Hello and thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart my name is Rory and if you've watched my videos you know that I take pickleball games off of YouTube and I critique the players so you can watch how they play and not make the mistakes they make which will make you a better player in this video one of the most frustrating.

Games I have ever watched why frustrating because one team is clearly more schooled in proper Court positioning than the other team it gives them a huge Advantage they should have just crushed the other team but they did not why because they made too many unforest errors if not for the errors they would have won easily now this game.

Was played in Boca Raton Florida and it is billed as a senior Pro match I'm not really sure what pro mean in this instance maybe it's the highest level of competition at this tournament so it is labeled Pro after watching this game it's obvious to me these are not professional players I'd really like to know what level you think these players.

Are at so please let me know in the comment section below and thanks to the Kenny Atwood YouTube channel for posting this video Let's Go so here are the players I'm going to refer to this lady in the multi-color shirt as the rainbow shirt the orange shirt the white visor and the black visor.

Perfect third shot drop they're all at the net and she makes an unforced error maybe her nurse got to her the very first shot of a game as I have mentioned in other videos you've got to be ready and mentally prepared from the start yeah the team in white really had no chance of winning that point and let me show you why it should have been over.

Much much earlier here's the serve there's the return she is trying a third shot drop with no effect not allowing her to get to the non-volley Zone she's still stuck back there this lady should have slammed it back at the lady in the white visor instead she just kind of lightly hits it allowing her to get up and there it is.

Right there she was still out of position not all the way to the non-volley Zone again I do realize that the team in Orange and rainbow won the point but they should have put it away much earlier at the beginning of the video I mentioned that there is one team who plays out of position almost the entire match as you can see that team is.

The team in white nice deep return there it is again not able to get to the net still not able to get to the net just hit it at her feet she hit it to the wrong person did it again that again is another blown Opportunity by the multi-colored shirt team against.

The white team the white team had no chance in that point and they ended up winning it because the multi-colored shirt team did not take advantage of the other team being out of position and that shot is hit in so that was an excellent shot by the player in white okay so she's trying a third shot drop right here it does not work look how.

High that ball is hit up they are not able to get in at this point should be over and she just didn't put it away didn't put it away again and there you go that is the most devastating demoralizing shot in all of pickleball and again these women were just totally out of position if I'm the woman in the.

Rainbow shirt I do that whenever I possibly can again out of position by the lady in the white visor and here it goes here's what happens there's the serve there's a return nice lofted return she just didn't hustle up enough to get to the non-volley Zone kind of lazy on her part it was hitting her while she was caught in no man's land.

And the lady in Orange put it away great long serve there's the shot and a nice Drive by the lady in the black cap the rainbow shirt could just not handle it just hit that one out and again the lady in the white visor was totally out of position she was caught.

The rainbow shirt just did not take advantage of it she took her cap off maybe that'll help her they're stuck back there again take advantage of it oh she headed out wouldn't it mattered she would have put that shot away anyway it's deep return there they are Cannot drop it she's out of position put it.

Away oh she hit it to the wrong lady again finally on the second attempt she was able to put away that shot she should have done it on the first attempt she's just not paying attention to where her opponents are on the court okay perfect example again the lady in the White Cap watch how much time it.

Takes her to get to the net there's a return this lady is having a backup to hit it she's not running to the net she's just kind of walking up there and by the time the lady in Orange hits it she's stuck in no man's land hits it right at her feet perfect shot by the lady in Orange but.

To be honest it is the lady with the white cap it is her fault for not getting to the non-volley Zone in time that was a nice backhanded drive by the lady in Black fantastic shot uh-uh oh she let her back in and she hit the unforced error into the net now they're stuck back there again you got to put this shot away you've got it.

She hit it out no that's not gonna work you cannot do a lob in that situation it simply is not going to work a terrible choice to hit a lob in that situation it should have been a third shot drive or an attempted third shot drop perfect perfect third shot drop that is a shot the lady in the rainbow shirt has.

That the ladies in white do not have regardless the ladies and white got that point that's just a very very poor shallow return the rainbow lady should hit it right to the lady here in the black visor as she is moving up.

She did she was able to get it back good job by her and the rainbow shirt lady just hit it too high she had another opportunity just could not get it done yeah just uh can't get there cannot get up to the non-volley zone hit it out that time.

I mentioned earlier this is titled a pro match I'll be honest there's nothing professional about the team in whites positioning on the court professional players do not play in the manner they are playing that time the ladies in white actually were at the non-volley zone and the team in the colored shirts was not able to get to.

