looking for Revenge Andre here I come Victory and beat Mack Andro twice in a row we are going to destroy oh only the lovers and we are the fighters because we’re never going to give up oh come on welcome Chris Fowler Andy rodic Michelle mcmah Li the finish heroically.

Last year well he’s not wrong team magassy the odds makers say a solid favorite at Min -300 team ma coming back at plus 225 significant underdog now the rules are very simple every bet made and one is worth one point and whoever has the most points by the end of the night will ultimately win that $50,000 donation now.

Throughout the weekend there has been so much trash talk so it’s not surprising that some bets have already been placed and it’s even less surprising that somehow they all include John mackenro the first bet that has been placed is by Andre Agassi who said he will body bag Mack androe at least twice throughout the competition if you’re new to pickle.

Ball body bag means you hit your opponent with the ball now Steepy graph she’s also becoming a little deadly with some mental Warfare of her own as she claims that John mackenro will have at least two meltdowns throughout tonight’s event and mackenro also getting in on the mix he made the biggest claim of anyone on the court saying he will not.

Lose a single firefight which means he will not lose one of those volley exchanges up at the kitchen line Chris that is a massive claim to make I know he’s got great hands but that seems like a big one cuz our buddy James Blake team Agy is Jack sock one of the world’s best doubles players in the tennis court and the guy’s already playing pro pickle.

Ball and Al and he don’t necessarily carry over to this court but it’s pretty mindblowing when you see what’s on this court these first two games best of three 21 it’s rally scoring you don’t have to serve to score you do have to serve when it’s gain points so you must win win the game when you’re serving I got.

it so Blake stepping across and taking the forehand we have our first racket throw me to overshadow that glorious point we just saw but I just saw Mac and Chuck one apparently they fly just the same as a tennis racket that’s a those other rets please those are the panels that are 50% quieter than the.

Traditional yep Imagine John being supporting a silence on court that’s ironic football left foot uh-oh he has stepped into the kitchen not for the last time tonight Michelle C him a point perfect time to bring that open full circle left fo he put challeng oh no he doesn’t know.

That not a good idea you can’t challenge the footb step back and then hit it no you didn’t third shot drive from Agy you love to see it ball double a more uh objects into the strike zone than Andre Agy over the years.

No again John has stepped into the kitchen back you can’t push off and come back he looks great I got you oh ATP attempt into the post round the post is legal as it is in tennis hard to execute pickable.

B again you trying to go oh no each member stance open to the kitchen got it yes.

Got it got it you got that all day oh was he good no he missed it I think J long Blake says called out decisive we’re and it did land long I I oh Andre.

Agy I want to play okay here you go oh there it is be careful what you wish for regardless of tennis resum trying to claw back here that’s right that’s unreal movement shot.

Yours beautiful angle from Agy and team magassy takes the first game 117 it’s best of three game two is coming up here pickle ball slam two from Florida win of this first 211 game oh gosh oh no oh.

no hi you oh no that cord and out nice do the traditional tennis doubles we have the two four hands in the middle of the Court John’s Lefty and James righty so they have to call each other off a lot the other thing is Jack’s play Jack’s playing B off so well that forehand kind of to James’s backand.

And it opens up the middle it forces M to actually have to cover middle you notice their dink locations too sock and Agy are going to the outside of the kitchen right there trying to pick the back hand out ah ah another backhand ink get.

Him oh what a point did I just see an Ernie from John macro I think we did look at this thing turning oh y oh jeez we just shocked he actually miss a volley for the first time in his life it sat there on the top of get that.

Love in tennis huh you mean to do against Blake and back and rope oh oh okay get him hands BL using that tier Advantage.

Both sides here’s another drop watch what you got it I got it me oh ma and R miss the smash it’s.

Beautifully go y serving still beats him where you going Andre Agy so satisfying it’s weird to think ba out it’s like soft in the middle right there it is wow so a complete turnaround from the first.

