Hello and thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pick aall pick aart my name is Rory I take pickle ball games off of YouTube and I pick aart the play on the court watching my videos will help make you a better pickle ball player in this video senior players playing in an AARP tournament these players are scary.

Good it just goes to show that senior citizens who have a good understanding of how the game should be played and who have taken the time to drill and have m Ed all of the shots can be very very good pickle ball players no matter what your age watching these players play will give you a sound understanding of what it takes to play at a high level.

Thanks to a newer YouTube channel B rad pickle ball for posting this video here are some highlights from the game also please take the time to leave a comment in the comment section below and let me know what you think of these Players let’s go here’s a first serve nice deep return excellent third shot drop oh here comes the lob it lands in.

The court great get great job resetting those balls into the kitchen now he has gotten all the way to the kitchen with those resets and he just missed that shot but excellent play by all four players great resets great third shot drop very nice lob oh got the roll of the tape there another roll of the tape things.

Are going her way she hits the lob again oh it wasn’t going to work but her opponent made the unforced error of hitting the ball right into the net I’m not sure how much she’s going to rely on that law but that is the second point that she has hit it oh just missed it great get nice backhand flick that.

Ball lands in the court and he couldn’t quite get to that one but again really really good play just really nice to see the these players playing in this manner and not just trying to get the point over by hitting it back and forth over the net as hard as possible and trying to end the point in three or four exchanges great crosscourt change up.

There and that’s the first mistake I have really seen her make and what she did incorrectly here is she tried to speed this ball up but the ball was below her knees and if the ball is below your knees it’s very difficult to get it over the net with a speed up she should have just been more patient and continued to dink the ball as that was.

Not the correct opportunity to try to speed the ball up we can go back and take a look and you can see exactly what I’m talking about here we go look where the ball is when she tries to speed it up it’s below her knees way below her knees and it’s just very difficult to get this over the net with the speed up back can’t flicky takes it out of the.

Air oh and look at this just an excellent job fantastic by the guy in Black noticing where his opponent was his opponent in red had cheated towards the middle of the court and he hit it right where the player in red was not watch how good this is here he is he’s he’s leaning towards the middle of the court and the player.

In Black Just Hits it where he is not most players would not do this that is top shelf play look at this crosscourt shot oh can’t quite get that one a quick timeout to tell you about my online pickle ball store pickleball printables tocom where you will find the coolest pickle ball swag on the planet t-shirts.

Coffee mugs tumblers totes caps and kiss cut stickers 65 clear crisp and clean designs to choose from use the coupon code YouTube and get 10% off your first order Dink and style go to www.pic printables dcom or click the link in the description below that’s that crosscourt backhand again that’s about the third time she has hit.

That shot and I really don’t see that shot hit all that often but obviously that is one of her go-to shots she probably has a tennis background and he almost got the around the post there there’s the drive he was just waiting for it had some spin on it to where the ball did not bounce up it will.

Be interesting to see if the player in the near Court in Black continues to drive the ball or if he switches up to a third shot drop nope not good enough nope put away oh and the lady in Black in the far court is charged for a footfall but the third shot drop was not good neither was the fifth shot let’s.

See if they hit a third shot drop nope she’s G with the drive and she missed it so their third shot drives have not been effective they are going to have to change things up and go with a third shot drop I know they’re capable of doing it great shot this lady in the near court is really good I could watch probably 20.

Matches played by players this age that are at a lower level and I would rarely see a shot and play as good as this has been because those players just don’t play like these players do good shot it seems the players in the far Court are attacking the female player on the near court but she is just so good.

It’s going to be tough for the players in the back court third shot Drive he’s just waiting for it look at the spendy puts what he got that shot you gotta be kidding me look at this one more time that’s worth looking at a third time that ball was slicing out of the court and he got that back wow there’s not too many.

Players that age that can hit that shot there’s not a lot of players any age that can hit that shot drive again they’re going to have to change up that third shot Drive there’s the unforced errow right into the net if something’s not working you’ve got to change your game up nope didn’t do it this guy in red is.

Just look at this he puts that spin on the ball when returning those third shot drives and the ball does not go anywhere that is so impressive Drive she got it back oh what a shot I am just so impressed with the play of all of these players I don’t know what level this is but I mean come.

On these guys are good until they hit a shot out of the Court like that still going with the drive and every time they hit a drive they hit it to the guy if they’re going to hit a drive maybe they should hit it to the woman that ball was just popped up really kind of surprised to see a lob at this level.

As I really think lobs are a very poor decision Right Down the Line the guy in red can’t believe it great shot as you can see they have changed sides I think they are playing to 15 I’m not sure but if they are that means one team has eight points if they’re playing to 11 one team has six.

