There's one element that is to me is the Difference Maker timing often what I see is players love to meet the ball as soon as they can it's like a sea ball hippo the more I think about this process of us thinking about meeting the ball soon we are thinking because one person is coming in we almost want to beat them to the punch until we realize that that is.

Not going to happen we cannot take our time in the shop if he does his job is it possible for me to get to the kitchen line before him I have to allow the bowl to bounce so if I come to terms with that then what else can I come to terms with then might as well take my time and make sure that I had a good shot so now.

That's not going to be a drop shot consistency is going to be difficult because point of contact is gonna be regular if the ball bounces and bounces funky and goes in different direction like that is going to be that's why it's the hardest shot in the game so what can I control where I take the ball because how do I control that.

Moving my feet because if I can get my feet in position then I have a more consistent point of contact
When and where to make contact with the ball to maximise your play