Game SE and Ma and R Blake I got it in the kitchen that’s a snake of beforehand from Jack so this at a at a higher level than.

They’ve been exposed to before so you know this this will certainly matter to them a lot of bragging rides that’s what was the priz Y another earning from John macro he’s all the way on the other end of the kitchen it’s out in front paddles out in.

front oh no oh miss is open wow ow.

you stay with it stay with it Jack you’re good down oh another Match Point save by see like need to get the serve back.

R get the ball on the ground there it is Agy rips it up the middle hard fought me and R Blake made a push fought off a few match points but it’s Andre and Jack taking it one point the team.

Agy Andre first and foremost you faced off against John mackenro yet again it’s clear your game has evolved in the past year would you say his has you know he’s gotten definitely more comfortable I he’s just got to stop hating on pickle ball and he’s going to improve dramatically I mean pickle ball and Tennis play nicely in the same sandbox.

You know we just no no no but John definitely has made some improvements and you know I was I just need Jack to take care of his side and you know I got to keep him relaxed he gets very nervous and up tight and um and he’s in over his head out here you know so we just trying to help him out well I love it because the fact that they do play in the same.

Sandbox and you know that better than anybody else you’re now officially a pickle ball professional what’s it like getting a chance to play alongside Andre IAC see at this event thank you um yeah thank you um yeah it’s been um it’s it’s been a lot of fun honestly I uh very blessed very thankful for for tennis for so many years um it it you know brought.

A lot of amazing things um but pickle ball is a whole new Joy something I I absolutely love playing uh I’ve said it a couple times hopefully it can be somewhat of a bridge between the negativity of tennis and pigle ball because I think there’s there’s room for both and um they’re both amazing in their own ways so yeah I’m looking.

Forward to it all right well congratulations team Agassi goes up 1 to0 on the board Cameron thanks so Andre and John can take a breather golden slam with 88 the gold medal 13 consecutive major finals sure it wasn’t easy but uh listen if the goal was to twice in the last match I would have.

Said you’re crazy so remembering your babies old family trip y I don’t want to hit Stephanie he was talking about the player cam behind his ear too you g to get James perspective here this game we’re here be careful what you wish.

For football right foot sure has stepped into the kid I got it Steepy gra Ste to the left it’s like pickle ball Blair Witch style wide open great she hasn’t cut down the swing length much for to adjust for the pickle ball yet that’s one thing.

You to do as a tennis player Cut That Swing in half at least out yeah let’s let’s be fair I think she said she started playing six weeks ago playing against someone who’s a professional and the greatest of all time oh wow James you turn the cam camera around and look inside his mind.

Thinking that one turn it into a mirror and disgust that decision yes twice just going to ask you that once and never again James what he went unliked out sport has been a huge part of its growth.

Yeah I one of the matches there is that slice NOP that’s in O what a shot once again went at Stephanie she ducked but that’s the game for sherov agression from Sher poova James Blake said that at the end of their first.

Game ooh another backand flick the the most unpopular play in the building going at graph with James seems to be the one that’s largely effective unfortunately good even at the pro level he has beat top Pros with that same shot strategy of pickle ball too which I love I’ll get to that conversation in a.

Moment oh missed it but was dinking I might as well try and speed it up a little bit more so I like that I love that approach yeah his ability to create speed you know I don’t think he needs to battle in the nuances of people who have been doing this for years and years and years so I actually think that’s the right.

Call pickleball purist won’t like me question about it this is awesome to watch though think it’s the least popular tactic especially here cuz you have no way to direct your blood pressure like you do in tennis you can you can really direct it with uh tried to execute and when she got there.

She just loved it three of the worst RS ever weatherwise in Vegas and they didn’t have any Indo courts so it was like it was playing in wind and it was crazy and so technically I didn’t have nearly the kind of prep I would have wanted and then this year been since the summer we.

