Hey guys Scott Fliegelman here Boulder pickleballhere to talk to you today about the split-step and why it is such an important step when itcomes to playing better pickleball I'm going to share some video from a recent trainingsession of mine together with my drilling partner Joanna run back through those clipsin slow motion so that I can demonstrate the timing the mechanics and the value of the splitstep and then we're going to finish it all off with one rally from a recent super high levelwomen's Pro doubles match which beautifully demonstrates fantastic split-steppingand partnership choreography so let's go! and here is the split step a very brief pausea thousandth of a second my knees are bent I'm on the balls of my feet springs are loaded andI'm ready to react left right forward or back.

Depending upon where my opponent's shot goesokay here we go I'm returning serve I'm gonna do a little mini split-step just as Joanna servesand commit to one side or the other this time it's a forehand I have the time when the ball leavesmy paddle until it reaches Joanna's to adjust my court position and there it is I've got to do thatsplit-step when the ball is on Joanna's paddle Joanna serves super deep here which forces a pretty shortreply from me and limits my ability to make it too close to the Non-Volley Zone before shemakes contact I actually make a split-second split-step but still enough to bend my kneesload my springs and be able to move left right forward or back depending upon where theball goes once it leaves Joanna's paddle.

As the previous slide shows I've actuallygotten a little bit greedy here with my court position waiting until just after theball leaves Joanna's paddle and then quickly split stepping reacting and gettingto her excellent third out of the air we'll slow this one down a little bitmore in the mid court I'm going to move forward here and watch how I actuallyleave my feet in order to dynamically split-step and then I move very quicklyfrom there to split-step and react it's not a split stop I don't wait for the ballto come to me where I did the split-step I split step for a thousandth of a secondthen react and move left right forward or back accordingly another split step I'm goingto move laterally staying on balance another.

Split step and now I've got options and I sortof fracture some of the spirit of skinny singles here but we've been working on disguisingthe location of our 2 handed backhands lately let's take a look at the value ofsplit-stepping on serve when sometimes you're not able to move all the way upto the Non-Volley Zone after one shot here comes the drop I only move up just a littlebit before splitting and having to make a tough reset I move a little bit further forward withanother split and now I can finally make it to the Non Volley Zone when I've bounced the ball in thekitchen I'm well balanced playing some aggressive dinking and like before I've set up myselfwith some options to go ahead and win the rally let's watch this rally one moretime from a different angle I'm.

Getting ready to hit a new schoolthird shot which gets to Joanna and back to me pretty quickly so I onlyhave time to split react and reset split react and reset now the ball bounces infront of Joanna and have neutralized the rally remember that split stepping is alsosuper valuable at the kitchen if I don't load my springs and split-stepat this exact moment I may miss out on the opportunity to put away thisfloater that's coming down the middle let's check out this incredible rallythat demonstrates the skill athleticism and especially split-steppingability of today's top young pros oh my goodness oh these twoteams are battling aren't they.

Fans cannot believe what they are seeing let'srun that back one more time this time in slow motion Anna Leigh Waters here in the near courtgets ready to hit her third shot Anna Bright her partner to her left moves forward optimisticallybut cautiously and as that ball nears Ellyse Jones paddle both players go ahead and split-stepnot all the way to the Non-Volley Zone yet Ann Leigh Waters will select a drop shot andwhile her ball is in the air begin moving forward as swiftly as she can knowing that when the ballreaches Ellyse Jones again she's going to need to split-step to give her the best chance of reactingto what turns out to be a really aggressive dink and watch how beautifully Anna Leigh springsto her right makes a great recovery stays in the point all thanks to a dynamic split stepand great reaction skills now they adjust their.

Court position again as Lea Jansen prepares tohit her dink there's the split-step and react Anna Leigh prepares to hit her next shot and AnnaBright gives her a little bit of room now while the ball's in the air we have a chance to adjustour court position and get ready to split-step again there it is both players fully loadedsprings ready to react to whatever may come Anna Leigh Waters now has preparedand she's ready to go ahead and spice things up a little bit in this pointand we know the fireworks ensue but we'll go ahead and stop right here whichdemonstrated the split-step beautifully let's run it back one last time and this timeI want to offer my favorite tip for how to get better at pickleball when watching Pro pickleballthe best way to do that is to keep your eyes.

Focused on only half of the court so from thisview we want to take a look at the lower half of the court try not to let your eyes follow the ballto the other side just watching Anna Leigh Waters to the right and Anna Bright to the left thiswould be the same thing if you had a side view don't turn your head back and forth just watchone half of the court while listening to the ball on the other half of the court this is a greatway to improve your knowledge and understanding of the split-step or any other shot in the gamewhere you'd like to improve from watching the pros
Coach Scott Fliegelman breaks down the elements of the Split-Step, a small but critical footwork technique for playing better pickleball. Scott shows numerous examples from a drill session, including slow motion replays and helpful VoiceOver instruction. He wraps it all up by showing one dynamic rally from a women’s pro doubles match, which beautifully articulates the value of proper split-stepping.

About Scott- Scott shares his observations and tips as a highly ranked, 5.0+ pro player (2022 USA Pickleball Nationals Silver Medalist- Senior Pro Division), and as an IPTPA Level 2 teacher to more than 1,000 aspiring players of all levels.

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