In this video I'm going to share the basic rules of pickleball you start with a serve the serve has to be Cross Court and go beyond the kitchen line bouncing in what is the blue square over there opposite of where you started the server also has to serve using an underhand motion hitting it from below his waist up on the ball again into the.

Court where the return of server will then let it bounce and hit it back to the serving team the serving team unlike tennis cannot serve in volley he has to then let the ball bounce and then hit up on it meaning that the receiving team have a slight Advantage because they get to come forward first before the serving team does.

So a Poise actually scored then whenever the serving team wins the rally whether it's the receiving team hitting into the net hitting it wide or out or just the serving team hitting a clean winner that's a point first team to 11 wins the game winning by two each player on a team has the chance to serve as long as a serving team continues winning rallies.

The server will alternate serving positions from right and left sides of the Court when the non-serving team wins a rally the serve is transferred to the second server on the serving team when the non-serving team wins a second rally they are awarded the serve this is called a side out after a side out the.

New serving team always begins their serve from the right side this line right here is called the non-volley zone or the kitchen line by pickleball enthusiasts and essentially what it is is it's Unique to pickleball in that you cannot hit a ball out of the air what we call a volley and step into the kitchen even after your swing if you.

Step in it is a fault the ball can bounce and you can step in on what we call a dink but as long as you're hitting it out of the air you have to stay completely behind the non-volley zone line which makes this a tremendous game of strategy and finesse not just speed and power and that's one of the things that everybody loves about.

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Visit to sign up for The Pickleball Masterclass online training program by national pickleball champions, Scott and Daniel Moore. Wondering how to play pickleball or learn the #pickleball #rules? Wanting to learn some of the unique aspects of pickleball and understand why it is the fastest growing sport in America? Watch this video for a quick #tutorial on the rules of pickleball and how to play.

0:00 – Pickleball rules
0:07 – The rules of serving
0:34 – The double bounce rule explained
0:50 – Pickleball scoring rules
1:42 – Rules about the non-volley zone
2:29 – Take your pickleball game to the next level

If you want to learn how to play pickleball, this video will teach you the basic rules about serving, the double bounce rule, scoring and the non-volley zone. The rules of pickleball are really what separate it from other racquet/paddle sports like tennis, ping pong or badminton. Most of the rules are made to make the game challenging to win points, but it is easy enough to understand so that anyone can play regardless of age of skill level.

Pickleball rules explained:
Pickleball is played on a tennis-like court that is 44′ x 20′. The net splits the length of the court in half with two service boxes 10′ in width. The non-volley zone is a line parallel and 7′ from the net.

When serving a pickleball in doubles, you always begin the service from the right side. The first server continues serving the ball as long as they continue winning rallys. When the serving team wins a rally, the first server switches to the left side to serve. Only the serving team can win points.

When the non-serving team wins a rally, the second server on the serving team gets to serve. Both team members (except for the first serve of the game) get the opportunity to serve before the non-serving team gets the opportunity to serve. When the non-serving team wins a rally off of the second server, this is called a side out. When a side out occurs, the non-serving team gets to serve the ball in order to win points. The first server always starts serving from the right side of the court facing the net.

The purpose of the double bounce rule is to give the advantage to the non-serving team so they have a greater chance to win rallys, get side outs to win the serve and win points. The double bounce rule says that the ball must bounce on each side of the net once before either team can volley the ball (hitting the pickleball out of the air without a bounce). This gives the non-serving team the ability to volley earlier than the serving team giving them a slight advantage.

The first team to score 11 points (ahead by two points) wins the game.

The rules of pickleball about the non-volley zone (nicknamed the kitchen) are what make pickleball challenging and different from other racquet sports. The non-volley zone line is 7′ from the net, and a players feet must be behind the line when volleying the ball out of the air. This makes it more challenging to slam the ball on your opponents, and results in many more balls hit into the net. Without the kitchen, players would be able to go all the way to the net to slam the ball (like tennis) making it almost impossible to return a slam on such a small court.

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We love pickleball! In this video, you will learn how to play pickleball and various pickleball strategies. It is important to first understand the pickleball rules, and then come and watch these pickleball tutorials to take your game to the next level.

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