Just been going at it and doing it together family has been it’s been an awesome ride it’s been an awesome experence it’s added a lot to our life double A Andy here talk about the movement of of yours it seemed like your movement in and out and kind of the decision making uh was a lot clearer this year kind of going doesn’t abide.

Some of the movements but once you get used to it it’s a lot easier but I feel pretty good there all y generous line call by Shera okay I was going to say I thought I saw it wide out you you speak from experience or no I.

Could hit very few Chris oh my go you got that one oh oh miss Sails Long game to roord sock and the decisive game that match to is coming up the serve didn’t hit her that time that’s exactly what I wanted to I’m sorry you got a B you could have put.

Away though pretty good talking smack afterwards oh oh missed it flick up action at the kitchen.

The lob goes wide like the idea from James Blake sorry out of it she’s stepping in just kind of ripping flat at Maria every time there oh oh nice ball yes yes.

oh how about the angle Shera found there their share in this final game girls pick up this third set I’ll tell you that much look at that yes head winner we’ll take it sorry but no one ever gives it back should also revisit Jack sock has a mixed doubles title on the PPA.

Tour inside happy missing these on top of the net there I got it reset it nope into the kitchen there it is James oh it’s the point of this good job out I like that he’s getting more aggressive in the middle taking more real estate and again with.

The poach that’s it here great sock able to get up and pounce on that net core game point ooh just catches the.

Line I got she is hanging in there absolutely I’m serving I got it good job I got it that’s out a couple times in this game but that still ain’t the one.

A little pressure there well it’s outside of the what you know how to do outside of Jack who’s a professional now but players that are you know so many years serious I got it and that’s it.

Oh that was a good ball from Ste what a battle tough luck for Maria that ended that way cuz she really played well in that game but it’s team Agy taking the second match as well e TR presents the winning interview everyone please give it up first stepy we have to ask how does it feel big back on a court and in an.

Environment like this oh it’s been a whole lot of fun I mean I you know before we started I had a little nerves and I haven’t felt that in many many years so you know it’s it’s you know how how great is it to be in front of a stadium in stadium in such a great crowd I mean no it’s it’s really.

Special Jack it seems like you have the magic to mix doubles down whether it’s an Olympic gold a grand slam title even your first pickle ball title came in a mixed doubles competition what is the magic to mixed doubles uh good partners probably I mean I um yeah uh yeah pickle ball playing with Anna Lee is uh isn’t bad um playing with one of the greatest.

Players of all time is also uh not bad at all so uh yeah just pick good partners and uh and just do your part team aasy goes up 20 on the scoreboard it’s time to get to that Legends event congrats to both of you well done for Jack and James Blake they can sit on the side and watch James and Maria kind of had a nice little play.

Going with him Crossing and taking up a lot of the Court kind of Blake betting that agusi will commit two Qui we hav’t seen one com not that’s not going to happen Andre’s too disciplined so surprising yeah I know get in trouble she again the Empire’s getting the way up every day I get paid couldn’t have been happier in that.

Moment just just great people force a dream breaker that aside the whole thing cour Vegas in that in that learning process oh there it is Bo again love that yeah he’s made his.

Intention knowing these first couple points if he’s at the back and steps to the net he’s just trying to go big drive right at her kind dealing with the consequences how he’s giving her that middle serve again wow good ball right.

Fo three w oh yeah a sh about his feelings they got to get a little score by of execution he’s getting what he wants out of these points great.

Point John’s footwork was in way line once again targets change when you have a lefty on that side of the Court this game is first to 11 by two scoring amended and Maria stepped in again in a tough time not you can’t challenge it no why can’t.

We challenge it just out of curiosity violation Mr ma Andro oh too good kiss my ass what a drop though from Stephie gr was cheap but we’re excited about game two no Dr a little bit more aim low to the hit on the speed of.

