all right what we're going to go over right now is a common situation that all players get to especially when we're transitioning uh from the baseline to the non-volley line we often get stuck right mid-court and there's nothing wrong with being here but what we've got to really figure out is am i in a.

Position do i have to block the ball or can i accelerate and counter-attack the ball so what we're looking at is positioning is your key a component here recognizing where you are on the court we all get stuck in defense so what we want to look at is if i'm mid-court okay and i might be a little bit too wide and a little bit too.

Low okay what i want to feel is am i in a position that i can accelerate forward when that ball is coming to me okay so what we're trying to do is recognize that ability so let's look at this position let's say i'm a little bit too wide and what i mean by too wide is if you can feel the sides of your feet pushing into the sides of you your shoes.

You are probably too wide from that position it is very hard to accelerate forward okay so if my opponent is going to attack me and i'm mid-court and i'm like that so let's say i'm a little compressed and they're coming at me i've got to figure out how to soften the ball okay so often let's say i'm low my opponent attacks me at my body now my.

Paddles may be pulled in so basically let's say my arms are touching my sides that paddle is now too close to my body so i'm not in a movement forward i'm now in a position where i've got to get out of this defensive position and i've got to neutralize the ball that's coming to me so from here what i'm looking at is my opponent's coming she's going to feed.

Me that ball i'm going to try to pull up and away so we're going to go a little bit higher with those so see i'm going to try to pull away from the shot and kind of pop up so i'm using the right side of my body because that opponent is attacking the left so if i'm in this position i've got to literally pull my body up and i've got to kind of fade.

Away from the ball so what i'm going to do is i'm going to turn my right shoulder i'm going to pull my hip back slightly now look at this paddle position okay so my elbow's down it's not cocked out and that tip of my paddle is kind of what i'm adjusting to get that ball so i'm going to pop up and try to pull away from it all right.

Just a very minimal motion to get that ball over the net all right so now i'm getting my weight forward and i'm ready to move okay so now what's the difference what allows me to counter attack in this position all right so now i want to be more weight forward.

So i'm kind of getting in this little sprinter stance my weight's on my toe a little bit i'm getting off my heels and what i'm looking at is now i want my paddle out here so if i'm looking for this shot now when my opponent comes to me now my contact point is going to be pushing off and accelerating.

Forward on that ball okay so now i'm in a good position a little high so now there's my counter attack position so look at that base difference i'm kind of squatting my body's tight and i'm compressed this is not an attackable position so that's my blocking position where i.

Know this is what i have to do i have to reset the ball okay so that i can get my momentum forward now if i'm in my kind of hunter's stance i'm ready i'm looking for my opponent to attack me as soon as they're ready i'm pushing off my shot and accelerating really important here is that paddle has got to stay above the net when i'm doing this shot i want to.

Make sure i'm finishing towards my target so my elbow's extended my shoulders extended i'm not punching the ball or slapping at it i'm swinging through and allowing the weight for my hips and my legs to create the power and i'm ready for that next shot so remember the important.

Factors of this is recognizing what position you're in am i in a defensive position that i need to get to neutral or am i ready to attack and pounce so make sure when you're practicing this put the effort into doing both okay put it into some point play and remember when you've got your drill partner over there the important thing is getting.

That feed that's consistent so it's okay to use your paddle if you don't feel good feeding with the paddle toss it with your hands it's all about getting the motion and the muscle memory so that you make this a habit
Transitioning from the baseline to the non volley zone can create multiple scenarios for athletes of all skill levels. Learn how to understand your position in the transition zone and where to identify the best shot to win the point.