Welcome to roof sports in this video we're gonna go over how to literally always know where to hit the ball in pickleball i know it seems like a big claim but there's something that we're doing every time that we could very easily fix if we just pick this one spot when we feel like we're in trouble one big thing that we tend to do is.

After points go man i really didn't know where to put that ball you actually did you were actually thinking about too many things all at once while trying to find the ball hit the ball hit the middle of the paddle put the ball into the middle of the kitchen there is nothing anybody can do about a.

Ball that lands here you will never be attacked from it unless it bounces too high but this is a safe zone even if it's rolling into the net where it started was a safe zone so right here in the middle of the kitchen because this kitchen we can't volley in remember we have to let this bounce so even the tallest and the longest of.

Inspector gadget arms aren't going to be able to reach that with all that and that's always there so specifically if you come from playing tennis two sometimes it's hard to think about laying one up right in the middle like that because you expect your opponent to crash the net and crush you can't do that here here in the.

Non-volley zone the kitchen so it is always open it is always an option if you've ever played anybody where you're thinking gosh darn it how do i not get it through you ever they're just taking advantage of that if you're hitting overheads at them and they're at the base line and they're.

Just popping them up into there that ball is going to bounce a little bit high but you know what i made sure i did i made sure i got it over so my opponents have to hit another one meanwhile instead of when we're pulled wide we're thinking oh man should i try to pass them down the line should i try to hook one over here in the middle what.

If i skirted them in the middle look if you're pressured and you're moving your eyes are bouncing and maybe your legs are getting a little sore and you're trying to get there and it's too much to think about all of these things all at once your chance of missing it just becomes too great it just becomes too risky to go for that.

Shot so what we need to do is just take this ball and put it right in the middle that is entirely fine if anything that got below the net in a hurry i could have gained a little bit of ground from it so when i was in a bad spot we can quickly get out of that bad spot and maybe even into a good spot if we hit this shot really really well so.

From anywhere on the court no matter where we are just remember that this is a safe zone our opponents are never going to attack us from here at best this thing bounces really high and they take another cut at you you get a little bit pressured still but you know what hit it again and let's see if.

This one doesn't bounce so high so that's going to help you if you have a tendency to try to really barely skirt the net again you might be subconsciously thinking about tennis and someone crashing the net on you too or you might just be thinking hey i know i want to hit it to people's feet their feet are below the net let's.

Barely let's flirt with the net a little bit and barely get it over but the problem is again we just missed too much from doing that we're going from too much and the reward isn't always there when we have a really good option so speaking of risk and reward i wanted to invite you to give my office a call for a free second opinion in your investment.

Portfolio a full-time financial advisor with edward jones i'd be happy to give you a free second opinion on your investments and understand what's most important to you so when we're talking about pickleball again we must make sure that we're not getting too risky for the shot so say we try to rip one down the line we get it.

Once awesome we try it three more times our opponent either catches on to it or we miss it we would have been better off just playing a little bit defensive and hitting it in the middle so again we're not barely barely hitting it over the net although that's a good shot again if i start to hit the net with it it's not a.

Good shot anymore if we give ourselves room for air and lifting it over the further we are from the kitchen the more height we're going to want to give it so i only had to do a couple feet over the net when i was closer to the kitchen back here i need to get over that six foot ladder again.

Bonus points if we can get a little bit of topspin roll on it too we have another video on how to hit the topspin roll hitting it low to high that allows us to get that same six feet of height but also get a little bit of that downward momentum and that spin that's going to bring the ball to our opponent's feet which again we know is.

The most important thing in pickleball put the ball on our opponent's feet sometimes the net's in the way sometimes we got to go a little bit higher over that six foot louder in order to get there but we always want to make sure that we can remember that right here right in the middle is a safe spot that we can always always hit in pickleball.

So if you don't know where to hit the ball if you ever think gosh i just didn't know where to put that ball it just means you're getting pressure right now totally fine you're on defense hit that spot in the middle of the kitchen and let's move on to the point from there so thanks again for tuning in to brew sports we appreciate you checking.

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Learning if not we'll see in the next one
This area is always open and available in pickleball…..Do you use it enough?!

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