Not till she gets paddle on it oh fudge and she held back nice ball there bar try oh and now we are all troll had a match point on their paddle wow Bobby wow nice pull from foreign.

Here in game number two that is and the on Force there on the backhand from a bar will give fudge and trong another game point here oh no she missed another one long and oh Shiro another mistake right there we are go.

Oh I'll be changing ends on their terms I think they still won the point anyway but I feel like that on the 2023 app tour go that Ball's gonna go long on the return from Susanna Alex trong Goes backside on Bobby oshiro.

And they take game number three by a score of 11-7 and will move on to face Simone jarjim and Paris Todd
At the recent 2023 APP Punta Gorda tournament, the rookies have an amazing comeback to get them to gold.

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