I built this pickleball rebounder in my basement what I did was I took a two folding tables that I have one is on the bottom the white one you could see going lengthwise I use that as a base I put a top I put a another table on top of that laid it on top of that and that's going to be kind of the backboard and then above that it goes a little bit higher.

To catch walls but that's really too high because those are pop-ups and I get crushed on them the target's in the middle uh so I I put all this together it works great in this video I'm going to demo it for you uh you'll see one little issue that I did have that I was able to overcome and uh hopefully you will enjoy my video.

And most importantly that you will get some ideas of your own noise you're disturbing The Neighbors hey you're making too much noise you're disturbing The Neighbors when I completed the pickleball rebounder I was super happy and it was so much fun the problem was with the noise and I don't want to disturb my.

Neighbors and you know there's a lot of different legislature and things going on with communities and noise so uh it comes down to the ball I tried a lot of other things but it's really the ball so I uh thought outside the box I try to figure something out and finally I came up what I think is a very viable solution so my goal was to make the game.

More quiet and first I looked at the paddles I looked at the rebounder and what it came down to me was the ball and through trial and error a number of different types of balls I was able to come up with a ball that had all the properties of a wiffle ball but was much safer and performed much better I know people will say well you can't.

Change the ball but you can in baseball the old dead ball went away in basketball it's far different than a basketball now two major downsides to the current Wiffle ball are that they're fairly dangerous especially as equipment gets better and you're on each side of the no Follies no volley Zone it's 14 feet and both people are getting eye.

Injury the Devi ball as I call it is a a soft really really fun ball to play with and if even if you're just going to use for practice I think you'll notice a big difference in the noise volume okay let's just do a little sound test now first let's do it with a regular pickleball a wiffle ball old school now let's use a Debbie Bowl.

We'll spin on the ball same power same height as I swing swinging is the exact same as I was with the pickleball no change so yeah I hit a little too high there was a different sound you can see I'm stepping in volleying the Debbie that's with the pickleball.

That's what the Pickled back in conclusion I am absolutely thrilled with my indoor rebounder and the quiet ball that I'm using I hope that my video has given you guys some ideas if you liked it if you could give me a like and if you can subscribe to my channel I'll keep you informed of new pickleball developments that I come up with.

I created my own pickleball rebound wall in my basement – cost $0.00. Works great! Only problem it was a noisy – pickleball is a great sport but a noisy sport – as you know.
So I figured out a way to make it super quiet – you probably never heard the words quiet in the same sentence as pickleball. It also worked great!
I am adding some cool features such as 2 other angles to get a diversity of ball returns and will keep you informed.
I wanted to share my idea and get you thinking creatively about building your own indoor pickleball practice solution. You can have a great workout.
The quiet solution can also be used outdoors for safer and more fun games.
I hope you enjoy my solution and please subscribe to my channel for updates.

* I received many requests from viewers and subscribers for the links to the products I should in the video – none are required to build your pickleball wall rebounder:
– Portable 17′ foot wide Pickleball Net I use and enjoy both indoors and outdoors. Great reviews and simple to set-up. Priced way lower than other nets. I bought the 17′ wide one I use in my demo – – https://amzn.to/3D31uTq
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