foreign pickleball season officially kicked off in the tournament in Vernon this weekend but there's plenty more action to come including the first ever provincial championships later this year this is the second annual frostbite classic.

Men's doubles pickleball tournament first tournament here in BC we've got 110 men mostly from the Okanagan but from some from further away March 11th we got a 115 women and April the 15th we're probably going to have 130 mixed doubles teams competing also May 11th to the 14th with the first ever BC Provincial.

Championship when we expect to have over 500 players participating to having this facility is a great asset and we're trying to optimize the opportunity for people not just in Vernon but around BC to take advantage of this great facility he wants to get into pickleball wants to know a little more how do they go about.

Doing that uh come on down sign up we have over 900 members it's quite a welcoming sport quite an inclusive sport there's a beginner training programs that are that are held here and it's a great sport you can have fun right away forecasting and news I'm Darren hanchey in Vernon thank you.

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