So that's when they take the ball on the short hop with that much slice it's got a lot of movement and that ball is just going to ricochet off of your paddle and the tendency is is that you're going to pop up so again if you're going to choose to drop you got to create space and let that slice let the movement on the ball die off.

With that distance that you created with your body in the ball when i receive a slice most of the time in doubles i try to drop it back simon i said trying to put a little more pressure on my grip putting more pressure forward not laying back i see sometimes people laying on the back foot and then that ends up in the net so trying to really.

Put the pressure on the forward foot and press forward towards my opponent and getting that ball contact in front of me but not really that much over here there you go
Simone gives strategies to return a #pickleball slice serve. This is Part 2.


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