How's it going everybody um as promised I'm gonna do a quick reaction to USA pickleball's almost official ban of the Spencer for 2023 um yeah it took me a couple of days I was out on on vacation and I decided that I was not going to stress out about this while I was gone but essentially the rules committee has voted to.

Effectively eliminate the spin serve this is the rules committee's suggestions to the USA pickleball Board of of directors from what I understand it's virtually certain that this will be approved by the board of directors and I'm going to take you guys through what that means as well as some of the rationale that was was used.

So the reason for eliminating the spin serve there's five reasons given by the rules committee first is that the original purpose of the serve was just to begin play and there are plenty of players who are currently using the serve more than just getting it into into play I'd love to see where that was written by these these Founders this.

Gets into like constitutional law type of stuff like are we going to interpret what they wrote or what they meant the founders so anyway I think that reason is is dicey second is a really brutally bad reason most players cannot Master a truly effective spin serve or return a good spin serve.

There is nothing special there is nothing special that prevents or allows somebody to have a good spin serve so I did two hands I was good at it at the beginning of this year I started at the exact same place as everybody else I had zero spin serve the way that I got good at doing the spin serve is I did 10.

Minutes of sitting there and tossing the ball to myself every single day I got a hole in my finger from doing it so much I practiced it it is not an a god-given ability it is something that you practice so all players can Master a truly effective Spencer that's a trash reason returning a good spin serve again.

There are tons and tons of videos on YouTube of how to return a spin serve um I have seen probably more spin serves than anybody else and there is yet to be a spin serve that I cannot anticipate we can see the way that the player is releasing the ball and if you know how to do it which you should you can return it.

Um so this the third reason is that effective spin serves require more Court space to allow a receiver to react and I would actually agree with this so there are definitely certain courts where players can be put into a fence or not have enough room behind the court to return the serve.

Um I agree USA pickleball publishes uh basically what they think are ideal court dimensions and when we do actually get the opportunity to play on court dimensions that are I guess USA pickleball approved or sanctioned or within their guidelines the spin service is not an issue it's when we play on courts that have two.

Feet right next to each other that that becomes an issue and again I don't think that's a that's a rules thing I think that that is a a court dimensions thing um additionally there are other players serves that that are difficult to return with limited Port space if somebody hits a good deep heavy spinny serve um just by with topspin without without.

Um pre-spin it's gonna be tough to return on a on a short Court when I'm playing against deckle and I don't have eight feet of room behind the court I can't return it either so it's uh there's a little bit of a validity to that to that argument I would like to see courts expand in.

General I know that's not a possibility for for every facility but um but uh it's uh there's there's some truth to that for sure um number four reason sounds very very similar to number two which is only a limited number of players have mastered this giving them an unfair advantage.

Again any player can Master this um Can Master the toss and does it give me an unfair advantage that I've practiced it more than almost anybody else that's I guess for for other people to decide and number five is that it is particularly devastating for amateur players.

Again um I teach clinics across the country I see tons and tons of people I'd say a lot of people are using the the spin serve at this point three O's have three o spin serve three five have three five Spencer four oh have four oh Spencers um is it particularly devastating to.

Amateur players I don't see it in any of the clinics that I do maybe the USA pickleball board or this rules committee is looking at something that that I'm not but I would love to see some um some data behind that if that's going to be a rationale for their for their elimination again today I think that I'm the only.

One that has provided any data on this um at this point these these serves that I'm hitting are not game breaking players have adjusted when I first came out with two-handed chainsaw I had an error rate of about 40 percent on their returns I'm already down to 10 percent and I guarantee look at decals serve percentage I guarantee he's getting a 10.

Rate like people have figured out at the highest level how to return it and it's not the enormous factor that it was as it first came out so again I think that this decision is being made with with no data support to be quite honest and anybody from that rules committee can can let me know if they have data to support their assertion.

Um one other thing is we're trying to push for youth in this Sport and kids absolutely love screwing around with these spin serves the younger people love the spin serve and that's what we're trying to to broaden the the demographic of of pickleball so it adds another element it's not game breaking and I think again it's very.

Very early to make these assertions that this is something that's so negative for the game that it needs to be gone um so now how is this going to be implemented um wording that's going to be added to the rule books says while some natural rotation of the ball is expected during any release of the ball from the hand.

The server shall not impart manipulation or spin on the release of the ball prior to the serve if the referee determines that manipulation or spin has been imparted or the release of the ball is not visible the referee shall call for a reserve so basically if they see you snapping your fingers or trying to put.

Spin on there intentionally um it's going to be a reserve um so I think that again this is unfortunate to stunt the growth of the sport um very very quickly I don't think it's game breaking however It's upsetting to to a lot of different.

Different people but oh well I think that uh I think that it's a bad decision but again I I love pickleball I still will love pickleball it's not the um it is not a huge part of my game even though it is something that I'm well known for um so I'm still gonna love this this Sport.

And yeah still hope to have a have a long long feature in it um I don't know let me know what you guys what you guys think of this I think that um yeah I'm curious here in the comments what you guys's opinions are again you're not going to offend me and I don't think that YouTube commenters.

Are worried about offending me but um you know let me know what you think about the spinserv uh should it be gone should it not looks like that's the way that it's gonna go so all right thanks for listening to to my rant and uh yeah keep spinning for the next five months I suppose take it easy.

Pickleball spin serve will be gone in 2023. Here’s the link to USAP’s rules committee suggestion.