What hold on I gotta take this Kevin Kevin I saw the video I'm not planning a tournament with you honestly you're not in the correct ready position you have your paddle down that's not the correct ready position you do have actually the right stance hold on right whatever why Kevin Durant will never be a good.

Pickleball player or will he one when he's approaching the net he's like this that's not the correct ready position that was my ready position for about two years he's like this he looks like Gumby number two he has to take a longer step for that backhand dink he takes a small step it throws him off balance because he's really tall if you don't have great.

Balance what I would suggest is to use this offhand three pillars of balance I'm looking forward right the hand is the other one the other hand is two you have two hands I believe why does he want balance when he's going out with those long hands he can use that offhand to really give him balance he can get out wide he should be doing more.

Earnings as well I will say he is in the correct stance most people have two widest stance it throws them off balance you want a stance probably shoulder width apart good job Kevin on that other than that you're not driven I've watched you play basketball last two years he won some championships Golden State and honestly I could have been on that team.

And still one seriously I could shoot threes right from the corner that's all he has to do he is not that good at any sport
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