The line another unforest error they will eventually do you in a lofted serve a nice return she's out of position again in another unforced error that's what's so frustrating about this.

Match the team in Orange and rainbow have had many opportunities to win points and there's that devastating humiliating shot again that's the second time she used it that's all she really has to do if you want to know the truth because the players in white are making no attempt to get to the non-volley zone and there it is again she's stuck back.

There again don't let her get to the net oh she got the role she was able to get it back unbelievable there is no reason the team in white should have won that point just missed opportunity missed opportunity very frustrating for the orange and rainbow.

Team put it away she can't put it away oh finally finally got it you kept her back there that's what she should have been doing the entire game up to this point maybe they're finally figuring it out that's not gonna work.

Oh put that one away right at the Baseline service line I guess unless the uh judge called it out or the Umpire the referee whatever you want to call it can she reset it yes she did excellent shot by the lady in the rainbow shirt.

Again that's a shot she has that the team and white does not that's another reason why the team in the rainbow in orange shirt should win this game put it away nice job yeah you just cannot hit a shot like that and not expect it to be slammed down your throat here we go again she did not get up in.

Time and now they're stuck and that ball is hit out let's go back and look at this and show you the mistake that the team in Orange and rainbow made here we go all right here's a return this lady is still on the move she did not hit the return high enough giving.

Her enough time to get to the non-volley Zone she tries to really hit it to her but look how high the ball is this ball should have been just a couple of inches over the net and at her feet instead it's right at her shoulder there it is allowing here to hit a forehand drive to the lady who is closer to the non-volley zone.

She pops it up Pops it up again and just cannot get it back you've got to take advantage of those opportunities when you have them the player in Orange did not and she missed that shot as well another unforced error I don't know what the count is but I'm going to say at least five of them where.

The white team has not made as any the third time now is that devastating shot that's all the lady has to do to win this game dink it because they do not come to the non-volley Zone the love is not going to work and she hits it out for another unforced era totally frustrating if I'm the other team I'm wanting to.

Throw up right now at least I mean the team in the orange and rainbow keep them back nice job no too high too high again just cannot reset or hit a third shot drop and just hitting it right to the lady's power Zone allowing her to slam.

It now the ref is calling that side out because the lady in Orange served from the wrong Court they are stacking she made the mistake so it is side out they're stuck again look at this I mean the team in white has no chance of winning this point if.

The team in Orange and rainbow do this right finally not finally they've done it a number of times but they need to keep doing it finally a third shot drop fifth shot into the kitchen very nice boom the lady with the black visor has an excellent two-handed backhand the way.

You guard against someone like that is you do not hit it to their backhand it's two powerful especially when she gets it right in the slam Zone third shot Drive stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck in no man's land not at the non-volley zone excellent play by the ladies in rainbow and orange they took advantage of the.

Ladies in white being out of position it's as simple as that she's stuck again could not get the backhand back nope Cannot drop it cannot reset it they're not gonna work on the LOB just just this is frustrating I mean this is so frustrating to me watching this because.

The team in Orange and rainbow should be dominating this match I don't know if they are not seeing what I am seeing or if they just cannot take advantage of it they don't have the ability to put it that was a nice drop now ew so what happened there is they're dinking back and forth.

You know a couple of balls I think hit the tape and the lady in the white visor just got impatient she thought she could somehow lob it over their head that was ridiculous don't ever do this just stay patient I don't care if you have to hit dinks 25 times in a row just wait for the one to come up too high don't force yourself to do it I'm gonna back it up.

10 seconds so you can see here it is digging real nicely and all of a sudden what is this why would she do that just a total total mistake hit it to the lady in the White Cap she's trying it again and she makes an unforced era hitting it out when she should have just made that.

Point so easily just cannot hit a third shot drop to get to the non-volley Zone very very poor execution third shot Drive hit it out on the fifth shot at this point the score is six seven one the team in white is winning but the um the multi-colored shirt team has ball.

In hand so as long as they have the ball the other team cannot score let's see if they take advantage of it 771 nope that ain't gonna work you just can't do that that's 3.0 play to be honest and uh fought into the net when she had the ball in hand and actually could have.

Served out for the match that is a fatal mistake that is one of the worst mistakes a player can possibly make at a point like this in a game like this just absolutely terrible she hit a third shot drop the lady with the black cap on is much better than the lady with the white cap on that was an excellent shot by the rainbow shirted.

