Foreign this video is going to be about stacking why do we stack we stack because it can give a doubles team the advantage of having both of their stronger shots down the middle why are we able to stack the only players that have to be in a.

Specific position are the server and the service returner when they are hitting that actual shot so their partner can really be anywhere on the court so to stack we're going to use that to our advantage let's look at a typical stacking situation which is a left-hander and a right-hander why because that gives you both of their.

Forehands down the middle so if you look at this situation this is if I have a left-hander this is where I'm going to start the game so at zero zero start I'm going to have my left hander serve because his left hand is down the middle my right hand is down the middle so go ahead and hit so in this situation notice we have our.

Forehands down the middle now if we're going to win that rally and win the point we would now shift so now we would have our left hander on the left or the odd side of the court so what position does that put us in normal situation I would be on the even side of the chord but now notice that it's my backhand down the middle in fact it's both of our.

Backhands down the middle so here's what we're going to do he's going to serve from his normal position I'm going to stand off the court he's going to serve and now we're going to shift over and notice I now have my right hand my forehand down the middle and we've also.

Got his forehand down the middle as well so that's the easiest and the most common form of stacking on serve so once again we have both of our backhands down the middle how am I going to get our forehands down the middle easily so what's going to happen is I'm going to have my partner stand off to the side of the Court just a mirror.

Image of what we did on on the other side so I'm going to serve the ball I'm going to slide over and now once again we have our four hands down the middle so now we're going to talk about the service return how do we do the same thing for the service return so once.

Again I have my left hander in the right or the even side of the court so we're in the perfect position so now what do we do if the right-hander is receiving from the odd or the even box so what I'm going to do is again remember it doesn't matter where my partner is so I'm going to have my.

Partner shift to the opposite sideline and stand right outside it and now notice when he serves I'm going to return and now I'm going to shift over to the odd side and my partner is just going to take a few steps forward now once again we have.

Both of our four hands down the middle okay so now the opponent is going to serve into the odd side or the left hand side of the court so if you notice we're going to do exactly the opposite my partner is going to slide over and go towards the center line of the non-volley Zone in his court and I'm just going to slide over and.

Once again I'm in the perfect position for my forehand and my partner will be moving in into the perfect position for his forehand as well so again stacking that's one variation of stacking Advanced players use a lot of different variations uh for.

Use a lot of different variations the one thing that I want to point out with stacking is make sure you don't get yourself more confused than you're getting your opponents you need to remember before the next point or for the next rally you need to be back in your correct position whether you're serving or receiving.

Are you a right handed player who partners with a left handed player, or do you and your partner have different stronger sides? If so this is the video for you! Watch to understand stacking and start playing the pros! Thank you for @SportsEdTV for partnering with us on our series of pickleball skills videos. For more pickleball content be sure to follow @SportCourt1974