Foreign do we stop all this dinking slow stuff and start slamming the ball at each other okay when you get the right opportunity when it's up high when if it's high you die okay I like that one there you go that's something to do all right fed what are you thinking about when do.

You decide to um go from dinking to to speed up uh I think it comes when you try to recognize defensive things to offensive things so whenever you get a defensive thing that means that's a right time to speed up if you're being attacked because it's not just speed ups every time sometimes.

They're attacking you with things this means they're moving you around they're giving you offensive things that are not really attackable okay so once you recognize the defensive thing that's when you maybe try to attack yeah so is there a certain height of ball that you're sort of looking for obviously what he means.

By defensive dink is it's not something that's putting you under a tremendous amount of pressure you have some time you might be in good balance um what are you what are you looking for in terms of height of ball as well I mean it needs to be somewhere uh on top of my knee around my hip that's something that I can attack anything.

That is below my knees not really attackable and if you do it they're gonna be ready for it there's different sort of zones right and the stuff that fed attacks and the stuff that I attack is gonna be different than the stuff that that you attack right at this level.

We just did a bunch of dinking right and we realized that after a few dinks we're generating some pop-ups right so if I knew that if I dink five balls in a row I'm gonna get a ball for here I would never attack a ball from here right but at our level unfortunately that doesn't happen anymore.

The FED never dinks me a ball to right here unfortunately Rob Cassidy might but fed won't um we can edit that out right we attack something a little bit different right so we're looking for a ball right now that I think we can make contact with above the level of the net.

We don't want to swing down we want to swing through meaning if I have a ball that's at this height my paddle would go across the net like this it wouldn't come down and smack the net because the Net's the number one thing that we want to avoid so the drill that we're going to do is.

It'll be fed and I will be going straight ahead I'm the only person that can initiate a speed up okay so we're gonna dink until fed gives me an opportunity and then we'll attack okay so the question was we're assuming we don't want the paddle to come way back right which is a great question.

Um we can generate a tremendous amount of power from here forwards right once we start getting our paddle way back we lose a lot of control and it takes a lot more time to get all the way through our swing it's a really good question we don't want that paddle still to come out of our vision.

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