Player hit it right down the middle and the lady in white just watched it go back so let's see if she could hit a third shot no she hits a third shot drive a fifth shot drive to the backhand of the lady in the rainbow shirt so a nice play by the lady in the white cap and at this point the lady in Orange and the lady in.

The colored shirt have totally blown their opportunity to take the lead in this game what a get by the lady in white good job for her but oh put it away oh my goodness you cannot ask for a more open court than that the lady in white had to run up on that demoralizing shot I'm surprised she got to it but the.

Reason that happens is she was not able to get to the non-volley Zone she was stuck behind the line again she has a very poor concept about how to properly be positioned on the pickleball court enough about it another fatal mistake hit the ball out of the court on the serve with an opportunity to serve out the match.

That's twice she has done that that's not gonna work great gift oh and they get the role of the tape unbelievable they have just got to be totally frustrated totally they have given the ball back to the other team now.

They had their chance they just could not execute another unforced error and they're calling time out I mean a serve out of the Court a point they should have put away and a backhand into the net they just need degree group I'm just shocked that they are behind at this.

Point I hope you're learning something from this because you can clearly see what the team in white is doing wrong and you can also see the easy unforced errors that the other team is making so to be honest with you very definitely not pro-like play by the ladies in white because of their.

Positioning and definitely not pro level play by the other team because all of their unforest eras including not hitting serves into the court nope nope just another ridiculous shot by the lady in the white cap it is not going to work how many times is she going to do that.

Look I know I'm being critical but it's so obvious how unprofessional this play is she's stuck at the line again she's still stuck back there now they're able to get up get the roll of the tape and can't get it back over.

Look at that sir she barely put anything on it she just wanted to make sure she got it into the court and they end up not winning the point anyway still got the ball in hand it's 7-9-2 let's see if they can rally here hit the ball out making it closer eight nine two.

It's very simple keep the ball in hand three more points and they win try the backhand flip try it again and what happened watch what happened she did exactly what I said she shouldn't do she hit the ball to the lady in the black visor to her backhand and she put it away unbelievable.

That they gave the other team that opportunity you can look at her body language her hands are by her sides just asking herself why did I do that I had a chance to serve the match out and I made that stupid mistake of hitting to her backhand yeah just tough man a tough shot from way back there.

Third shot Drive slam it no she did it again she could have done that the entire game I know I have said that a number of times I think that is the fourth shot that she did it uh on and you would think the ladies in black and white could see that and would make more of an effort to get forward and not stay back.

But they don't they just stay back stay back stay back and again the only reason they are leading this game is because all of the mistakes that the other team has made hey guys it's eight nine one they can serve it out right here now the ladies in White have the advantage.

Nice returns getting back into it now they have a shot they hit to the lady's backhand again that is just unbelievable they would do that hit to the lady in white don't hit to the lady with the black visors don't hit to her backhand oh and just a horrible effort look at her look at her body.

Language it's like did I really do that and her partner walks off the court wow if you're going to do that you just really have no chance at a pivotal point in a game like this wow wow wow ten nine one serving for the match.

Put it away she did it again that's five times look how easy that is why hasn't she been doing that all game and she's asking herself that her partner right here is walking away laughing that that was so easy she really shouldn't be laughing because they should be ahead and they are not they may lose this game still smiling she's laughing about it.

She's laughing because she's thinking about what could have been and she realizes it's probably too late hit to her backhand again game over game over how frustrating was this the team in Orange and rainbow had so many opportunities to totally kind of crush the other team it did not happen because they hit to the lady's backhand.

They didn't take advantage of the other team being out of position and they end up losing I think the score was 11 to 10. so there you have it watching this video made me want to pull my hair out that's if I had hair which obviously I don't what you should take away from watching this video are two major things first when.

It's obvious your opponents are improperly positioned on the court you have to take advantage of it and you have to punish them you cannot let up the second thing is unforced errors will kill you especially if you cannot get your serve in play at a pivotal time in the match it happened in this game not once but twice to sum up this match I.

Really think the better team lost simply because they made too many unforced eras and they did not take advantage when the other team was out of position so that's it from pickleball pick apart I really do hope you learned something from watching this video you should have because it was quite obvious is what the teams were doing incorrectly if you did.

Learn something I hope you take the time to like this video subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I make a new video this is pickleball pick apart again my name is Rory thanks for watching and as always see you on the courts
In this video, a women’s game in which one team has a clearer understanding of how to play pickleball, but just doesn’t take advantage of the other team’s poor positioning on the court. Who wins? Watch and find out.