going to give me a signal asto whether you're going to Cross or not I want to be on this side okay and so we'regoing to switch them up so the signal and open hand means you're going You're switching okayclose fist means that you're gonna stay okay got it.

That's the way to do it he's on his strong sideand gets the winner now I'll go one other point where it gets sophisticated and I love this stuffI love this because again we want to make them feel uncomfortable I'm not happy until they'renot happy okay so what you can do is you can fake poach so open hand means he's going close handmeans he's staying you could go double closed fist meaning you're gonna fake it okay so double closedfist I'm gonna stay but I'm going to do this and leave early so many times he'll try to hit thecrud out of the ball and miss him to review if your score is even you are on your preferredside if the score is odd that's when you want to consider stacking two different types ofstacking which is the traditional or the standard which means you're just going to stand off thecourt and then come back on it signals to their.

Opponent they already know that we're gonna stackor we can do the switch or the signal stack which means they don't know what side we're going toplay on this is especially effective if they're picking on a certain opponent let's switch itup a little bit to cover my bad day those are a couple of the principles of stacking try ityou're gonna like it and your opponent won't I hope you've enjoyed this video on stacking asyou've seen there's a lot of different options what we want to do is open up your toolboxto make your opponent uncomfortable you can do that by stacking properly for moretips and tricks go to totalpickleball.com
Wanting to add a new spin to your doubles game plan? Join us, as PPR Certified Professional Tim shares tips on how to stack and when to use it.
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