i'm going to demonstrate the three most common neutral grips in pickleball these grips you can use for all shots on the court the first grip i'm going to talk about is the continental grip the continental grip or the hammer grip to demonstrate that take the pedal out in front of you grip the handle as if it.

Was a hammer notice that the v from the thumb and the index finger is on the left-hand bezel of the handle the next one i'm going to demonstrate is the eastern grip the eastern grip take your hand along the back of the paddle bring it down.

To the grip itself and you'll notice that this is more on the right hand side of the bezel so you'll see the v over on this side the modification on either one of these is to use the finger so on this one i'm going to take the it's called the modified eastern with the finger so i'm going to take my eastern grip.

And i'm just going to take my index finger along the back of the paddle if you notice my grip is going to shift just a little bit to the left-hand side i can do that on the continental as well so if i go back to my continental grip and i put my finger out that's going to shift it a little bit to the right hand side.

All of these are more neutral grips if you look at the continental grip that's most popular for slices backhands and low balls the eastern grip is more popular for a topspin forehand both with a finger are very neutral.

Grips the one the one thing that players like about the finger is it's very stable and it also locks you in if you're coming from a racket sport where you're used to changing your grips this finger makes it very solid and stable the other grip that we're going to talk about is the two-handed backhand grip.

You can take the forehand grip either the eastern or the continental whichever is your preferred grip and all you're doing is you're taking your your other hand you're placing it on back the paddle face and generally you're using your finger along the side of the paddle so if you look at it all you're doing is taking.

Either the eastern grip or the continental grip placing the paddle on back of your hand and using your index finger to lock it in that's the two-handed backhand
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