Who else experienced the time where they had a difficult time hearing the score being called I know I have sometimes the train goes by sometimes other play is going on and it's just difficult to hear the score I'm maybe somewhat slightly hearing impaired I have family members who are completely.

Hearing impaired their their deaf and we have to use hand signs to be able to communicate the score so what does that look like within pickleball ASL signs for number 0 through 11 are this zero one two three four.

Five six seven eight nine and ten uh eleven is this so when we call the score within pickleball obviously we start at zero zero two if we win the rally the score then becomes what one zero two so that would be called one.

Zero two other examples could be four four one and I I think it's important that we when we call our own score the score we call is closer to ourselves and then when we call the opponent score.

The score we call with our hand sign is closer to the opponent again example could be um seven three two that way it's clear who has each score and now the opponent has clear communication what the score is again.

Oftentimes I don't always hear the score clearly there are other people within the pickleball Community who don't hear the score clearly from 44 feet away across the court there's a lot going on so it's important that we use hand signs to be able to call the score when necessary also important to note the hand signs for in and out calls at the.

End of a rally sometimes it's difficult to tell if the ball went in or out if the ball is out we would use a hand sign out like this and if the ball was in it's a courtesy oftentimes to let your opponent know that the ball was in uh maybe the opponent shielded your view of the call and you don't know if the ball was in or.

Out so it's important you call it in or out especially for those who cannot hear an audible call so I hope this helps I would encourage everyone to start using hand signs whenever they're calling the score because you never know who might not be able to hear the score very well I know.

Oftentimes I cannot hear the score very well and so it's really valuable to be able to know the hand signs and use those hand signs when we're playing pickleball have fun with it and I would encourage you to use hand side at any opportunity
Oftentimes it can be difficult to hear the score being called in a pickleball game. You’re standing a long ways away and there can be other factors present. Here is a brief tutorial on using hand signs for calling the score in a pickleball game. I taught my students to use these numbers using hand signs and I hope it helps you as well.