Chances wow from the disappointment and frustration at the end of game one not the first time he’s been upset what I did notice uh replay huh replay they’re so nice I think it was white challenge challenge I think it was out out it’s out okay all right the ball was called out so side out.

Yours probably did play an out ball he couldn’t pull off of it interesting Andre is kind of cheating on that point by you Andy played this thing before haven’t you team Mac that would be very satisfying evening I think for him it’s a great return oh my goodness tree.

breaker stepanie graph look at the roll that she has at the kitchen unbelievable setup that can only be possible in this sport I think to be honest point to slow it down a bit to to your point Andy like that return to the backhand side of.

Agy oh there was a miscommunication RI good test for your Merit here stress test pick ball that’s for sure oh still lead 76 they must- win game for Mack and.

Maria winning this and shutting out team ma oh stays on Maria’s side two points away handing of sharova good hands yeah t magu needs to get Reserve back to win.

It I think won Championship Point again no sh oh we were looking for is when someone’s closing that middle honest and MC did that there 10 too good Steepy.

Graph I thought she touched it doesn’t matter it’s out did a touchdowns paddle yes and that’s it team magassy in a hard fought Legends big SEL.

Match closes out pickle ball slam two title was fiercely fiercely competitive we thank pick ball slam too team magassy now Morgan Stanley Cameron alongside Stephie does this one have a special place in your heart well I mean I’m not a good at math but I think that’s 10 slams now.

No I count him no no this is great listen last year the inaugural year this was such a great event and and everybody coming out to supportting and thank you so much it’s this is so good for the game of pickleball and um and it was a thrill to be on the court with Steph it been a thrill the last handful of months just kind of you know enjoying the game.

Together and having another Outlet in our lives to share I mean it either sort of ruins every relationship or or solidifies it so we’re still here that’s great over 20 years of marriage between the two of you and now you mentioned it another shared passion not found on the tennis court but instead the pickle ball court Stephie what has this game brought.

Into your marriage and into your life you know it’s been a whole lot of fun last year I came here was a spectator John kind of pulled me in now I’m here playing in front of you know full grow um you know we uh We’ve we’ve made so many friends actually through it’s some some uh you know really fun times trying to figure out this game try to unlearn.

Tennis learn something new um it’s it’s been it’s been a lot of fun and uh definitely a great challenge too it’s been a blast to watch all of you compete and Jack we already mentioned you’ve now turned your sites fully to the game of pickle ball but I have to ask could you have ever imagined you’d be sharing a court a pickle ball court with these two.

Legends uh no I don’t think um my tennis status didn’t quite get me anywhere near their level so um I had to uh I had to come over to the the pickle ball world and and now I get to share a court with them um get to play an amazing event like this uh thank you guys for having me thank you guys for having me on your team um yeah it was it was it was so.

Much fun um I’ll be back anytime they they want me to play and uh happy to get some more tennis people over to the pickle life well there is only one way to celebrate a win here at the Hard Rock and that’s with a rocking trophy our owners of the pickle ball slam are here to hand them over let’s hoist those trophies high and hard rock please give.

It up for your pickle ball to Slam champions Stephie gr Andre Agassi and Jack s now we’ll just plug them in and see what they can do play play picked up sort of pickle ball quickly but but guitar on the Fly why not Michelle is the one of the.

Voices of of pick a ball your take on on pickle ball slam 2 and the the emergence of Stephie and the incredible Improvement of Andre well I just thought it was the to Echo the sentiments of Andre Agy I thought the event was a perfect intersection of two incredible sports that Shone for the fastest growing sport in America was certainly a.

Privileged to watch these tennis Heroes perform on this massive pickleball stage Andre found a way Andy to the Finish L with at you this year yeah I I don’t think
Tennis Legends. John McEnroe, Andrei Agassi, Steffi Graff, Maria Sharapova, James Blake, and Jack Sock battle it out in Pickleball. In 2024s Pickleball Slam 2. Owned and produced by ESPN. Please check out the full match on ESPN.