Have you already heard about the changesto the 2023 rules that are being proposed? But I want to talk aboutthe spin serve one. I have it pulled up here becauseI want to read it to you. And then we're going to talk about one part of it that I think mightbe a little problematic. So basically it says that I'm going downto the one that has matches without a referee, because that'swhat I want to focus on. It says the server shall not impart manipulation or spin on the release ofthe ball immediately prior to the serve.

That's what we've beencalling the pre-spun serve. So basically, you canstill spin the serve. So you can hit the ball andspin it after you hit it. So you can cut it or rollit, whatever you want to do. What you can't do isyou can't pre-spin it. And that means taking the ball in your hand and then kind of impartspin and then hit the ball. That's what's not allowed. Our position on the prespun serve is clear.

We wrote a blog on it.I'll link to it below. You can check it out.We've been talking about we've been advocating for getting rid of the pre spunserve and the reasons are in the blog. You can check that out if you want to. So we're fine with that part of it. But the enforcement is wherethe issue is going to be. We see. The next sentence. If the receiver determines that.

Manipulation or spin has been impartedor the release of the ball is not visible, the receiver shall call for a re-+-serveimmediately after the serve occurs. That's where we think there's going to beit's ripe for problems when you're allowing the receiver or putting it on thereceiver to make the decision as to whether the serverimparted spin on the ball. Now, let's talk about like when you'replaying a game, the receiver is where? 44, 47ft away from the server, right? So you have a receiver standingfar away trying to see if the server is doing is imparting a spin tothe ball prior to serving it.

Now, there are situations where it will be fairly apparent not to pick on anybody,but when you see a Zane Navartil or Morgan Evans or Shea Underwood do theirpre spin, it's pretty apparent because of how they stand and the way that theyhold the ball and they flick it. And there are certain it looks prettyobvious when they're doing it. But what happens when you're standingthere and you toss it like this? Is this too much spin? Is this too much spin?I don't know. I don't know what the rule is.

Is that too much spin when it moves a little bit and allowing the receiver tomake the call is going to, in our opinion, potentially create more problems on thecourt than already exist with the serve. I mean, there's nothing that ruins ourmatch more than arguments about illegal serve, NVZ violations,out call disputes, things like that. So in our opinion, adding another layer ofnot complexity, but another layer of potential dispute between servers andreceivers is not the way to approach it. Our position on this the easiest wayto deal with the pre-spun serve. You make the drop serve, the serve ofpickleball, you take care of everything.

So that's the new update. You're going to have nomore pre-spun serve. The issue that we see is theenforcement of that with the receiver. And we'll see where that goes. Hope you're doing well. Don't forget to tune onMonday for our next video. You're not going to want to miss this one.We'll see you on Monday.
The 2023 Pickleball Rules Updates are out. The pickleball spin serve has NOT been banned. The pre-spun serve HAS been banned. USAPA or (USA Pickleball rules committee) has changed the 2023 Pickleball Rules and the pickleball serve rule will likely be changed.

The problem is the enforcement mechanism. If the returner believes that the server imparted spin on the ball, the returner can require a re-serve. This mechanism will increase on-court disagreements: not a result we should aim for.

0:00 Introduction to the Rules Update
0:30 You can still spin your serve
1:06 The enforcement mechanism in the 2023 Rules Update
2:55 A better approach to avoid disagreements – use the drop serve

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