Points oh he just missed that one that’s the first one he missed with that backhand uh fourth shot at the net back hand third shot drop so she did change things up oh she did it again oh and she got that back wow I didn’t think she could get that look at this perfect third shot drop as you noticed earlier their third.

Shot drives were not working as for the most part the guy in red was able to get them back now they have changed their strategy up they are now hitting third shot drops and they are working so as you can see the players in the back court are highly skilled players they have mastered the third shot drive and the third shot.

Drop let’s see what they do this time don’t have to do anything because the ball was hit out of the court giving them a free point at this level you just cannot do that third shot drive and that was in the court third shot Drive they have changed it up.

Totally good play here nice shot right down the middle of the Court they’ve got to break their serve here that one was out of the Court here we go here’s our opportunity to make some points I have no idea what the score is fantastic by the player in red kept.

Attacking the woman’s backhand hitting the third shot and the fifth shot to her backand that’s what you want to do nope oh made it I think I would have taken that out of the air if I would have been that female player oh man tried to get it over just couldn’t make it there shot out of the air fifth shot.

Out of the air oh now she’s going to go for the lob why did she do that because the third shot and the fifth shot were not in the kitchen she thought she would try something different that was not what to do nice okay out of the Court threw a lob up.

There the woman had to hit it with her backand so I guess you could say that lob worked great backhand flick nice reset into the kitchen just very very very good play the two players in the back court are both excellent the player in red and the near court is a fantastic player I.

Think the lady in Black in the near court is a very good player as well but she may just be a step below the other three and there’s a free point for the players in the near court she missed her backhand return oh we hit a third shot backhand drive he had been hitting third shot drops the lady in gray seems to be.

Waiting for it look what the player in Red’s partner does she moves forward she probably should not do that because this doesn’t look to Be an Effective third shot drive it’s not and she hits it right back to her got caught in the transition zone she should not have moved forward until she knew that third shot Drive was going to allow her to.

Move forward so look what’s Happening Here the player in red is taking over this game he is in his partner’s space hitting this third shot he is going to hit a drop here let’s see what happens can’t quite get it but still his opponent had to hit up on the ball so not bad and she gets caught in the.

Transition zone again all she does is pop it up and this ball should be put away yep goodbye she’s trying to reset it she hasn’t made it yet but was able to get all the way up to the kitchen just a fantastic job of not giving up but that one was hit just too high if you notice the players in the back court did not.

Hit one one shot to the player in red there you go again oh too high able to get it couldn’t get that one goodbye player in red trying to take over wow firefight there and the players in the near Court come out on the losing end let’s see who they return the ball.

To I bet it’s the female player yep what about this time yep what about this time oh tried to and the play in red poached it hit it down the middle of the Court he knows exactly what is going on there’s a missed return giving the players in the near Court a free point wow they return it to him and he hit a perfect third shot drop.

Out oh he oh my goodness hit it on the second swing the ball hits the net and goes over the court nope look where she hit the ball a perfect backhand flick at her opponent’s feet as he was moving forward in the transition zone it doesn’t get much better than that great awareness by the.

Female player in the back court to realize where her opponent was on the court out of the Court you’ve got to get your serves in especially at this point in the game I wish I knew what the score was I do think the players in the back court are ahead fantastic reset nice defense nice defense again.

But not that time goodbye almost in that was a very nice try it’s getting to be crunch time here let’s see if the team in the back court continues to Target the female player yes they are look where the male player is so here’s what the players in the.

Back court should do I mean if the male player in red is going to be in his partner’s court that means half of the court is is going to be open well the first thing he has to do is get his serve in as he missed that serve return it to the female he’s going to poach it female again nice defense female again female again she can’t.

Defend at that time see how good that player in red is that’s why they don’t hit it to him I bet they don’t hit it to him this time nope or this time nope look where the player in red is he’s just itching to hit the ball there you go there you go there you go that is just that is so good I mean they finally.

Figured out that the player in red left half of the court open and the woman just did a great job of hitting it where he wasn’t obviously again they are targeting the female player look where the player in red is I’m going to stop it right here his right foot is in his partner’s Court look how open this court is and here we go right here.

Boom it doesn’t get much better than that so there you have it this game was played in a tournament and sometimes in a tournament it’s a good idea to keep the ball away from the more highly skilled player that’s what the winning team did and it worked now I’m not saying the female player on the losing team was not a good player she was she.

Just wasn’t quite as good as her partner so please take the time to let me know what you think about these players play and let me know what you think about the winning teams strategy that’s it from pickle ball pick aart I really hope you learned something from watching this video and if you did I hope you take the time to like it subscribe to my channel.

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You on the court
In this video, excellent play at the senior level. Just goes to show having a solid understanding of the game and having all the shots are keys to being successful no matter a player’s age.

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