There are a lot of pickleball rule submissions for 2023 that i'm not going through but if i had to bet i would bet this is going through and i hope it does pickleball lovers please leave your comments please subscribe and don't forget so you all might know me as the kid who's got the crazy spin serve i really.

Really enjoy getting a free point off my serve i mean who wouldn't he would have beaten you if you hadn't had your serve or that's not pickleball or learn some new shots kit it's still a game people are still meant to have fun and if they're getting that upset about it it should go.

That's porter bar teen prodigy one of the best spin serves in the game along with morgan evans and zayn never tell and i would say he may be a better youtuber than i am that's not saying much why is the spin serve so controversial let me start by saying the ppa tour outlawed the spin serve they pretty much.

Went rogue last year let's not stunt the growth of pickleball before we know the full ramifications of a rule change pro players in the pipe cannot use a spin serve everyone else can it did not get banned the usap did not ban it however this does cause a huge problem because if you play in the app pro tour you can use the spin serve ppa you can't however.

If you're an amateur in the ppea and app tour you can use a spin serve so it is so confusing right roll submission 524 eliminating the spin serve what does that mean i think it means exactly what it says you can't spin with one hand with those fingers you can't spin you gotta pretty much throw the open palm it doesn't say open palm rule it says if.

The referee sees that you're spinning it you have to reserve if there's no referee and your opponents think you spun it you have to reserve so you won't lose the point but it does mean there is uniformity in all of pick wall look i was the number one biggest proponent of keeping the spin serve even though i do have small hands i can't really spin the.

Way you're supposed to so i didn't have a great spin surf but i liked it i do feel the ppa and app do have a say which is a huge concern for me because we need uniformity and pickleball for it to make sense because who really wants to go to rec play and ask am i allowed to spin serve it am i allowed to do this let's just have uniformity and argue about the.

Score because we can't even do that right right pickleball lovers do you agree with me we should be on the spin serve please leave your comments please subscribe don't forget here at the pickleball pirates we may love pickleball just as much as you do i know it's tough to believe but it is so true hey mom yeah the segment went really.

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Will spin toss serve be banned in 2023? Let’s find out with coach Joe Gmuer! Watch today pickleball TIP in our Instructional series. Stay tuned for more pickleball lessons!

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